"Chemicals have replaced bacteria and viruses as the main threat to  health.  The diseases we are beginning to see as the major causes of death in the latter part of (the 1900's) and into the 21st century are diseases of chemical origin. 

Dr. Dick Irwin, Toxicologist, Texas A&M University www.lesstoxicguide.ca/index.asp

"Search for the cure within the cause, the body itself is the best healer"               

Plato C427 -C347 BC



Whole body detoxification requires a two step approach:

My journey through multiple health challenges and recovery using muliple types of detoxification has taught me that most methods available do not go far enough. I now recommend the whole body herbal bath detoxification method that I have developed to my clients as a first step for all health challenges and they are amazed at the results. Botanical spa therapy herbal baths use your skin, your body's largest organ, to detoxify your body.

Step #1 - Learn how to determine your body pollution and how to stop adding to it by using the steps in The Whole Person Well-being Equation.

Step #2 - Learn how to eliminate your present body/mind pollution by using body detoxification aids and steps in The Whole Person Well-being Equation

DETOXIFICATION: Is a Natural Body Process That May Need Some Help

Learn how to Promote Natural Detoxification

What detoxification methods are best for your unique body/mind pollution and body status? My book contains the herbal bath recipe that I developed that is greatly responsible for my health recovery and that of many clients. Clients who have suffered years with chronic back pain are now pain free after using a series of my herbal detoxification baths. Clients with medically unexplained symptoms are now enjoying better health and are symptom free as a result of a series of detox bath soaks.. Regardless of your symptom cause, whole body detoxification will help your body to detoxify which promotes healing. Make up your Essential Cleanse Detox Soak bath teas using the recipe in my book. My recipe recommends using natural pure sea salt (no epsom salt) and baking soda added to the bath herb tea. Always check with your regular healthcare practitioner before starting any detoxification strategies as there may be contraindications. For full instructions read the chapter on detox in my book and visit my detox webpage where you will find more information on Botanical Spa Therapy Herbal Baths which can help improve your body's natural detoxification process..



Your quest to improve health naturally starts here!

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Benefits of detoxification:

The following are just a few of the benefits of increased detoxification.

  • Increased energy & motivation
  • Improved ability to cope with stressors
  • An improved feeling of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.
  • Improved function of all body parts and systems.
  • Elimination of unwanted symptoms symptoms
  • Elimination of depression -
  • Elimination of hormone imbalance and symptoms
  • Improved sleep
  • Homeostasis
  • Stronger immune system
  • Optimistic attitude
  • Improved ability to lose weight
  • Improved ability to conceive

Consult your regular healthcare provider before using herbs therapeutically. It is important to be supervised by someone knowledgeable about body pollution as you transition through assisted detoxification. There may be contraindications due to health status, medications or other factors. Do not stop taken prescribed medication.




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