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I have personally spent years improving my brain function after some serious brain trauma.  Exposing my brain to toxic chemicals, heavy metals and chronic stress in the past had a disastrous impact on my brain and nervous system; and every function they were responsible for. The good news is that I have been able to heal from my ‘compromised’ brain and nervous system function using a variety of natural strategies.  I now help clients to achieve improved brain and nervous system function using my holistic protocol. You can find my protocol in my book The Whole Person Well-being Equation.


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Included in my holistic protocol is essential oil therapy.  Using research based information I customize essential oil combinations for clients based on their symptoms, to help them improve their brain and nervous system function. One of the amazing oils that is showing promising research that I add to the customized combinations is therapeutic grade rosemary essential oil.


According to the Daily Mail health article:

How a sniff of rosemary could boost the memory because it helps the chemicals in the brain

  • Compound that gives the herb its distinctive smell aids a brain chemical
  • That chemical – 1,8-cineole – is the key to memory and can be boosted
  • Rosemary found to help long-term memory and ability to do simple sums
  • Study also discovered it improved ‘prospective memory’ in most people

You can read about the research by clicking on the links at the end of this post.  To order your therapeutic grade rosemary essential oil follow this link.

For your customized essential oil combination for improved brain and nervous system function contact me through this link.

Never give up!

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P.

Holistic Wellness Practioner,

The Therapeutic Potential of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Diterpenes for Alzheimer’s Disease

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Starts a Healing Center after Suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury

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DETOXIFICATION: The Benefits of Getting It Right


January is often a time of reflection and resolutions.  It is also a time when many people consider a detoxification regime in a quest to achieve the benefits that can potentially be had.  The body has natural ongoing detoxification processes that may sometimes need some help especially if your liver is burdened by air pollution, medications, alcohol or other factors.

Body Pollution page 2

During my journey to improved health I tried many detoxification strategies to detoxify my body burden and each had benefits. Depending on a person’s body burden and health challenges, the method of detoxification that is best may vary. After trying many methods and making small gains in improved health, I decided there had to be a way to reap greater results. My health challenges at the time were great and I needed more help. Understanding that the the skin is the body’s largest organ I started experimenting with different combinations of herbs as a bath tea to amplify and maximize my body’s detoxification processes.  The herbs, sea salt and baking soda mix have the ability to draw and bind harmful toxins. After a series of baths, one every 4 to 7 days for several months – my health and energy levels started to improve significantly. Then my body had the opportunity to focus it’s energies on repair and healing instead of constantly trying to detoxify my circulating, interfering body pollution without success.

Realizing the significant gains from the herbal bath tea detoxification methods I started recommending the same to my clients. The results have been impressive.  Clients with chronic back pain for years no longer have back pain. Other clients with health challenges noting impressive improvements in their health. One amazing story of Mary’s detoxification of her terrifying ‘fifty year’ caterpillar phobia. Mary can now touch a caterpillar with no fear where in the past the terror evoked by seeing a caterpillar on her way out the door would send her terrorized back inside. This herbal bath tea detoxification benefit was a wonderful unexpected surprise.

My botanical therapy herbal bath tea recipes, preparation and instructions can be found in my book.

Ebook Cover New_1-1

Why consider detoxification:

Is your body pollution an issue to your health? Everyone has a degree of body pollution as a result of living in a toxic world.  You can read about the toxins found in the blood and urine of our politicians who volunteered to be tested.

“Search for the cure within the cause,

            the body itself is the best healer”            

Plato C427 -C347 BC

The cure to your health challenges could be closer than you think. Body pollution interferes with the body’s normal healthy communication and signalling processes required for healthy body function including immunosurveillance, immunoresponse and tumor suppression.

Detoxification requires a two part process to be successful: Stop adding to your body pollution and remove your existing body pollution.

Herbal bath tea detoxification:

Detoxification using my herbal bath tea method is a process that takes time.  When properly initiated, it can improve your energy levels and your health. Your body pollution did not happen overnight and you can not detoxify it with a few supplements, internal cleanses or baths.  My method will require a series of baths, from 12 to 20, one every 4 (no sooner) to 10 days.

Detoxification using a simple detoxification process of sea salt (not epsom salt), baking soda and apple cider vinegar is a good start although may not be adequate to remove all of your body pollution. Many herbs bind with heavy metals which are a significant part of environmental pollution (e.g. exhaust, industry).

Through neuromuscularbiofeedback results with clients the correct customized herbal bath recipes provided the best results. This allowed my clients bodies to focus their energies on repair and healing without the interference of circulating and body pollution.

If you have chronic health challenges or unwanted symptoms, my herbal bath tea detoxification method can provide you with the health results you are seeking.

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,

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BACK TO ‘BALANCE’: Body, Mind & Life Balancing Self-Care Strategies



“Everybody’s a work in progress, I’m a work in progress.

We are all on a well-being journey”.

That’s the message I tell my clients. If I had waited until I was 100% ‘fixed’ before sharing my holistic protocol, there would be a lot of people who would have missed out on the well-being gains they have seen. You can read some of my clients’ testimonies on my website at

My journey through multiple health and life challenges has taught me that ‘change in believing, thinking and doing’ (paradigm shifts) are necessary components to surviving and conquering what life brings you.

In my practice as a holistic wellness practitioner I share the strategies that I have found to be most effective on my well-being journey and through counselling my clients; refined through many years of trial and error. My well-being journey continues! Requiring daily reviewing of what to hold onto and what to let go of.

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go!” – Rumi


Busy lives come with many life challenges, potentially ‘rocking your boat’ and leaving you feeling unbalanced. Einstein’s definition for insanity was: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” Long understood by Olympic athletes; the first step toward achieving greater levels of success is understanding that you need to change your behavior and approaches to attain more. If you are not moving forwards in terms of your well-being, then it’s time to reassess your ‘game plan’.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”

George Bernard Shaw

Just as a car runs more smoothly when the wheels are perfectly inflated and aligned, you perform and feel better when your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self are in balance. When one tire goes flat in a vehicle the vibration throughout is profound and can result in further structural distress. Imbalances in your body (blood sugar, ph, brain chemistry) and life (stressors) have the potential to impact your whole body and person via a ripple effect.

The Whole Person Well-being Body, Mind and Life Balance work sheets and Self-Care Balance work board prompt you to take ‘a helicopter view’ of your life to review what areas need your attention to bring you back into balance. The information provided directs you to select supportive strategies to reach your goals. Regular use of the work sheets and work board (chalkboard so you can change up your strategies) will help you to restore and maintain balance in your body, mind and life. Whole person well-being (optimum health on all levels) is a reflection of your inner and outer balance.

“I like the concept of a workbook because I know from my experience to make changes you have to show up for practice.  If you can learn to care for and about yourself the tools available here will enhance your life and body’s potential for healing”

Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of A Book of Miracles and Faith, Hope & Healing’s comment about my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION.

A balance work board in combination with THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION workbook is an effective tool that can ‘enhance your life and body’s potential for healing’ and promote healthy longevity. My holistic ‘stop, start and change’ protocol is your instruction guide for ‘a healthier you’.

The Back to Balance Workshop experience equips  participants with knowledge about practical techniques and strategies to help them restore and maintain balance in their bodies and lives: balance between work, family, and everything in between – inner and outer balance – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Ultimately translating into greater resilience and ability to rock and roll with life’s challenges.

Participants will start the workshop with a partially completed work board (everything you see in the first picture is done for you in permanent chalk marker). You will customize your board (see my second board image above) with self-help strategies you select from the provided material at the workshop. I added my sample strategies with regular chalk. You will be able to use an erasable fine point chalk marker on the board giving you lots of room to add strategies. There is additional space on the board to add your motivational words or quotes. Keep your completed board beside your favourite relaxation spot at home to help remind you often that you may need to regularly re-evaluate and implement alternate strategies to achieve your goals and maintain balance.

The first Back to Balance, Balance Board workshop is scheduled for October 1, 2016 at Abbey Gardens in Haliburton.

This event is our Back to Balance Workshop launch. Our special introductory rate for this workshop is $100 per person.

Back to Balance Workshop, Saturday, October 1, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Abbey Gardens, Haliburton, ON.

Pre-registration is required. Class size is limited so book early.

We are looking forward to sharing our body, mind and life balancing strategies with you.



Experience a ‘Back to Balance’ workshop experience at a holistic wellness retreat with your women friends.


Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,

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ERROR: Signal Temporarily Unavailable – Please Standby.

signallost nerve-chart

Earlier this week my television signal displayed the above error message.  It usually happens when there is a storm approaching.  The result of the storm interference is a lost satellite signal and no channel availability.

The human body has a very complicated system of communication to and from the brain to all the body parts and systems.  There are many factors that can interfere with those communications signals resulting in compromised organ, endocrine, system and body part functions including immunosurveillance, immunoresponse, tumor suppression, healing and DNA repair. Body pollution, air pollution, processed and additive enhanced foods, toxins, excess stress hormones, endocrine disruptors in personal care, feminine protection, plastics, the environment and cleaning products; all have the potential to temporarily or permanently disrupt the communications signals that your body requires daily for optimum health and vitality.

The good news is that there are many things that you can do to improve your body’s natural communication and response functions. Learn what you can ‘stop, start and change’ today for a ‘healthier you’.

Learn more about how to protect your body’s precious communication and response system by visiting my website pages:

blog –

My holistic protocol can be found in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION available on Amazon.

Remember – More is possible in terms of your health! Believe!

Contact me at and let me help you get started on your quest for symptom/condition free status.

Wishing you success in your quest for symptom free status and optimum health!

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,,

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CANCER: A Result of Your Body’s Polluted Chemical Equation?



My chart above was published in my book


Although there are cases of cancer that are attributed to a specific gene mutation or predisposition, many cases of cancer are now thought to be the result of environmental toxins. Healthy genes can be turned into oncogenes, found in cancer, when triggered by environmental factors. New research at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia is revealing that the combination of specific toxins are risk factors for breast and other types of cancer.  The Canadian-led “Halifax Project,” including 174 scientists from 26 countries, is rocking scientific approaches to causes of cancer with its series published in the peer-reviewed journal, Carcinogenesis.


Read my recommendations for assessing and addressing your body’s potentially harmful chemical equation in my blog post PROTECTING BREAST HEALTH –

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Campaign breast tumors

Did you know that parabens are absorbed through the skin and have been identified in biopsy samples from breast tumors?

Although there are cases of breast cancer that are attributed to a specific gene mutation (BRCA1 and BRCA2) that is hereditary, many cases of breast cancer are now thought to be the result of environmental toxins. Healthy genes can be turned into oncogenes, found in cancer, when triggered by environmental factors. New research at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scota is revealing that the combination of specific toxins are risk factors for breast and other types of cancer.  The Canadian-led “Halifax Project,” including 174 scientists from 26 countries, is rocking scientific approaches to causes of cancer with its series published in the peer-reviewed journal, Carcinogenesis.

What are parabens and why are they a concern?

Parabens are endocrine-disrupting chemicals that can be absorbed through skin, blood and the digestive system.  They are used as a preservative in cosmetics to prevent the growth of microbes. The Environmental Working Group found the presence of propyl paraben in nearly 50 American snack foods, including Sara Lee cinnamon rolls, Weight Watchers cakes, Cafe Valley muffins, and La Banderita corn tortillas. For a list of other foods that contain parabens visit the EWG link  How many parabens has your body consumed today through your diet and products you use on your body? It all adds up! See ‘YOUR BODY’S POTENTIALLY HARMFUL CHEMICAL EQUATION’ below.

FOUND IN: Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, facial and shower cleansers and scrubs.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR ON THE LABEL AND AVOID:  Ethylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben, isopropylparaben, other ingredients ending in –paraben – See more at:

HEALTH CONCERNS: Endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies and immunotoxicity.


What can you do?

1. Assess your body’s potentially harmful chemical equation. Finally, research is connecting the dots, important not only in fighting cancer but also other diseases.



My chart above was published in my book


2. Address your body pollution

Body Pollution page kobo

3. Promote natural body detoxification

food capsule

Get your drinking water right!

YOUR DRINKING WATER: Is It Compromising Your Health?

Learn how to make deodorant that really works – contains natural ingredients, including essential oils,  that promote detoxification of the lymph nodes and breast tissue – crucial for breast health.

DIY deodorant workshop

4. Implement paradigm shifts.


5. GO GREEN – Clean up your diet, products and environments.

Cost of Beauty Poster-page-001

Cleaning Lady

The Cost of Clean


6. Protect your breasts – get ride of hard wire, metal and plastics inserts in bra cup and sides of your bras. The natural flow of fluids, meridians (energy) and nerve impulses can be disrupted, causing compromised breast health.

7. Protect your liver by going natural and green. A healthy liver is crucial to normal body function and fighting diseases, including cancer.

Phase l and ll Liver DetoxificationMAINTAINING HEALTHY LONGEVITY2

8. Add natural strategies for ‘a healthier you’.


THE PATH to ‘healthy longevity’!

GOD’S MEDICINE CABINET: Stocked to Heal What Ails You


THE ULTIMATE NATURAL CURES: Mind Body Healing Found Within

Vitruvian man

NATURAL CURES: An Alternative To Supplements


Essential Oil Therapy


brain chemistry

back to health school



breast health

Research shows that limonene in citrus oils found to fight cancer –,,

Consider additional natural strategies!


Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P. Holistic Wellness Practitioner,

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Yoga Oil Girl

When you combine essential oils with yoga, you powerfully enhance your meditation and spiritual experience. Diffusing or applying oil combinations can support overall well-being.

Grounding Blend – Promotes calm and reconnecting with your roots and the earth

  • Yoga integration – e.g. Tree pose
  • Application: Diffuse 3 drops* plus/or 2 drop in the hand – apply to heart, wrist, solar plexus, neck to thymus, and massage on the bottom of the feet (individually)

Focus Blend – Promotes clarity, concentration and focus

  • Yoga integration – e.g. Core strength, holding poses
  • Application: Diffuse 1-3 drops* plus/or 2 drops on back of neck and bottom of the feet (individually)

Calming Blend – Soothes and promotes calm, forgiving, compassion, healing and opening of the heart

  • Yoga integration – e.g. Restorative poses, meditation, relaxation
  • Application: Diffuse 3 drops*, plus/or 2 drops on sternum/solar plexus, back of the neck, navel and bottom of feet (individually)

Joyful Blend – Mood management, cheerfulness, brightness, uplifting, hopeful

  • Yoga integration – e.g. Sun salutations, active yoga movements
  • Application: Diffuse 3 drops*, plus/or 2 drops  over heart, ears, neck, thymus, temples, brow, wrists (individually)

*The amount of drops diffused (and used individually) will depend on the size of the room, ventilation, ceiling height, number of participants and other factors. Adjust accordingly.

Consider adding essential oils to enhance your yoga experience and support overall well-being! To learn more about integrating the natural blends listed above contact me here.

Modern Essentials – A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils is an excellent resource that I refer to regularly. It contains information on individual oils including references to research results of essential oils. It is a perfect companion for your essential oil first aid kit. Order your Modern Essentials guide today!

Let me get you started on your journey to improved health. Contact me here.

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People all over the world are scrambling to find alternative solutions to their health problems. Essential oils are the hottest trend toward discovering health–a trend that’s here to stay. Find out why at The Essential Oils Revolution, May 11-18! <>
Medicine cabinet, meet Mother Nature! Learn how, why and what to do with Essential Oils from 31 of the world’s experts. Your medicine cabinet (and your family) will fall in love with these natural remedies! Join us from May 11-18!
If you have missed the event go to this link <>


Learn more about 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils by contacting me at Attend a workshop to learn how to use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils for symptom relief – check out upcoming workshops list.



I have a client who I have been seeing for about 10 years.  She has had health challenges over those years as well as a serious health crisis. She has always been a ‘health nut’ so to speak, like me,  and yet was faced with a major health challenge a few years ago.

Body pollution and harmful substances in the foods we eat, the water we drink and bathe in, the personal care and cleaning products we use and the air we breathe; can alter a person’s DNA and turn normal healthy genes into oncogenes, present in persons with cancer. Body pollution can also interfere with the body’s normal healthy and accurate immunosurveillance and tumor suppressor response.

My client has been very vigilant in protecting her self from any foods or products with the potential to add to her body pollution or interfere with her body’s healthy immunosurveillace, healthy genes and healthy tumor suppressor response.

One of the services that I provide to my clients is a ‘weak list’.

For anyone suffering from chronic or life threatening conditions and disease (especially cancer); determining a WEAK LIST is mandatory to recovery and maintaining remission. Determining and addressing your ‘weak list’ can allow you to maintain a strong immune system and body, and become and stay ‘symptom free’. Avoiding the items on the weak lists, by substituting ‘non weak’ items can help to keep the immune system and other body functions operating normally.

What does a weak list mean?

Sometimes it means you are allergic to the items. The resulting biofeedback ‘weak response’ can be indicative of an association your body has made about a product, substance or situation in the past at a time of extreme trauma or duress. A ‘weak response’ can also mean that something is going on in the body at this time, which added to the use of the product or substance or recall of a past similar association (from your body’s ‘black box’); is a temporary bad combination (e.g. during detoxification, rapid growth, healing, recovery, hormone change, distress, treatment, medications, your body’s present chemical equation). Generally speaking it means that the item or factor is causing confusion, interference, imbalance, disruption, malfunction or damage. The item could be toxic to the body due to the presence of harmful substances like pesticides or VOCs. Sometimes it is to the immune system, sometimes to the nervous, endocrine or other systems, and sometimes to the liver or heart; all necessary to stay strong and healthy. If this happens on a daily/weakly basis the results can be catastrophic.

Back to my client’s experiment:

So every time I met with my client she had me test her foods and personal care products for safety. She was being very vigilant. Every time I tested her beans she tested weak to them, so she put them back into the freezer, hoping to be able to eat them sometime in the future. After months of the same results (since last summer) she decided to do some research and on my last visit she was all set up for an experiment. She was determined. Her beans were organic and she had paid $70 per bushel for them. She had set up 3 bowls of beans, each with a different ‘potential detox solution’ that she had read about.

#1 – Water + organic apple cider vinegar (1 cup) + 1 tsp baking soda + grapefruit seed extract (New Roots herbal – 250 ml cost $59.49) 20 drops

#2 – Water + lemon essential oil (4 drops)

#3 – Water + apple cider vinegar (1 cup)

#4 – Sea salt added to water used to cook beans (boiled till tender)

Each bowl of beans was allowed to sit for approximately 5 minutes.

I tested the beans on my client before the experiment and she tested weak to them.

Testing after the experiment revealed that beans detoxified in method #1 and #2 resulted in no weakness. Testing of  beans detoxified in method #3 and #4 resulted in a weak response. Results were interesting, especially after months of my client testing weak to her beans.

Detoxification solution #2 was the most affordable as the bottle of grapefruit seed extract used in solution #1 cost my client over $50. The 100% certified pure essential lemon oil was under $16 Canadian and contained the cold pressed essential oil of 45 lemons. Learn more about using third party certified 100% pure therapeutic grade oils ‘for a healthier you’ by contacting me. Many essential oils are adulterated.

So why would organic beans need to be detoxified? Organic products do test weak sometimes and sometimes contain harmful substances. Rain washing down air pollution above organic crops, and herbicides and pesticides carried by the wind, can pollute organic fruit and vegetables.

Conclusion: Use 100% pure therapeutic grade lemon oil to soak your vegetables and fruit. Detoxifying your vegetables and fruits is a wise health decision.

My client is very happy. She is a true ambassador for healthy living and loves and uses 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils daily. I think that she is an amazing ‘wellness advocate’

Would you like to determine your weak list?

Would you like to learn muscle response testing ‘for a healthier you’? Contact me at



GO GREEN HEALTHY BEAUTY KITS: Create A Unique Gift For Kids, Teens and Health Conscious Adults

GO GREEN Kit for kids and teens

Coming up with unique Christmas and birthday gift ideas for kids, teens and adults can be a challenge.  Many children enjoy kits that allow them to make crafts, jewellery and other things. All young ladies are interested in the latest trends, including lip gloss. As I was musing over what to get my grandchildren this year I had a ‘light bulb’ idea.

Many of the personal care products that adults and even young children use contain harmful toxins, including hormone disruptors. Educating people, including the younger generation about these health concerns, is what I do on a daily basis as a holistic wellness practitioner. As an essential oil wellness advocate I have the opportunity to regularly combine my passions.

GO GREEN Kit for 'a healthier you'

Consider creating a GO GREEN HEALTHY BEAUTY KIT as a gift for some of the people on your shopping list. If you, or friends and family members you know, are passionate about healthy beauty, make up a kit and host healthy beauty ‘make and take’ workshops. These can be great birthday party workshops. Just follow the recipes in the book. The best ‘make and take’ items for a workshop are the healthy deodorant cream and the signature scents.

Each kit can be designed to provide enough supplies for the number of people sharing the kit.  Use organic ingredients and third party certified 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils (see post below – ESSENTIAL OIL IMPURITIES: Make Sure You Know What You Are Getting) to ensure that the products you make are free from toxic substances. To make your kit just adjust the items you include in the kit to suit your desires and budget.  You may use the above images for your kit. I copied and pasted the image for the kids kit twice.  The first one was the width of my page – for the top of my box and the second one was smaller to fit on the front of my recipe book.  Both images will fit on a Staples one page printable sticker.  You can download the box and recipe labels at the end of this post. Add personal comments, experiences and additional recipes in the book. The size of your box will depend on the contents. I bought a kraft box at Michaels but you can recycle a box. Here are some pictures of the large kit that I created for my three young granddaughters.




  • Use Third Party Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils of your choice – contact me at for a good source.  Host an ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY FOR SYMPTOM RELIEF/healthy beauty ‘make and take’ workshop and receive hostess gifts. Workshops are available in southwestern and central Ontario – London, Calgary, Vancouver. Other areas – inquire – I will hook you up.
  • Lip balm tubes – put in a mason jar
  • Deodorant tubes – put in a mason jar
  • Roller balls – put in a mason jar
  • Metal tins – put in a small box
  • Mason jar of organic bees wax (labeled) – Thrift store/Home Hardware store
  • Mason jar of organic shea butter (labeled) – Thrift store/Home Hardware store
  • Mason jar of organic coconut oil (labeled) – Thrift store/Home Hardware store
  • Peel off labels for the girls to label their products – Dollar store or Staples
  • Small recipe book of easy to make healthy beauty recipes for kids – a dollar store book with handwritten recipes (or download the recipe labels at the end of this post) and your personal comments personalizes it.   You can download my image and recipe document files at the end of this post. Just save to your computer and print onto one page labels. Trim the labels on the page to fit your box/book pages and just peel off the back and paste.  Other natural beauty care recipes are available online.  Add more recipes to your recipe book. Check out these Use a glue stick to apply them.  I use these two free public domain sites for many of my image downloads – and Make sure that recipe books for children contain the warning ‘make sure an adult helps with the melting of the coconut oil, shea butter and bees wax and completing of the recipes as hot oils are a safety hazard’.
  • A Fragrance Hazards Brochure: FRAGRANCE: Oh How Sweet The Smell and How Potentially Dangerous To Your Health

In the front of the recipe book past the resources and sources labels with the list of links to product and supply sources.

The resources label lists the link for the Environmental Working Group – EWG Cosmetics Database, where your gift kit recipient can check out the harmful ingredients in the personal care products they may presently be using.

BELIEVE that more is possible naturally for optimum health for you and your family. God has provided a full range plants, including food, herbs and essential oils to treat your family when their health is challenged and for natural symptom relief.  Contact me at if you are Interested in getting started with your own family wellness kit?

 Get started on natural gift giving that is good for your family, friends and the environment. Get started at

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Health by Design,

ESSENTIAL OIL IMPURITIES: Make Sure You Know What You Are Getting

THE COST OF BEAUTY: Seeking Out Healthier Choices



GO GREEN KIT for kids box label

GO GREEN KIT for a healthier you box label


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