SUPER BUG READY? Keep Your Immune System Prepared


Last night’s news report about nine people dying in London, Ontario due to Strep A was disturbing. Not worried? Is it really a threat? Watch the Time Health video below by By Alice Park and Lon Tweeten May 5, 2017 and find out.


Every day we are exposed to many viruses and bacteria. A healthy properly working immune system is your best defense against the super bugs and viruses out there. There are many factors that can interfere with the body’s natural ongoing immunosurveillance and immunoresponse. Synthetic chemicals, heavy metals and body pollution are just a few of the potential interfering concerns. They can interfere with the natural body communication required for correct immunosurveillance and immunoresponse. Stress is also a serious detriment to a healthy, accurate immune response.

Antibiotic resistance is an ongoing concern in the health care system. A recent post in The Journal of Infectious Diseases & Preventive Medicine, titled Essential Oils and Future Antibiotics: New Weapons against Emerging ‘Superbugs’? offers hope for the fight against superbugs.

According to the Journal article:

Emerging evidence has shown that many essential oils have both non-specific and specific mechanisms of action which varies based on the relative abundance and chemical composition of the components. Elucidation of the mechanism of action of these compounds may enable identification of new antibiotic targets and exploitation of novel biochemical pathways; pathways not currently targeted by existing antibiotics. Additionally, combination of existing drugs with essential oils and/or components may provide an alternative approach to combat emerging drug resistance. Since antibiotic resistance is currently outpacing research and development to find new drugs, humanity is facing a return to the ‘pre-antibiotic era’. Perhaps the remedies of the past combined with scientific study may provide the antibiotics of tomorrow.”

In summary, essential oil therapy has a promising future to protect you against super bugs.  Learning about the immune protecting properties of essential oils and incorporating them into your health regime to be prepared is a great defense.

On guard spritz Green gift pack

doTerra On Guard is my ‘go to’ for immune support and protection. I take it internally, a few drops in water, especially when I make visits to my mother in the nursing home. I have a spritz bottle that I keep in my purse to spray my hands after contact with shopping carts and other potential contact threats. Adding a few drops of On Guard to my home made foaming hand sanitizer ensures protection for me and my visitors.  Diffusing a few drops of On Guard in combination with Wild Orange is a delightful morning ritual. My cold and flu remedy (in the picture above) have a combination of On Guard, Tea Tree and Oregano – a great protection and recovery remedy.

My immune support and protection regime would not be complete without addressing the ‘stress factor’. In times of stress I add stress busting essential oils internally, topically and in my diffuser. My ‘go to’ stress busters include the products below. Get yours at Learn more about these products in ‘MY GREEN MEDICINE CABINET’ at

serenity balance


Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,


Essential Oils and Future Antibiotics: New Weapons against Emerging ‘ Superbugs ’

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