Frankincense, the gift given by the wise men to the baby Jesus has many incredible healing properties. It is considered to be one of the most precious essential oils and I value it as a precious gift, particularly in December.

Researching therapies that can stop cancer growth is an ongoing quest for me. I am more passionate in December of each year because of my husband’s death on Christmas eve 2010 of melanoma skin cancer.

Most Frankincense comes from Somalia. Research shows that Frankincense, along with other essential oils, can alter cancer cells. According to the BBC, immunologist Mahmoud Suhail is hoping to open a new chapter in the history of frankincense. Scientists have observed that there is some agent within frankincense which stops cancer spreading, and which induces cancerous cells to close themselves down. He is trying to find out what this is.

“Cancer starts when the DNA code within the cell’s nucleus becomes corrupted,” he says. “It seems frankincense has a re-set function. It can tell the cell what the right DNA code should be. Frankincense separates the ‘brain’ of the cancerous cell – the nucleus – from the ‘body’ – the cytoplasm, and closes down the nucleus to stop it reproducing corrupted DNA codes.” Research continues to isolate the key cancer abating ingredients in Frankincense. Research shows that essential oils are effective in cancer cell inhibition.

According to additional research frankincense oil can discriminate bladder cancer cells and normal urothelial cells in culture. The oil suppresses cell survival and induces apoptosis in cultured bladder cancer cells. Based on this preliminary observation, frankincense oil may represent an alternative intravesical therapy for bladder cancer. You can read more about this research at the following link.

Frankincense oil derived from Boswellia carteri induces tumor cell specific cytotoxicity –

According to the Omani Government “Using the compound AKBA (acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid), the Omani government-funded research has for the first time shown frankincense’s ability to target cancer cells in late-stage ovarian cancer patients. Lead researcher Kamla Al-Salmani, PhD student from the University’s Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine explained:

After a year of studying the AKBA compound with ovarian cancer cell lines in vitro, we have been able to show it is effective at killing the cancer cells. Frankincense is taken by many people with no known side effects. This finding has enormous potential to be taken to a clinical trial in the future and developed into an additional treatment for ovarian cancer.”

Essential oil therapy is a worthwhile strategy to add in your pursuit to be ‘cancer free’. There are many brands of essential oils available on the market.  I believe that it is important to use the best quality oils to get the optimum results possible. For this reason I have been using and recommend doterra 100% pure third party certified essential oils. Since there are limited contraindications with medication – essential oil therapy is an important holistic therapy to add to your ‘well-being toolbox’ to help in your pursuit of ‘symptom free’ status, overall health and cancer prevention. I take doterra frankincense essential oil internally in combination with marjoram for pain management when needed and the frankincense and (#9) rosemary essential oils for their anti-cancer (melanoma) benefits. Contact me here to for more information.

See the source links in this post for more in depth research information.  Make sure you use only pure therapeutic grade essential oils that have been third party certified.  Contact me here for more information. December is traditionally doterra’s ‘free frankincense’ special. Contact me to learn more.

An impressive list of specific Essential Oil bearing plants studied for anticancer potential in in vitro models and major observations reported.,

Essential oils reduce cancer cell proliferation, metastasis, and MDR which make them potential candidates toward adjuvant anticancer therapeutic agents.

Essential oils and their constituents target multiple pathways in cancer cells.,

BioMed Research International
Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID 154106, 23 pages
from Review Article

Essential Oils and Their Constituents as Anticancer Agents: A Mechanistic View

1Centre for Environmental Science and Technology, School of Environment and Earth Sciences, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, Punjab 151001, India 2Centre for Biosciences, School of Basic and Applied Sciences, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, Punjab 151001, India. Received 26 February 2014; Accepted 11 April 2014; Published 9 June 2014. Research into the healing powers of essential oils is ongoing. Find out the latest scientific research on these amazing healing powers at,

Research links on essential oils targeting cancer cells

SKIN CANCER: Increasing Antioxidants At The Skin Level

ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY: Skip Harmful Side Effects for Healthy Longevity Not all oils are equal. There are many cheap oils available. Understand what you are getting and comparing.

oil grades

Synthetic Oils: These are your chemical essential oils that are found in perfumes, and as fragrances in shampoo, soaps, deodorants etc. This represents the largest group of oils on the market today. Food Grade Oils: These are your food oils like lemon oil, rose oil, etc that the FDA has labeled safe for consumption. These are still not pure essential oils. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: These can be purchased in dollar stores, body and bath stores, health stores and more. For many years, this has been the highest standard of oils in the market. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils go through a testing process called Gas Chromatography. Most reputable companies in the Essential Oil industry conduct this test. This test checks and insures that the oil contains the correct compounds; however, it does not determine if the oil contains any impurities, pesticides or other chemicals. CPTG: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: This is the highest standard of Essential Oils in the market today. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are third party tested. The first test is the Gas Chromatography and the second is Mass Spectrometry. The Mass Spectrometry test checks all the compounds in the oil and also checks for pesticides or any other impurities that may be present in the oil. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are guaranteed to be 100% pure, natural and free of synthetic compounds or contaminates. Check the sources at the end of the post for more detailed research information.

Find out how to  purchase third party certified pure therapeutic grade oils by contacting me here. Consider creating a GO GREEN HEALTHY BEAUTY KIT as a gift for some of the people on your shopping list. Each kit can be designed to provide enough supplies for the number of people sharing the kit.  . Host an ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY FOR SYMPTOM RELIEF/healthy beauty ‘make and take’ workshop and receive a hostess gift. Workshops are available in southwestern and central Ontario, Calgary, Vancouver. Other areas – inquire.

For more information and research links on Frankincense as a natural cancer treatment  and how my clients and I use it visit My Green Medicine Cabinet.

Assessing your body’s symptom equation is crucial to your pursuit for symptom free status. Find out more by reading

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Research shows that essential oils exhibit strong cytotoxicity against certain variants of prostate, lung and breast cancer Learn more:

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