MY doTerra PICKS: A Peek into My Green Medicine Cabinet

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I am passionate about using natural symptom relief products wherever possible.  Many prescribed and over the counter symptom relief options come with unwanted and harmful side effects, either immediately or long term, often compromising liver function. After my many past health challenges and recovery, I am very protective of my health and liver. Use of ‘anti’ type of medications (antihistamines, antidepressants, antipsychotics, antibiotics, antispasmodics, or antihypertensives)  have been associated with memory loss issues; another reason I avoid them – my mother suffers from dementia and I am doing everything I can to prevent ending up the same way.  You can read about the 20 ‘anti’ drugs that have been found to cause memory loss at

Essential oils are all natural and will not hurt the environment. Come back to this page often as I share my doTerra essential oil product pics and some oil experiences.

Greening your medicine cabinet is one of the natural strategies in my holistic protocol for healthy longevity and protecting the planet. Contact me to find out more about ‘greening your medicine cabinet’ for healthy longevity at Learn how to use doterra essential oils for symptom relief by contacting me at

ESSENTIAL OILS FOR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS: Share this video with your regular healthcare provider, family and friends to provide a better understanding of essential oil therapy –

CAUTION: Check with your regular healthcare provider before using essential oils – there may be contraindications due to medications, health conditions or other factors. Alternate the oils that you use often to avoid any potential unwanted interactions, side effects, overuse or amplifying issues. Essential oils, like herbs and other supplements can have potent effects.  Keeping in mind that many consumed items including foods, supplements and drugs can effect people differently, staying informed about all risks if necessary. Check your items out at this site and always proceed with caution and check with your regular healthcare provider.


The transition to using essential oil therapy for symptom relief can be easier than you think.  I provide ongoing complimentary support to those that enroll with a wholesale membership through me at  I have the benefit of my clients experiences which is a real asset in making recommendations.  The Essential Life book is my resource, along with client and personal experiences and research information for selecting the right oil for the right symptom and condition. The front of the book has an easy reference symptom/condition list. You can get your copy by clicking on the picture below. For those not yet wholesale doterra members I am available for complimentary consultations (15 minutes in person at my location or out of town clinic day locations) to discuss transitioning over to essential oil therapy for your symptom relief.


#1  LAVENDER  for  #anxiety #stress #insomnia #sleep #pain


This is my most favourite ‘go to’ oil. It provides calm whenever needed and is safe to use on children with dilution.

babeskit2  babescalmerlabel

You can order these babes kits from  View all of the ‘remedies to go’ kits at 

I  apply lavender to my toes (see my reflexology chart) for direct transport to my brain. I also apply it to my heart zone as this is often where I would feel my anxiety when it comes. Diffusing lavender and other oils regularly has helped to eliminate my anxiety. The amazing benefit of using essential oils for symptom relief is that they not only provide relief but also promote healing of the underlying causes of your symptoms, a real bonus! I use the lavender on my toes (reflexology points) when I feel stressed or anxious. Lavender applied topically also helps calm my overworked muscles and joints and irritated nerves. I alternate lavender with my #2 favourite doTerra emergency oil – marjoram for ongoing calming.


doTerra has developed a new product using my favourite lavender called Serenity Restful Complex. It contains lavender and L-Theanine. This is another natural symptom relief product that is always in my medicine cabinet and on my travels – helping me to be ready for unexpected anxiety producing challenges.


                                       Free samples of Serenity Restful Complex                                          are available for mail out to Canadian residents. Email me at to get a sample of Serenity Restful Complex.  

Other samples are available for mail out! Let me know what you are interested in trying ‘ for a healthier you!

 From the doTerra Product Information Page for this product:

dōTERRA Serenity Restful Complex also delivers the relaxing benefits of L-Theanine to gently promote relaxation and sleep.* L-Theanine, is a non-protein amino acid found in green tea (Camellia sinensis) and has been studied for its calming effects on the nervous system.* L-Theanine is structurally similar to the neurotransmitters glutamate and gammaaminobutyric acid (GABA), both of which are associated with improved mood, calmness, and relaxation.* L-Theanine has the unique ability to promote relaxation without causing drowsiness.* Studies show that such pre-sleep relaxation is very effective at supporting a restful night’s sleep.*

My clients and I find that taking one serenity soft gel and 6 drops of marjoram provides a very restful night’s sleep. These are excellent alternatives to sleeping and anxiety medications.


Lavender – a good choice for you, your children, your pets and the planet! Why wouldn’t you give it a try? To order doTerra lavender, serenity and serenity gels restful complex go go


#2  MARJORAM  for  #pain #musclecramps #sprains


Marjoram is my second most favourite emergency use oil, another ‘never leave home without it’ oil. When I tripped and sprained my ankle (multiple times) I slathered it full strength onto the ankle, repeating every five minutes until I got the topical anesthetic effect I needed.  I followed with ice, elevation and marjoram regularly to provide comfort. Marjoram also provides relief for irritated nerves and stressed muscles from over exertion.

I have a client who broke her arm and had it set with a pin and screws.  Her doctor recommended Tylenol 3 for pain relief but she was not happy about the side effects.  I suggested she might find relief by trying a combination of marjoram and frankincense. Frankincense is a great add on to marjoram with it’s anti-inflammatory properties. My client was amazed and pleasantly surprised at the results. She said the relief was equivalent to the Tylenol 3 without the side effects.  The image below shows the recipe she used.


When my vehicle was rear ended and I suffered from ‘whip lash’, which apparently can ripple down your spine to your sacrum.  I was in a lot of neck discomfort and sacrum pain. I used the marjoram topically and marjoram and frankinsence combination internally for pain relief. The results were amazing! Whenever I feel neck and shoulder tension, especially with a lot of driving, I use the marjoram topically.  As a relaxant it provides calming of the muscles as wells as a sedative effect.

Marjoram cautions: – click on the side effects tab at the top of the page.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paul Winterton’s endorsement for Aromatouch (contains marjoram) and Marjoram –

Marjoram – Give natural pain relief a try!  Your liver will thank you! Order yours today at ._____________________________________________________________

#3  WILD ORANGE  for  #moodlifting #energizing #vitalizing #calming


Just peeling a wild orange brings a very uplifting sensation and thoughts of sunshine. I diffuse wild orange in the morning when I get up to start my day. Diffusing wild orange and other pure citrus oils have been shown to lower stress.  Fox News reports that Vanderbilt Medical Center diffuses doterra citrus oils in their emergency room to reduce stress and provide calm.  The study results are pretty amazing. Watch at .


Mood lifting and stress reduction can be so simple.  Why wouldn’t you try it. Healthy for you and healthy for the planet! Get started on a calmer you today.  Your pets will love it too. Order your wild orange and diffuser at .


#4  FRANKINCENSE  –  #inflammation #pain #boostimmunity #anti-cancer


Frankincense is considered to be the ‘king of essential oils’.

Research shows that Frankincense has shown to have anti-cancer properties.

Frankincense oil is effective in killing late-stage ovarian cancer! – 

Frankincense Essential Oil Superior to Chemotherapy in Destroying Cancer Cells

Frankincense Oil Found to Suppress Cancer

According to the Omani Government “Using the compound AKBA (acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid), the Omani government-funded research has for the first time shown frankincense’s ability to target cancer cells in late-stage ovarian cancer patients.

According to additional research frankincense oil can discriminate bladder cancer cells and normal urothelial cells in culture.

I n 2011, the journal Cancer published the results of a 44 person clinical trial evaluating how brain swelling was effected by frankincense.

A brain tumor and frankincense success story. Be open to the possibilities.

I use frankincense daily, mixed with rosemary (see #9), clove (#7) and grape seed oil, on my face and body as a moisturizer and for anti-cancer protection. You can read more about ‘my why’ for this ‘anti-cancer’ pick on my blog post about skin cancer. The holistic 9approach to skin cancer protection is all about stacking your odds; frankincense is a big part of ‘stacking my anti-cancer odds’.

Many of my clients have found that frankincense combined with marjoram provides pain relief equivalent to Tylenol 3 without the unwanted side effects. See my pick #2 above for more information on how my clients mixed the oils.

Essential oils for symptom relief and healing: Healthy for you and healthy for the planet! Get started on your ‘green’ medicine cabinet makeover today.  Order your frankincense at .


#5  BALANCE  –  #anxiety #stress #insomnia 


doTERRA’s grounding blend promotes tranquility while bringing harmony to the mind and body, and balance to the emotions. I love to diffuse this oil in the morning with my wild orange – a great start to my day!

  • Begin your day by putting Balance on the bottom of your feet to promote feelings of calmness and tranquility throughout the day.
  • Balance is a great oil blend to use during an AromaTouch® Hand Massage.
  • Apply to your wrists or neck to help ease anxious feelings.
  • Diffuse in your car during road trips to create a calming, soothing environment.
  • Get your doterra Balance today at

Healthy for you and healthy for the planet! Get started on your ‘green’ medicine cabinet makeover today.  Order your balance at .


#6  OnGuard    –      #coldandflu     #healthyimmunefunction #healthyrespiratoryfunction               #environmentalthreatprotection #beatantibioticresistance #nontoxiccleaner #beatsuperbugs

wa-doterra-on-guard On guard spritz

Gold and flu season is here and it is time to think about protection.  Regular hand washing is an important first step in protection.  doterra’s onguard is a great cold and flu protection add on.  I take the drops in water or beadlets (carry in my purse) before I enter areas of high risk, like visits to the nursing home and other locations with sick people.  I add on guard to my counter cleaner spray and my home made foaming hand sanitizer and diffuse it when I feel I may be vulnerable to a virus. In this age of antibiotic resistance it is reassuring to learn that doterra’s on guard’s protection blend can keep you healthy.

Essential oils provide new tools to fight antibiotic resistance. doTerra on guard protective blend is my ‘go to’ for cold and flu protection.

From the Journal of Infectious Diseases & Preventive Medicine –
Essential Oils and Future Antibiotics: New Weapons against Emerging ‘ Superbugs ’ ? –

Make sure to add lavender or serenity to your cold and flu protection regime as stress is a major immune system challenge.  The combination of on guard and lavender and/or serenity gels provide me with great protection against cold and flu.

Healthy for you and healthy for the planet! Get started on your ‘green medicine cabinet’ makeover today.  Order your On Guard today at .


#7  Clove     #antioxidant #cardiovascularhealth #teethandgumcleaning #insectrepellant #oilofboundaries


Clove provides an amazing spice and essential oil with many amazing health promoting properties.  It has amazing antioxidant values which is why I combine it with frankincense and fractionated coconut oil as a moisturizer and skin cancer protection.  Check out the high antioxidant value of clove in the chart below.

ORAC antioxidant scale

For more on the ORAC scale on antioxidant capacity go to

If that is not enough to convince you to add clove to your medicine cabinet I have more for you. Clove is ‘the oil of boundaries’.  In emotional aromatherapy clove is chosen to help individuals set and maintain boundaries and let go of victim mentality, patterns of self-betrayal and codependency. It encourages breaking free of patterns of intimidation and abuse. Diffuse it with wild orange and enjoy the aroma and transformation.


#8 Easy Air/Breathe       #breatheeasy #easyair #cough #cold #flu #healthyrespiratoryfunction #asthma #asthmarelief

breathe easyair

T’is the season – for cold, flu and cough! Easy air or Breathe (same product) is my ‘go to’ in combination with On Guard to prevent cold, flu and cough.  I use the breathe in my diffuser along with the on guard if I feel (or know) that I am coming down with something. I  add the  easy air or breathe to an inhaler and use it like a puffer, inhaling into my chest, when needed to open up my air ways and deal with coughs. I hold the inhaler in my closed fist and put my fist up to my lips and inhale as if I was using a puffer. Easy air or breathe applied to the chest helps open up my airways when congested.

Healthy for you and healthy for the planet! Get started on your ‘green’ medicine cabinet makeover today.  Order your therapeutic grade breathe/easy air oil today at .


#9 Rosemary – #nervousness #fatigue #healthyrespiratoryfunction #healthyorganfunction #anticancer


I have always really loved the smell of rosemary. Research shows that rosemary reduces melanoma cancer cell proliferation. That is the main reason that I use it both internally and as a part of my skin care protection.  You can read about that in my post:


I take two drops in a capsule with frankincense (see above) as a part of my my anti-cancer strategy.

Healthy for you and healthy for the planet! Get started on your ‘green’ medicine cabinet makeover today.  Order your therapeutic grade rosemary oil today at .


#10 DDR Prime  – #antioxidant


Scientific studies indicate the benefit of essential oils to protect DNA and support the body to repair DNA damage. Regardless of what physical or mental health challenges you are affected with, DDR Prime is an excellent must have add on to your other therapies. View Dr. Hill’s interview on DDR Prime at The following chart is from Dr. Hill’s video.


If you have chronic unresolved symptoms and conditions this is the product for you.  It can help your body to address the ‘base of the iceberg’ factors that contribute to your health challenges.

Healthy for you and healthy for the planet! Get started on your ‘green’ medicine cabinet makeover today.  Order your therapeutic grade DDR Prime today at .


#11 Triease  –  #seasonalallergies #allergies #sinuscongestion


I have to admit I was skeptical when I first saw the ingredients in this product for seasonal allergies. How could lemon, lavender and peppermint help seasonal allergies?  On the other hand, do you want to take the easily available over the counter alternatives which come with some unwanted side effects? Well I am convinced about the doterra Triease soft gels effectiness.  I shared a whole bottle with someone who has pretty significant seasonal allergies and he was impressed as were his daughters.  Another client who had an allergy to pepper says she is no longer allergic to it as a result of taking the Triease.  Following is the information from the doterra website information page for Triease softgels.

  • Take TriEase before gardening this spring
  • Take before going out to feed horses or cows
  • Use when hiking during Spring or Fall
  • Protects against seasonal and environmental elements*
  • Cleansing to the body’s systems*
  • Calming and balancing effects, internally and externally*
  • Promotes clear breathing and healthy respiratory functions*
  • TriEase helps you through changing seasons by protecting against environmental threats*
  • Taking TriEase daily during times of seasonal discomfort or to maintain clear breathing*

Healthy for you and healthy for the planet! Get started on your ‘green’ medicine cabinet makeover today.  Order your therapeutic grade Triease softgels today at .

Host an in home essential oils education session to learn how to use essential oils for symptom relief and healing, and how to easily ‘green your medicine cabinet’. For those not already enrolled as doterra members I provide a complimentary consultation (15 minutes in person at my location or an out of town clinic day) to discuss transitioning to essential oil therapy to relieve your symptoms and promote health.

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