DNA TESTING: A Life Saving Tool


Your unique DNA, your genetic material can provide you with valuable information that could save your life. The detailed information about your unique DNA is now easily acquired through genetic testing.  One such test is available from 23andme.

Discover yourself at 23andMe

I ordered this test for my husband when he was fighting melanoma. I wanted to know if his melanoma was the result of a genetic mutation – so that my 5 children would have the information they needed to be proactive with their health. I highly recommend this test for anyone to allow you to protect yourself via the detailed information. One gene mutation test provided through 23andme is the hereditary breast cancer gene. This would definitely be information worth knowing in advance that could save your life.

Discover yourself at 23andMe

The unique test allows you to:

  • Know your health risks to help you and your doctor figure out health areas to keep an eye on. “On average, one person in five develops diabetes by age 79. Variations in your DNA tested for by 23andMe might raise your risk to one in three, making your lifestyle choices on factors like exercise and weight control even more critical” 23andme.
  • Find out if your child will be at risk for 50 inherited conditions and learn about steps you can take. “One in 29 Caucasians carries a mutation that can cause cystic fibrosis. If both parents are carriers of disease-causing mutations, there is a 25% chance their child will be born with the disease” 23andme.
  • Personalize your healthcare by knowing in advance how you will respond to certain medications like Warfarin. “Knowledge about variations in your DNA can help your doctor determine if you need more or less of a medication, or whether you might be at increased risk for certain side effects” 23andme.

This unique test can also provide you with important information about your baby’s genetic risks.

Order your 23andme genetic test today; it could save your life!

Learn about your ancestors.

Test result information can be discussed with a genetic specialist. Gene therapy is in the early stages of development and will some day supposedly provide repair of gene mutations.  The genetic information provided by the 23andme tests can be used with other  health strategies to improve health. Learn how to customize health promoting visualizations using the specific test result information in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION.

Promote DNA repair by eating your raw cruciferous vegetables. Learn more!

ENJOY better health today!

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Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P.

Holistic Wellness Practitioner


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