HEALTHY AGING: A Design for Aging Well, Living Longer & Comfortably



Aging is an inevitable reality for all of us. Research shows that people are living longer and that healthy longevity is a common goal for many. Understanding the ingredients for healthy longevity can be confusing.  Social media, health publications, television, the internet and the fitness industry present the aging population with many ‘fountain of youth’ offerings. It can be confusing to wade through all of the claims and hype to determine truths from myths. I can assure you that you will not find it in a supplement, although at times therapeutically beneficial. How does one make an informed decision on the right path to take to achieve one’s healthy aging goals and ensure comfortable ‘last chapters’?

Over many decades I have watched family members, loved one and community members enter the last chapters of their lives often incapacitated by disease and fraught with terrible suffering. Scientists researching longevity have discovered areas of the world where people are the healthiest and live the longest.  The National Geographic documents the study of the ‘blue zones’ of the world and what they have determined are the ingredients of healthy longevity. Lessons from these areas, the ‘blue zones’ tell us there are nine common principles (Power 9) that the people in these areas follow to achieve their healthy longevity. The take away from the study is that these principles can be used anywhere in the world as a ‘reverse engineering longevity’ protocol. Can one achieve the same healthy longevity results by duplicating the nine principles in other parts of the world?  Are there additional strategies that need to be incorporated to achieve the same level of success?

As a holistic wellness practitioner I am delighted to incorporate the Power 9 principles into my own life and share them with my clients.  I have always been able to see firsthand that changes in diet and lifestyle are major necessary determinants for improved health. Working with people of all ages who live far away from the ‘blue zones’ in the westernized world, I see a great need to implement additional strategies to restore, improve and maintain good health. Living in a fast passed society that is constantly challenging our ‘life balance’, stress idling, breathing polluted air, drinking polluted water, eating nutrient compromised, processed and fast foods that are altered and filled with additives, using personal care, cleaning and gardening products full of synthetic and toxic chemicals – all contribute to body pollution with potential interference, malfunction, damage and increased health risks and conditions.

For many years I have worked with clients using a holistic ‘stop, start and change’ protocol (my road map) to help them achieve their health goals. Many of my clients have now reached the age of maturity with an ongoing goal of maximizing healthy longevity and avoid ‘end of life’ suffering. My recommendations to my clients and anyone who asks me for advice has always been to follow my Path to ‘healthy longevity’ recommendations listed in my poster below. I now also highly recommend the blue zones Power 9 strategies as a ‘must add’.

If you would like to maximize your health and longevity as you age, and age comfortably – follow these recommended strategies:

  1. Follow the blue zones Power 9 recommendations which can be found on their website at
  2. Follow the recommendations of my Path to Healthy Longevity

ThePathtohealthylongevity3. Follow my holistic protocol to guide you on your path to healthy longevity – my recommended necessary ‘add ons’ for life outside the blue zones of the world.

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I offer a consultation service for people who live further away and cannot travel to my locations. Once you decide you would like to follow ‘my road map’ contact me.  I will review your diet, supplements, personal care and other products and make recommendations to help you achieve your ‘healthier you’, pointing you in the direction of healthy, comfortable longevity.

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,,

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