Welcome to my Escape to the Farmacy blog where I share information on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of botanically inspired escapes, experiences, recipes, art and decor;


       ‘for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ails’.

                             Escaping to, immersing in, being inspired by, and eating from nature                              brings so many body, mind and spirit benefits!

Botanically inspired escapes, even temporarily, by distraction, from your own reality,

brings so many body, mind and spirit benefits.

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In my Escape to the Farmacy posts I share my many escapes and where available, the science behind the many easily acquired benefits gained from escapes to  nature, plants, herbs, green, other ‘distractions’, and botanically inspired decor and activities like art. I have always been drawn to trails in the woods, and retreat there as often as possible.  Living in Southwestern Ontario, the many deciduous trees drop their leaves in the fall, leaving the trails more open to the much sought after winter, life giving sunlight. When the weather is too uninviting to coax me outdoors, I retreat to the many botanically inspired art and décor projects that provide me with the embrace of nature that I so desperately desire.

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Join me as I share my botanically driven ‘escapes to the farmacy’ for an enviable dispensing of body, mind and spirit benefits.


The ‘escaping to the farmacy’ journey takes us back to the teachings of Abbé Kneipp, a Bavarian priest and renowned European herbalist.  Father Kneipp’s teachings based on the pillars of water, plants, exercise, nutrition and inner balance live on.


“There is a plant for every illness” Abbé Kneipp

If you have not already added escapes to nature, plants, herbs, green and botanically inspired decor and art activities to your body, mind and spirit ‘feel good’ agenda, now is a good time to start. Start your ‘escape to the farmacy’ small and work up from there if your space is limited. Once the summer outdoor growing season ends I can roll my herb plant cart indoors and place it in front of a window to enjoy the many body, mind and spirit benefits. They along with my other house plants and botanically inspired decor will be great companions for challenging times, especially when spending most of the time indoors due to weather or other constraints. You can use a growing light indoors for plants if you do not have enough sunlight coming in. Stay tuned for the featured herbs in my cart and others with their scientifically researched medicinal properties along with my healthy recipes, by clicking on the membership option at the end of the page.

Escape to the FARMACY: A dream in the making.

When one reaches a certain age, they usually stop working, take up hobbies or causes and travel.  I recently watched a vlog interview of a young writer and her B&B host.  They spoke of an older woman who started a vineyard at the age of 80.  I was inspired because I had always had a dream, but I was feeling a bit inadequate having failed to implement it. I am still working part time as a holistic wellness practitioner at the age of 68.  Most of my clients recover and then I need new clients to maintain an income.  In this day and age of instant internet information, social media, and the marketing savvy of the youth; the wisdom and experience of the elders and use of unprocessed herbs, is seldom the ‘go to’ that it was in previous decades. I have experienced and seen incredible recovery in clients based on nutritional therapy, botanical detoxification therapy, energy therapies, art therapy and body, mind and spirit mindfulness therapies.

My dream has always been to combine all of these at a destination fitting of the combined ‘botanical therapy’ experience.  My planned escape to the farmacy garden, apothecary and experiences are that dream in the making. My garden plot has been small, but it is not about garden size, it is about the farmacy experience and education concept; blooming were we are planted, and escaping to and experiencing botanically inspired spaces and activities.  The escape to the farmacy experience of escaping to nature or the garden dispenses body, mind and spirit benefits! Join me as I share my many botanically inspired ‘escapes to the farmacy’.


My desire to share and educate about the healing power of plants, and my Dutch roots, are itching to get back to the bounty of the earth that my grandparents immersed themselves in as farmers when they, and my family, immigrated to Canada in the early 50’s. My farmacy garden plots, apothecary and holistic counselling are a working culmination of ideas, expertise, medicinal plants and healing therapies from ‘God’s Farmacy’ advocates of the past. In the midst of these challenging times, the brutal reality that alternative healing strategies may also be needed to protect and save lives, makes my quest even more fervent.

Care for your garden that was planted by the gift of God, and be on your guard that its herbs do not wither.”  Hildegard von Bingen[1]


The garden picture is the Hildegard medicinal herb garden of the Hildegard Forum of the Sisters of the Cross on the Bingen Rochusberg. Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) was a mystic, scholar, prophet, composer, moralist, herbalist and scientist. She tended the gardens at Rupertsberg monastery and studied herbs extensively, understanding their medicinal healing properties.

A group of physicians treated victims of the 1918 influenza pandemic with botanical medicines and the treatments were very successful.

hildegard2 physica

The three basics of Hildegard’s practice as an herbalist were detoxification, nutrition and natural remedies. In her book Causae et curae, viriditas[2], the healing power of green is a key concept, encapsulating the divine force of nature. After her death Hildegard was sainted and called a Doctor of the Church.


MariaTreben was an amazing master herbalist. She was a pioneer of the renewed interest in natural remedies and traditional medicine at the end of the 20th century. Maria used traditional German/Eastern European remedies handed down by previous generations. These consisted of using only local herbs and diet to successfully treat a wide range of conditions. My study as a holistic nutritional consultant focused on the writings of Maria Treben.


Detoxification to purge the body of toxins, resupply the body with nutrients and treat specific disorders with herbs or other remedies found in nature were Hildegard and Maria’s key principles of healing. I have taken the approach further and developed my Botanical Spa Therapy herbal detoxification and rejuvenating bath recipes and schedule that help the body to eliminate toxins through the skin, the body’s largest organ. Clients have had great results with symptom elimination using these baths, including one woman who was freed of a 50+ years debilitating caterpillar phobia.

Hildegard stressed harmony between body mind and spirit and believed that God was the true healer. I incorporated the whole person well-being, body, mind and spirit concept to create my book logo years ago. It feels as if I was somehow guided by her philosophies although I had never heard of Hildegard until recently when researching for possible alternative cures that might have been used in past pandemics. Surprisingly I found research on herbs used successfully during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.[3]


Both Hildegarde and Maria mentored others to learn about the medicinal properties of herbs and other natural methods of healing.  I have incorporated my collection of healing recommendations in my book The Whole Person Well-being Equation, a how to guide that incorporates all of the strategies that I used to promote my body to heal from body pollution, toxicant induced loss of tolerance (TILT), multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), environmental illness (EI), chronic fatigue (CF), sciatica and spasmodic dysphonia.[4],[5],[6]


Inspiration comes in many forms.  I started out in nursing and my studies of human anatomy, physiology and biology were successful but my heart and mind could not come to terms with caring for diseased, suffering people.  I ended my nursing career basically before it started and focused my attention on health prevention and protection. Hildegard and Treben were strong women who imprinted history with their work and have inspired me to share health promoting strategies and medicinal plants with others. The picture below is another strong inspirational woman, my dear friend Anne tending her beautiful garden, a physical, mental and emotional health promoting task.

Anne's Garden

“Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work.

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

              Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, Greek Physician  (460BC-377BC)


Peonies finally in bloom in my garden. In addition to the mood lifting high every spring when they burst open in full beauty, peonies come with many researched health benefits. Check out the research on the anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and other Chinese medicine use benefits of peonies in my blog post EDIBLE FLOWERS: Mood Boosting Embellishments with Physical Health Benefits. 




My nasturtium in early spring, leaning towards the early morning sunlight. They will soon be able to grow outside, fingers crossed we have seen the end of snow in Ontario. Studies have shown that the leaves have antibiotic properties, and suggest that they are the most effective prior to flowering. Learn more at my blog post EDIBLE FLOWERS: Mood Boosting Embellishments with Physical Health Benefits. 


Escaping to, immersing in, eating from and being inspired by nature’s farmacy  dispenses many body, mind and spirit benefits! Whether its a hike in the woods, preparing a meal using vegetables and herbs from your garden or searching for and surrounding your self with botanical inspired decorative accents in your home; you will be provided with a literal ‘escape to the farmacy’ experience that dispenses many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

My farmacy garden plots and apothecary are a working, educational culmination of ideas, expertise, botanical inspired living, vegetable and medicinal plants, and healing therapies borrowed from many ‘God’s Farmacy’ advocates of the past. My inspiration comes from many nature advocates, gardeners, herbalists, artists and musicians like Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) who was a mystic, scholar, prophet, composer, moralist, herbalist and scientist, declared a saint and Doctor of the Church and master herbalist Maria Treben (1907-1991), author of Health through God’s Pharmacy.  Hildegarde is credited with the Greening of Medieval Medicine through her ‘viriditas’ key concept, the healing power of green, encapsulating the divine force of nature.

You are invited to join me on this journey as I plan and implement my many escapes to the farmacy adventures, dream and education program to help educate and inspire people about the use of body, mind and spirit health promoting nature, plants, medicinal herbs; their many uses throughout history and the scientific research on their benefits.  Follow my quest, one step at a time, one day at a time, virtually, as I share my ‘escape to the farmacy’ body, mind and spirit botanical experiences and escapes.

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Join me as I plan and implement and share my escape to the farmacy experiences, one step at a time, one day at a time. Any healthy escape, including those to nature, green spaces, gardens or botanical experiences is an ‘escape to the farmacy experience’, dispensing mind, body and spirit benefits.  


As a holistic wellness practitioner, nutritional consultant, mother and grandmother I have become able to tailor my recipes, which usually start out as vegan and are then modified to accommodate food allergies and sensitivities, gluten intolerances, food aversions, eosinophilic esophagitis (EOE) and other dietary challenges. These will be shared with participants of workshops and botanically inspired escapes.

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Wishing you ongoing body, mind and spirit ‘farmacy’ experiences for greater health!

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Health by Design,,




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