GO GREEN WITH ESSENTIAL OILS – DROP IN EVENT: Come and learn and sample!


Every wanted to ‘go green’ in more ways than just recycling your plastics and food waste? There are many additional ways to go green – simple solutions for healthy living go a long way to protect the environment, which in turn protects the water supply, wild life and people. Green gifting extends the ‘green ripple’ when you add the recipes you have used with your green gifts.

If you are not already a regular essential oils user or are not yet a doterra or other essential oil company wholesale member; you are invited to drop in on Wednesday, November 29 between 1 and 4 and learn about how you can use essential oils for healthier, environmentally friendly symptom relief, personal care and cleaning solutions.

Consider hosting a class or get together tailored to your desired theme. Combine it with a ‘make and take’. Here are a few themes to consider.

  • Healthy Family and Kids – The top oils every household needs for natural health and well-being.
  • Home Spa Party – Custom combining of oils with lotions and bath products.
  • Cooking with Essential Oils – Learn how essentials oils can be used for flavoring dishes.
  • Cleanse and Restore – Rid your body of toxins and feel your best.
  • Essential Skin Care – Learn more about the doTERRA skin care line or teach what oils can be used as natural skin care solutions.
  • Back to School – Natural ways to promote a healthy lifestyle for children, especially during the change of seasons and school transition.
  • Green Cleaning – Keep your house free of toxins by using powerful, natural cleaners.
  • Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby – Keep your body in optimum health as you enjoy the pregnancy journey and adjust to the new baby at home.

Come join me and become a part of the ‘go green ripple’!

RSVP to elisabethlhines@gmail.com and I will email you the location.

GREEN GIFTING: Healthy For You and Environmentally Friendly

Green gift pack  Green Gift Pack3

Last night’s news story about Canada’s garbage crisis refocused my already overwhelming concerns about the amount of waste that we as a generation produce on a daily basis.  I am a big fan of reduce, reuse and recycle, and reducing my environmental footprint. Green gifting, especially with essential oil products, provides an opportunity to use natural symptom relief and natural cleaning options.  Add labels with the recipes you used and recipients can refill the bottles instead of going back to the store to buy more symptom relief and cleaning solutions in new packaging. I am concerned about the world of garbage we are leaving behind for our grandchildren and I know many people are. Every synthetic symptom relief and synthetic cleaning product we use eventually ends up affecting the environment and then it’s inhabitants, animal and human – it’s an unhealthy circle that we have the power to change.

Many people already have a good supply of essential oils at home and when Christmas comes they are shopping for gifts for friends, family, teachers, co-workers and as hostess gifts; wondering what to get.  If you haven’t yet taken the essential oils plunge there are many great November specials to take advantage of to get you started at www.mydoterra.com/elisabethlhines. Giving a ‘green gift’ that is healthy for your recipient and environmentally friendly tells them that you really care about both. It is also a great activity to do with your children or grandchildren. Invite some friends over and have a DIY green gifting make and take!

Green gift pack Green Gift Pack3

Get started today on ‘green gifting’ today:

  1. Get your oils – www.mydoterra.com/elisabethlines
  2. Get your bottles – https://www.voya geursoapandcandle.com/default.asp (they had everything I wanted in one place) or  https://mebcanada.ca/ (they only had the large foaming soap pumps and I wanted purse sized ones)
  3. Get your FCO (Fractionated coconut oil) – You can get it at both of the above links or https://well.ca or in a healthy supply store.
  4. Get your Castille soap – I used Dr Bonner’s Unscented which you can purchase in a health supply store.
  5. Get your labels – Avery 22807 Glossy White (bought at Staples), Design template – http://bit.ly/2Au486j
  6. Get your recipes: Use the recipes below to get you started. Enroll today with an enrollment kit and get more of my DIY Go Green recipes.

Cold & Flu 1 Label

Hand Sanitizer 1 label

Stress & Anxiety 1 Label

Visit ‘My Green Medicine Cabinet’ at http://mybodycanhealitself.ca/wordpress/?page_id=2914 to see how I use essential oils for symptom relief and healing.

Check out the doterra enrollment kits at http://media.doterra.com/ca-otg/en/flyers/enrollment-kit-flyer.pdf then get started here www.mydoterra.com/elisabethlhines.

Book a free in person consultation to learn how you can substitute your present symptom relief solutions for healthier and more environmentally friendly options at elisabethlhines@gmail.com.

LAVENDER & PEPPERMINT: A Winning Combination!


TODAY’S BOBO: Buy one Lavender and get one Peppermint Free. These two oils have so many uses, a must for your ‘green medicine cabinet’ makeover.



Just remember to add the 15 mL Lavender (SKU 30111813) to your cart and the BOGO will automatically be added to invoice after order has processed. Order yours at www.mydoterra.com/elisabethlhines or email me at elisabethlhines@gmail.com if you would like me to place your order for you. Find out how I use my oils at http://mybodycanhealitself.ca/wordpress/?page_id=2914

If you are interested in making over your symptom relief choices to more environmentally friendly and healthy options contact me for a free in person consultation at elisabethlhines@gmail.com.