THE STAY AT HOME MOM: Are You Sitting On The Fence?


My youngest daughter has recently completed her maternity leave and has been going to job interviews.  She wants so much to be a stay at home mom, and yet she realizes that there is a need to pay the bills and make ends meet – requiring extra income. And then there is always the ‘I need to keep my foot in the door in terms of a career’ component. After all, someday the children will be all grown up and leave home and you will need something to do and provide you with ‘fun money’ or living expenses.

As a mother of five children I was challenged with the same decision over the child raising years.  My dream was always to be a stay at home mother and take care of my children myself. There were times when I took part time and casual jobs to help pay the bills. I even ran a home based handcrafted decorative ware business for many years so that I could be at home when my children where young.

So what is the solution to the dilemma? That depends on the individual mother and her goals and passions. What works for one, may not work for another.


For me in hindsight – If I had had the opportunities available to me that are now available; I would have made some different choices. I would have started my blogging and doTerra wellness advocate business years ago. 

I recently read about  a stay at home mother who turned her love of cooking into a blog and earns extra money by sharing her talents and the opportunity for others to do the same.  I can think of many things I could have blogged about; the adventures of my five children, their cousins and friends, and the family dog. Life at the Hines house was never dull. If only I had know then that ‘bowel buddies’ would some day be a health craze. My kids and their friends used to laugh at my version. They still joke about it to this day. 

My daughter Amanda has chosen to be a stay at home mom and blogs daily, inspiring other moms.  You can read her blog Mamas & Oils at


And then there was the never ending laundry including cloth diapers, lots and lots of cloth diapers.

cloth diapers on the line

Keeping the kids busy with crafts and camping adventures.

camping out

Keeping the kindergarten schedule straight so that I didn’t put the kids on the bus on the wrong day and end up getting a call from the school to pick them up.


With all that was going on those years I’m sure a blog would have offered some strategies to other moms – on what did and did not work, and lots of laughs.

So if you are sitting on the ‘stay at home or go to work mom’ fence, have a look at an opportunity that can allow you the best of both worlds.

Your combination of talents and skills can provide you with an incredible money making opportunity and allow you to be a stay at home, working when your children are asleep or at school. Become a part of the income earning passionate mothers who are doTerra wellness advocates. Help other mothers who want to be stay at home mothers, to achieve their dream. Share with other grandmothers who would like to earn money doing something rewarding.  Click here and watch the videos to learn more.

Are you a passionate mom or even grandmother who wants to spend time with the children and make money at the same time? I now have 11 grandchildren.  My schedule can be as flexible as I want it to be, available when my family needs me. Grandmothers sometimes get called in when there is a family crisis or when a child needs to stay home from school when they are sick.

Having something to do, a passion, is one of the Blue Zones Lessons for healthy longevity. Fill your spare time with rewarding, life promoting sharing.

Blue zones lessons:

2. Know your purpose. Have a reason for waking up in the morning.

9. Stay social. Build a social network that supports healthy behaviors.

From one passionate mother and grandmother to all the fence sitting mothers and grandmothers out there – take the first step to ‘having it your way‘ and promoting healthy longevity.

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