ESSENTIAL OIL IMPURITIES: Make Sure You Know What You Are Getting

Not all essential oils are equal. Make sure you understand the differences. You will find many cheap and cosmetic grade essential oils on the market – know what you are getting and comparing.  There are also differences in therapeutic grade oils. I am vigilant about making sure my food and my personal care products do not contain unwanted additives/contaminantes – I am just as vigilant about the essential oils that I use. Read about the many ways in which essential oils can be adulterated at The brand I use is third party certified 100% pure therapeutic grade and many of the oils can be used internally. If your supplier is unable to provide you with proof of third party (not internal) certification – then move on. Learn more about using third party certified 100% pure therapeutic grade oils ‘for a healthier you’ by contacting me.

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Synthetic Oils: These are your chemical essential oils that are found in perfumes, and as fragrances in shampoo, soaps, deodorants etc. This represents the largest group of oils on the market today.

Food Grade Oils: These are your food oils like lemon oil, rose oil, etc that the FDA has labeled safe for consumption. These are still not pure essential oils.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: These can be purchased in dollar stores, body and bath stores, health stores and more. For many years, this has been the highest standard of oils in the market. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils go through a testing process called Gas Chromatography. Most reputable companies in the Essential Oil industry conduct this test. This test checks and insures that the oil contains the correct compounds; however, it does not determine if the oil contains any impurities, pesticides or other chemicals.

CPTG: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: This is the highest standard of Essential Oils in the market today. . The first test is the Gas Chromatography and the second is Mass Spectrometry. The Mass Spectrometry test checks all the compounds in the oil and also checks for pesticides or any other impurities that may be present in the oil.

Modern Essentials – A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils is an excellent resource that I refer to regularly. It contains information on individual oils including references to research results of essential oils. It is a perfect companion for your essential oil first aid kit. Order your Modern Essentials guide today!

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