GO GREEN WITH ESSENTIAL OILS – DROP IN EVENT: Come and learn and sample!


Every wanted to ‘go green’ in more ways than just recycling your plastics and food waste? There are many additional ways to go green – simple solutions for healthy living go a long way to protect the environment, which in turn protects the water supply, wild life and people. Green gifting extends the ‘green ripple’ when you add the recipes you have used with your green gifts.

If you are not already a regular essential oils user or are not yet a doterra or other essential oil company wholesale member; you are invited to drop in on Wednesday, November 29 between 1 and 4 and learn about how you can use essential oils for healthier, environmentally friendly symptom relief, personal care and cleaning solutions.

Consider hosting a class or get together tailored to your desired theme. Combine it with a ‘make and take’. Here are a few themes to consider.

  • Healthy Family and Kids – The top oils every household needs for natural health and well-being.
  • Home Spa Party – Custom combining of oils with lotions and bath products.
  • Cooking with Essential Oils – Learn how essentials oils can be used for flavoring dishes.
  • Cleanse and Restore – Rid your body of toxins and feel your best.
  • Essential Skin Care – Learn more about the doTERRA skin care line or teach what oils can be used as natural skin care solutions.
  • Back to School – Natural ways to promote a healthy lifestyle for children, especially during the change of seasons and school transition.
  • Green Cleaning – Keep your house free of toxins by using powerful, natural cleaners.
  • Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby – Keep your body in optimum health as you enjoy the pregnancy journey and adjust to the new baby at home.

Come join me and become a part of the ‘go green ripple’!

RSVP to elisabethlhines@gmail.com and I will email you the location.

ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY: Effective Symptom Relief via Reflexology Points

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Essential oils are one of my recommended ‘go to’ therapies for symptom relief. As a holistic wellness practitioner I work with clients with many diverse and multiple health conditions. For people who suffer from pain, pain management is an ongoing challenge. With traditional over the counter and prescribed medication, once you have taken the dose and find it does not offer you the expected relief – you have to wait an additional 3 to 4 hours before your next dose. With essential oil therapy you can reapply the oils again in 5 or 10 minutes if you have not received the desired relief.

Applying essential oils to reflexology points on the feet and hands can provide therapeutic relief for multiple conditions affecting those relative areas. The next time you have a ‘symptom challenge’ consider using essential oils as a natural healthier symptom relief solution. To learn more about specific oils for symptom relief contact me.

Modern Essentials – A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils is an excellent resource that I refer to regularly. It contains information on individual oils including references to research results of essential oils. It is a perfect companion for your essential oil first aid kit. Order your Modern Essentials guide today!

Contact me to learn more about using essential oils for symptom relief at www.mydoterra.com/elisabethlhines.

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner, www.mybodycanhealitself.ca