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Get started  ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today! greenmedicinecabinet2

Get started  ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!

My Essential Oils Apothecary Station (below)


I am passionate about using natural symptom relief products wherever possible.  Many prescribed and over the counter symptom relief options come with unwanted and harmful side effects, either immediately or long term, often compromising liver function. After my many past health challenges and recovery, I am very protective of my health and liver. Use of ‘anti’ type of medications (antihistamines, antidepressants, antipsychotics, antibiotics, antispasmodics, or antihypertensives)  have been associated with memory loss issues; another reason I avoid them – my mother suffers from dementia and I am doing everything I can to prevent ending up the same way.  You can read about the 20 ‘anti’ drugs that have been found to cause memory loss at

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Find out the exciting research about the anti-cancer properties of frankincense and other essential oils by clicking on the picture below.

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Get started  ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!

Modern medicine meet essential oils:  Watch the video to see how an emergency room diffuses essential oils to calm patients.

Essential oils are all natural and will not hurt the environment. Greening your medicine cabinet is one of the natural strategies that I recommend in my holistic protocol for healthy longevity, and protecting the planet. Find out how some of my clients use essential oils for natural pain management in my blog post CHRONIC PAIN MANAGEMENT: The Natural Way.

Get started ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!

ESSENTIAL OILS FOR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS: Share this video with your regular healthcare provider, family and friends to provide a better understanding of essential oil therapy –

CAUTION: Check with your regular healthcare provider before using essential oils or other recommendations found on my website and blog – there may be contraindications due to medications, health conditions or other factors. Alternate the oils that you use often to avoid any potential unwanted interactions, side effects, overuse or amplifying issues. Essential oils, like herbs and other supplements can have potent effects.  Keeping in mind that many consumed items including foods, supplements and drugs can effect people differently, staying informed about all risks if necessary. Check your items out at this site and always proceed with caution and check with your regular healthcare provider.

Get started ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!


When I recommend ‘greening’ your medicine cabinet’, I don’t just mean a literal medicine cabinet.  I painted the one you see above green to relay the ‘green’ concept.  A green medicine cabinet is in essence a virtual medicine cabinet or green healthcare concept. Mine includes essential oils, many natural strategies, mind body healing, customized visualizations and energy therapies. Yoga and tai chi have also been significant add-ons to my ‘green healthcare’. Recent return to yoga has eliminated years of recurring sciatic pain. I have condensed my green healthcare  ‘go to’ self help strategies in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION, an excellent ‘green gifting’ choice.

Get started  ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!

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The transition to using essential oil therapy for symptom relief can be easier than you think.  I have the benefit of my clients experiences which is a real asset in making recommendations.  The Essential Life book is my resource, along with client and personal experiences and research information for selecting the right oil for the right symptom and condition. The front of the book has an easy reference symptom/condition list. You can get your copy by clicking on the picture below.  I am available for complimentary consultations (15 minutes in person at my location or out of town clinic day locations) to discuss transitioning over to essential oil therapy for your symptom relief.

Get started ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!

It is well understood that emotional factors can be the underlying cause of our symptoms.  Emotional aromatherapy oils help the body to release blocked or overwhelming emotions, which can help to eliminate symptoms.

To learn more about the use of essential oils to heal your inner child or other emotions, I would recommend the Emotions & Essential Oils, A Modern Resource for Healing, Emotional Reference Guide.  It comes with a companion Emotions & Essential Oils Wheel which makes it easy to select the right oil for what you are feeling on a daily basis.

Get started  ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!
Herbs are another one of my go to ‘green’ symptom relief and healing choices.  These are great resources to support your green healthcare.



RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS for your ‘green medicine cabinet’:


Healthy for you and healthy for the planet! Get started on your ‘green’ medicine cabinet makeover today.

Host an in home ‘go green’ health and beauty education session and learn how to easily ‘green your medicine cabinet, diet, personal care and cleaning products’. For those not already using essential oils I provide a complimentary consultation (15 minutes in person at my location or an out of town clinic day) to discuss transitioning to essential oil therapy to relieve your symptoms and promote health.

Get started  ‘essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!


A diffuser and essential oils combination make a great ‘green’ gift.  Get started  ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today and take advantage of the current specials and bonuses.

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,

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