Healthy Escapes: A Mental Health Must Have

Inspired by @stephanieejarvis and the positive and caring team of residents, volunteers and visitors to Chateau de LaLande, as seen in The Chateau Diaries, I opened up my backyard for a ‘healthy escape’ to Chateau Diaries lovers, with a Midsummer Night Dreams theme.

I found the Chateau Diaries during lockdown and was inspired by the positive, respectful and upbeat interaction of the residents, volunteers and visitors as they shared in work projects, meals and adventures; while keeping the focus off of the difficult news, controversies and challenges of the pandemic. The Midsummer Nights Dreams themed event at my ‘healthy escape’, was open to a small number of Chateau Diaries loving family members, who I introduced to The Chateau Diaries during lockdown. The event was planned and decorated by my talented sister Adriana. Her flower crowns and florals were created with a combination of my gardens flowers and greenery, and some store bought pink carnations (there were no roses available locally). Signature cocktails were made of Red Crown organic pomegranate juice and soda stream bubbly water.

The table display was created by my talented sister Adriana using thrifted plates and Eiffel tower, dollar store mini lights and garden florals. The beautiful table cloth was a gift from Adriana for the event.

The porcelain tiered plates DIY project, which Stephanie and Phillip demonstrated in one of their video diaries, were made of locally thrifted plates, and came with some challenges; but produced several tiered plates which were used to display the shared food. Guests took home a tiered plate gift.

Healthy escapes are a ‘must have’ for mental health. Creating a backyard oasis where family and friends could gather to enjoy each others company in a positive and safe manner during lockdown, was important to me. These have been difficult times for everyone. Being mindful of others by being kind and respectful and providing safe, healthy escapes can help those struggling with the challenges of the pandemics or other life challenges.

After dinner we had a delightful game of croquet; laughing, laughing and laughing at our misadventures.

Photographs are courtesy of my brother Bernard and Kevin. My brother was very gracious in allowing my sister’s wish to see him in a flower crown!.

Thank you to Stephanie Jarvis for starting such an incredible positive, kindness ripple that has helped so many to maintain their mental health during the lockdowns and pandemic challenges. Make sure you visit Stephanie’s chateau page and the chateau diaries.

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Health by Design,

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