Yoga Oil Girl

When you combine essential oils with yoga, you powerfully enhance your meditation and spiritual experience. Diffusing or applying oil combinations can support overall well-being.

Grounding Blend – Promotes calm and reconnecting with your roots and the earth

  • Yoga integration – e.g. Tree pose
  • Application: Diffuse 3 drops* plus/or 2 drop in the hand – apply to heart, wrist, solar plexus, neck to thymus, and massage on the bottom of the feet (individually)

Focus Blend – Promotes clarity, concentration and focus

  • Yoga integration – e.g. Core strength, holding poses
  • Application: Diffuse 1-3 drops* plus/or 2 drops on back of neck and bottom of the feet (individually)

Calming Blend – Soothes and promotes calm, forgiving, compassion, healing and opening of the heart

  • Yoga integration – e.g. Restorative poses, meditation, relaxation
  • Application: Diffuse 3 drops*, plus/or 2 drops on sternum/solar plexus, back of the neck, navel and bottom of feet (individually)

Joyful Blend – Mood management, cheerfulness, brightness, uplifting, hopeful

  • Yoga integration – e.g. Sun salutations, active yoga movements
  • Application: Diffuse 3 drops*, plus/or 2 drops  over heart, ears, neck, thymus, temples, brow, wrists (individually)

*The amount of drops diffused (and used individually) will depend on the size of the room, ventilation, ceiling height, number of participants and other factors. Adjust accordingly.

Consider adding essential oils to enhance your yoga experience and support overall well-being! To learn more about integrating the natural blends listed above contact me here.

Modern Essentials – A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils is an excellent resource that I refer to regularly. It contains information on individual oils including references to research results of essential oils. It is a perfect companion for your essential oil first aid kit. Order your Modern Essentials guide today!

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