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When I recommend ‘greening’ your symptom relief, pain management, healthcare, medicine and makeup cabinet, I don’t mean a literal medicine cabinet.  I painted the one you see above green to relay the ‘green’ concept.  A green medicine cabinet invokes a virtual green concept medicine and makeup cabinet. My green healthcare includes many natural strategies, including mind body spirit healing, customized visualizations, energy therapies, diet, herbs and essential oils. Yoga and tai chi have also been significant add-ons to my ‘green healthcare’. Every change that you can make to more non-toxic and eco-friendly options for pain management, symptom relief healthcare and beauty is not only healthier for you but also the environment, an important step in protecting and sustaining a healthy climate.  I have condensed my holistic green healthcare  ‘go to’ self help strategies, which my clients have found helpful in my book, THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION, an excellent ‘green gifting’ choice. My book is now also available in ebook format. Stop by this page often as I will be adding to it ongoing.

My Essential Oils Apothecary Station (below)


I am passionate about using natural symptom relief products wherever possible.  Many prescribed and over the counter symptom relief options come with unwanted and harmful side effects, either immediately or long term, often compromising liver function. After my many past health challenges and recovery, I am very protective of my health and liver. Use of ‘anti’ type of medications (antihistamines, antidepressants, anti-psychotics, antibiotics, antispasmodics, or anti-hypertensives)  have been associated with memory loss issues; another reason I avoid them – my mother suffered from dementia and I am doing everything I can to prevent ending up the same way. It makes me think, ‘what other health challenges are associated with the regular use of these drugs’? The information in the links that follow should convince you that there are safer symptom relief strategies available. You will find a variety of these as you scroll down this page.


US National Library of Medicine: The environmental side effects of medication

The Pharmaceutical JournalPharmaceuticals in the environment: a growing problem

Pharmaceutical Technology – Pharma and the environment: pollution continues despite public pressure

20 ‘anti’ drugs that have been found to cause memory loss

Common Prescription Drugs Linked to Increased Dementia Risk

Many Cases of “Dementia” Are Actually Side Effects of Prescription Drugs or Vaccines, According to Research

When you scroll further down the page you will find my favourite essential oils.  If you are looking for some excellent pain management options to get started click here.  Many clients have found essential oil combinations provide ongoing pain relief without unwanted side effects.  Essential oil and herb therapy provide eco-friendly options for symptom relief and healing. I can help you to customize a green symptom relief and pain management strategy using essential oils and herbs.


According to the Huffington Post article More Than A Scent: Essential Oils Aid The Immune System, oils serve as the defense system in plants. These oils oxygenate the plant and carry nutrients, vital elements and chemical constituents to every cell in the plant. They contain each of the plant’s healing nutrients including trace minerals, vitamins, hormones, amino acid precursors and other components. They give the plant the ability to destroy infections, stave off infestations, initiate and maintain growth and repair structural damage. The essential oil of the plant is literally the life force of the plant. Learn more about the science of essential oils in the Journal of Biotechnology and Biomedical Science article Essential Oils from Plants.


The spine is an excellent application site for essential oil application since the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system travel along the spine, connecting with organs, endocrines and body parts and the spinal cord fluid can carry the therapeutic benefits up to the brain and central nervous system and bones.

autonomic nervous sytem chart


Bone formation (ongoing building of bone) decreases with age in both men and women, failing to keep up with the rate of bone resorption (ongoing process of breaking down bone). An imbalance between the ongoing natural bone resorption and bone formation process (bone remodeling cycle) results in loss of bone mass, making the bones more fragile and vulnerable to fractures. Diet, exercise (walking, weight lifting and yoga are a must do add on) and natural Vitamin D from sunlight are important factors in maintaining strong bones as we age. Healthy hormone balance and reduction of stress hormones like bone dissolving cortisol are also important bone density factors in the prevention of osteoporosis and osteopenia. Interference in the remodeling process from body pollution is also a factor in strong bone density. Research has shown that essential oils (oils of sage, rosemary, juniper, pine, dwarf pine, turpentine, and eucalyptus) and their monoterpenes are efficient inhibitors of bone resorption. These oils can be applied to the spine and joints in layers using a massage technique to take advantage of their health promoting benefits. The study Common herbs, essential oils, and monoterpenes potently modulate bone metabolism

Get started with essential oil massage today to take advantage of the health promoting benefits!

Research on Essential Oil Aromatherapy:


In a 2017 Systematic Review of 12 randomized clinical trials, aromatherapy massage proved to be more efficacious than inhalation in alleviating depressive symptoms.

According to the journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice recently published study that set out to prove the types of natural reactions when rose and lavender aromatherapy were used on human subjects experiencing depression and/or anxiety; the aromatherapy group experienced “significant improvements” greater than the control group on both the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Scale (GAD-7). So not only did the women experienced significant decrease in postnatal depression scores, they also reported marked improvement in general anxiety disorder. 

Orange Aromatherapy for Anxiety: Study

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) essential oil with high levels of menthol/menthone in demanding cognitive tasks and attenuated the increase in mental fatigue associated with extended cognitive task performance in healthy adults. Study

Cognitive performance following exposure to rosemary essential oil aroma. Study

Vetiver and cedarwood essential oils have been studied (12) to help improve the focus of children in classrooms who display attention deficit behaviors. Study

Aromatherapy and Aromatic Plants for the Treatment of Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease:  Clinical Evidence and Possible Mechanisms

The Effectiveness of Aromatherapy in Reducing Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Aromatherapy in the Management of Psychiatric Disorders: Clinical and Neuropharmacological Perspectives

Staff and patients perceived aromatherapy to be a beneficial aid to sleep and relaxation.  The majority of those attending were diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Get started using ‘green’ essential oil supports today!


Symphony of the cells (SOC) is a therapeutic application of essential oils developed by Boyd Truman ( ) after 20 years of experience working on people with chronic and acute emotional and physical conditions.  Whether you are looking to help support a loved one with an ongoing ailment or illness or are integrating the use of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils into your wellness plan, Symphony of the Cells is simple and effective.

The professionally designed SOC protocols combine the layering of specially selected essential oils with therapeutic properties which are applied to the spine and feet, and inhaled aromatically. Each protocol application provides an immediate relaxing and sometimes releasing impact with continued therapeutic benefits as the oils therapeutic properties reach the cellular level.

Get started today on aromatherapy massage for comfort, symptom relief and healing at Host a workshop. Experience a complimentary aromatherapy massage or Symphony of the Cells application. Contact me at if you need more assistance to get started. Make sure that you are buying 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils.  Just like a nicotine or pain patch delivers its dose through the skin to the brain, essential oils deliver therapeutic benefits.

Proceed with caution:  Adulterated and impure oils increase the likelihood of an adverse response. Using adulterated oils topically or inhaling them can have a negative impact on health. Check with your regular healthcare practitioner before adding aromatherapy massage.  Do not stop taking your medication.


  • Frankincense if one of my favourite essential oils for it’s health properties. I use a few drops along with rosemary essential oil  in my skin cancer protection blend. When I occasionally need deep pain relief, I take it internally with marjoram.  My clients do as well and report that it provides them with the equivalent relief of Tylenol 3. My clients find that adding a few drops of Copaiba oil to their topical pain management choice provides them with even deeper pain relief without the psychoactive effects. Copaiba oil contains 55 percent beta-caryophyllene, compared to 35 percent in cannabidiol oil, making it a potent deep pain relief oil.

Find out the exciting research about the therapeutic and anti-cancer properties of frankincense and other essential oils by clicking on the picture below.

frankincense - research

Get started  ‘experiencing the benefits of frankincense essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!

  • Marjoram essential oil has always been my go to for pain relief.  I apply it generously, neat topically, for pain and also use it internally with frankincense essential oil for major pain relief when needed.  Marjoram works like a topical anesthetic for me. The combination of frankincense and marjoram gives the equivalent pain relief of Tylenol 3. Many of my clients have used the combination after surgery and injury in lieu of the Tylenol they were offered to avoid the unwanted side effects. A more liver friendly pain relief option. My clients find that adding a few drops of Copaiba oil to their topical pain management choice provides them with even deeper pain relief. Copaiba oil contains 55 percent beta-caryophyllene, compared to 35 percent in cannabidiol oil, making it a potent deep pain relief oil.


Get started  ‘experiencing the benefits of marjoram essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!

  • Lavender essential oils is my calming companion, one that I would not leave home without or be without.  This oil has brought me calm during times of anxiety and distress.  Applied to my toes (brain reflexology points) and back of my neck, or diffused, or combined with lemon balm, passionflower, and chamomile it promotes relaxation and sleep. When in pain I combine lavender with marjoram for a more powerful impact. A more liver friendly option for anxiety and stress!


Get started  ‘experiencing lavender essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!

For a restful sleep and to help provide you with calm and relaxation during times of distress consider an essential oil blend in a gel cap with the relaxing benefits of Lavender essential oil and L-Theanine along with lemon balm, passionflower, and chamomile. To help manage the effects of stress and anxious feelings try this natural combination.

  • Copaiba essential oils is an ideal ‘psychoactive free’ alternative to CBD or THC for inflammation and pain. The synergy of chemical constituents in Copaiba essential oil makes it unique.

Get started  ‘using copaiba essential oil’ today!

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Modern medicine meet essential oils:  Watch the video to see how an emergency room diffuses essential oils to calm patients.

Essential oils are all natural and will not hurt the environment. Greening your medicine cabinet is one of the natural strategies that I recommend in my holistic protocol for healthy longevity, and protecting the planet. Find out how some of my clients use essential oils for natural pain management in my blog post CHRONIC PAIN MANAGEMENT: The Natural Way.

Get started ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!

ESSENTIAL OILS FOR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS: Share this video with your regular healthcare provider, family and friends to provide a better understanding of essential oil therapy –

CAUTION: Check with your regular healthcare provider before using essential oils or other recommendations found on my website and blog – there may be contraindications due to medications, health conditions or other factors. Alternate the oils that you use often to avoid any potential unwanted interactions, side effects, overuse or amplifying issues. Essential oils, like herbs and other supplements can have potent effects.  Keeping in mind that many consumed items including foods, supplements and drugs can effect people differently, staying informed about all risks if necessary. Check your items out at this site and always proceed with caution and check with your regular healthcare provider.

Get started ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!


Get started  ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!

Ebook Cover New_1-1

The transition to using essential oil therapy for symptom relief can be easier than you think.  I have the benefit of my clients experiences which is a real asset in making recommendations.  The Essential Life book is my resource, along with client and personal experiences and research information for selecting the right oil for the right symptom and condition. The front of the book has an easy reference symptom/condition list. You can get your copy by clicking on the picture below.  I am available for complimentary consultations (15 minutes in person at my location or out of town clinic day locations) to discuss transitioning over to essential oil therapy for your symptom relief.

Get started ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!

It is well understood that emotional factors can be the underlying cause of our symptoms.  Emotional aromatherapy oils help the body to release blocked or overwhelming emotions, which can help to eliminate symptoms.

To learn more about the use of essential oils to heal your inner child or other emotions, I would recommend the Emotions & Essential Oils, A Modern Resource for Healing, Emotional Reference Guide.  It comes with a companion Emotions & Essential Oils Wheel which makes it easy to select the right oil for what you are feeling on a daily basis.

Get started  ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!

Meridian Essential Oil Pairing

Using essential oils at specific meridian points, often used in acupuncture, can help promote meridian flow, improving health. Interested in learning more about how to pair essential oils with meridians? Contact me at

Meridian EO Pairing

Essential oils are a powerful companion to promote meridian flow and body health.

According to TCM, the liver and its corresponding meridian are responsible for the smooth flow of Qi (pronounced “chee”) or energy, blood and emotions. The liver is easily affected by excess stress and uncontrolled emotions.

Various meridian points have been researched for the health benefits and changes to health as the result of action at the points. In TCM, attention at the Great Rushing TAICHONG Liver 3 meridian point spreads liver Qi, nourishes liver blood and liver yin. Laboratory studies show that attention at the Gall Bladder GB 34 meridian point is considered to have a hepatoprotective effect and at ST 40 lowers LDL cholesterol.

Acupuncture, acupressure and the application of essential oils at specific meridian points can help promote meridian flow which promotes health. Consider applying a combination of therapeutic grade thyme and geranium at Liver 3, LR 4 (jaundice) GB 34, as well as ST 40 and ST 36 (tonifies Qi and Yang, nourishes the Blood and Yin).  Additional application over the liver zone and reflexology points on the feet and hands will provide additional supports. See the resources below for more information on meridian point stimulation and health.

This is an excellent laminated meridian chart to help you locate specific meridian points.


HERBS ‘for a healthier you’



Herbs are another one of my ‘go to’ green symptom relief and healing choices. My study of botanical herbs through the books of Maria Treben, a world renowned herbalist from Austria, for my Nutritional Consultant course opened my mind to the amazing medicinal properties of herbs.   I highly recommend adding her books to your reference library and adding herbs to your green healthcare practices. Greening your healthcare is healthy for you and healthy for the planet. I recommend using organic herbs where possible.  You can find an excellent source of Canadian wild crafted and organic herbs here.


Find out how to use the medicinal properties of herbs for whole person well-being.

These books are great resources to support your green healthcare.



RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS ‘green’ your lifeCheck with your regular healthcare provider and pharmacist before adding these products.

These teas will help promote your body’s natural detoxification, a necessary ongoing well-being requirement.

Drinking adequate amounts of clean water is a necessary detoxification and well-being requirement.  I filter my water with a Mavea water filter system.  It is rated superior to the Brita filter system.


If you find that you are challenged to drink enough water you may find it more appealing to give it some bubbles and flavour. I use a Soda Stream to carbonate my filtered water and then add the 100% natural Tru lemon and lime (dried lemon and lime peel) to provide a refreshing drink. Adding the dehydrated lemon and lime peel provides additional detoxification.


RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS:  Green your personal care products.  I am often asked what personal care products do I recommend. Many personal care products containt harmful and toxic ingredients that can negatively impact your health. Go green, natural and organic where possible in your personal care product choices. Healthy for you and healthy for the planet! Get started on greening your personal care products today: makeover today.

My Personal Care Product Picks


Helena Lane Skincare – : I have been adding Helena Lane hyaluronic serum to my homemade facial moisturizer since the beginning of the year when I was introduced to it by my daughter Noёl, a certified makeup artist; and have noticed a significant elimination of wrinkles around my eyes. Take advantage of a 5% discount with Coupon Discount Code: elisabethhines at the website


Carina Organics:  I use their shampoo and body wash combination  as well as their hairspray.



Host an in home ‘go green’ health and beauty education session and learn how to easily ‘green your medicine cabinet, diet, personal care and cleaning products’. For those not already using essential oils I provide a complimentary consultation (15 minutes in person at my location or an out of town clinic day) to discuss transitioning to essential oil therapy to relieve your symptoms and promote health.

Get started  ‘essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today!


A diffuser and essential oils combination make a great ‘green’ gift.  Get started  ‘with essential oils and greening your healthcare’ today and take advantage of the current specials and bonuses.

CAUTION: Check with your regular healthcare provider before using essential oils or other recommendations found on my website and blog – there may be contraindications due to medications, health conditions or other factors. Alternate the oils that you use often to avoid any potential unwanted interactions, side effects, overuse or amplifying issues. Essential oils, like herbs and other supplements can have potent effects.  Keeping in mind that many consumed items including foods, supplements and drugs can effect people differently, staying informed about all risks if necessary. Check your items out at this site and always proceed with caution and check with your regular healthcare provider.

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,


Liver protection GB34 –

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