Holistic Wellness Retreats for Women

Join me for botanically inspired escapes that will include an offering of forest walks, gardening, cooking, apothecary herb education, wellness workshops, outings, crafting and art projects.

For more information on my healthy escapes please visit my Escape to the Farmacy page. Watch my introduction video.

holisticwelnnessbbretreatsThe butterfly effect is the concept that small changes over time can create huge life changing.

Implementing small changes daily in your way of thinking, accepting, believing and doing can have a profound ripple effect on your body, mind and life balance; improving well-being. This wellness retreat experience will help get you started on holistic self-care strategies for a healthier you. Your body and mind can heal itself – with some guidance. Your body is already created with many amazing abilities to heal. I share my holistic ‘stop, start and change’ protocol that has helped many of my clients as well as me to recover from multiple health challenges. Follow my road map for improved health! I will help you navigate your journey!

The Well-being Root-1

Body + Mind + Spirit Life Balance = Resilience = Ability to ‘rock and role’ =

Overall Whole Person Well-being

Implementing strategies to maintain a healthy life balance in the midst of life’s stressors will help you to stay grounded, like the roots of a tree.  Check out my Wisdom from a Tree blog post.



Women’s Holistic Retreat:

Spend a holistic well-being weekend/week day retreat with your women friends and learn how to  identify and manage your body, mind and life balance disruptors; and how to improve your health using natural, holistic strategies. Your retreat can be customized to suit your needs and desires and those of your group.

Join me at the

H E A L T H   b y   D E S I G N


 Wellness Inn sign

Providing a ‘Wellness Inn’ destination, has been my dream for many years.  I have been visualizing this very unique wellness destination as a restorative ‘pit stop’ for people on their well-being journeys. To complement my ongoing visualization to bring the inn into reality, I am offering virtual inn ‘in the making’ retreats in my home.



Located in beautiful Southwestern Ontario



$100.00/night (2 persons/room) Queen or Twins with shared bath.

Minimum 2 nights stay.

We can accommodate groups of 8 (additional pull out sofa and floor mattresses for extras).

We maintain a healthy air quality home,

free of synthetic cleaners and sprays.

Bedding is washed in natural laundry products.

No synthetic air fresheners or scented candles.

All bathrooms are supplied with organic and natural personal care products for you to try/use during your stay (shampoo, body wash, conditioner, soaps, lotions, deodorant, hairspray). So leave your synthetic ingredient personal care product equivalents at home – especially if they are synthetically scented.

Healthier for you and healthier for the environment!

Includes a healthy vegan/vegetarian breakfast! Non-gluten options available.

We will try to accommodate for allergies and intolerances.

Healthy vegan/vegetarian lunch and dinner also available (extra). Please inquire.

Local restaurants nearby.



Free fifteen minute private consult to discuss your personal well-being challenges.


Body + Mind  + Spirit Life Balance = Resilience =

Ability to ‘rock and role’ =

Overall Whole Person Well-being

Free group session on the importance of greening your health, home and beauty products for a healthier you. Includes discussion and direction on the best strategies to detoxify your body pollution.


Free scheduled group question and answer period daily. YOUR BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF: Follow My Road Map.

Free Essential oil therapy for symptom relief, immune system support and to promote healing (discussion and sampling).

Free (optional) overnight aromatherapy while you sleep to improve sleep and mental function and provide calming.

Free (optional) bedtime self application of complimentary essential oils to your reflexology points to improve sleep, mental function and calming.


Holistic Retreat Menu (at extra cost):

Select the items from the menu below that you would like to add on to your holistic women’s retreat. Please order these items at the time you book your stay to ensure they will be available.


#1 – BodyFeedback Interview & Therapy –  

Health Forensics Assessment

$50.00/half hour (each/private)


#2 – Weak List Assessment –

A Necessary Well-being Tool.

This neuromuscularbiofeedback assessment provides you with information for your very important ‘stop, start and change’ list. Bring your food, supplement and personal care items lists with you.

$50.00/half hour (each/private)


#3 – Muscle Response Testing for Health Protection Instruction

A Holistic Self-Help Tool

$50.00/half hour (per group)


#4 – Body, Mind & Spirit Life Balance Vision Board Workshop

Blank Chalkboard

What can you ‘stop, start & change’ today

for ‘a healthier you’?

While a vision board provides you with an opportunity to visualize what you want in life, a ‘body, mind and spirit’ life balance vision board workshop will help you to identify your personal body, mind, spirit and life balance disruptors. The ‘body, mind and spirit’ life balance vision board (and accompanying instruction booklet) is an assessment tool and working planning chart prompting you to make required changes to achieve and maintain body, mind, spirit and life balance. This mindfullness workshop is available in full weekend or mini format as an add on. Please ask for details.

The boards below are two of my personal ‘body, mind, spirit’ balance boards.

Board with


Body, Mind, Spirit Life Balance Vision Board – $175.00 (includes):

  •         Upcoming date – Saturday, March 14, 2020, 9-5 in Rokwood, ON
  •  All material required
  • Take home ‘body, mind and spirit’ life balance vision chalk board (with instruction booklet).  Option of wood or adhesive vinyl chalkboard allowing for easy roll up and travel in a suitcase.
  • vinylchalkboard
  • Health protection using body responses demonstration. This neuromuscularbiofeedback assessment provides you with information for your very important ‘stop, start and change’ list. Bring  a suspect food, supplement or personal care item with you to test.
  • Vegan lunch and refreshments, recommendations on how to transition to a healthy balanced plant based diet for healthy longevity
  • Botanical Spa Therapy herbal bath sample
  • Essential oil samples
  • For more information on this workshop and board visit.
  • To book a space email elisabethlhines@gmail.com


#5 – Natural Deodorant Make & Take Workshop

Make & take natural ‘healthier for you deodorant’ workshop (take home sample).  Helps to detoxify your lymph nodes and protect breast health.

$8.00 each


#6 – Make & Take Natural Whipped Body Butter Workshop

Make & take natural ‘ healthier for you’ whipped body butter (take home sample). Made with natural ingredients and antioxidants to protect skin.

$8.00 each


#7 – Make & Take Natural Foaming Hand Wash Workshop

Make & take ‘healthier for you’ foaming hand wash (take home sample).

$8.00 each


#8 – Make & Take Natural Soothing Salve Workshop

Make & take natural soothing salve (take home sample).  Great for skin irritations.

$8.00 each


#9 – Get Started on Your Book Workshop

Direction and book set up to get you started on the writing of your first book through self-publishing (no costs to write or publish). Writing your story can be very therapeutic and also help other people in their well-being journey. Bring your laptop with internet capability.

$50.00/half hour (per group)


#10 – Get Started on Your Blog Workshop

Direction and set up to get you started writing your personal blog (no costs to write or publish your blog on the internet). Writing on your blog regularly can be very therapeutic and also help other people on their well-being journey. Bring your laptop with internet capability.

$50.00/half hour (per group)


#11 – Get Started on Social Media Workshop

Although it can be intimidating to get started (I can relate), once you are set up it can be an enjoyable and comfortable experience as well as a powerful business marketing tool. Learn how to create and set up your social media pages. All social media platforms are free to set up and use. Bring your laptop with internet capability.

$50.00/half hour (per group)


#12 – Creative Art Therapy to Change/Heal Your Brain

Exercising our creativity enhances the quality of our lives and nurtures overall well-being.  Creativity is an innate gift that every person has, which for some, may require some mentoring to activate. Creativity takes many forms.  Arts and crafts have long been the go to for art therapy. Any hobby or activity that allows for the creative process can be considered art therapy. Whether you like to paint, draw, craft, sew, woodwork, knit, scrapbook, play music, write, compose, cook or garden; your brain and overall health will reap the rewards of the creative process involved in them.

Studies have shown that art can reduce depression and anxiety, and improve cognitive functions by producing both new neural pathways and thicker, stronger dendrites. Exercising our creativity can ensure that we are less likely to develop cognitive impairment and memory problems as we age. Immersing ourselves in the creative process of art gives us a temporary time out from the body and mind’s focus on life’s stressors, ‘the unexpected’, past trauma and grief. Engaging in some form of ‘art as therapy’ regularly allows us to escape from our feelings of stress and pain; providing our body and minds the time and space we need to promote healing.

According to the Huffington Post article, creative artwork is good for your brain.

According to Psychology Today, “There is a whole field of research known as “haptics,” which includes the interactions of touch, hand movements, and brain function.[5]”  Writing cursive and hand drawing provide brain benefits.

Art Therapy Mindfulness Workshop: Wisdom from a Tree


A ‘Wisdom from a Tree’ art therapy mindfulness workshop can help you in your quest to manage life’s stressors, process painful emotions like grief and feel more mindful, grateful and grounded. Join me for a therapeutic two day workshop to create your personal ‘Wisdoms from a Tree’ unique artwork. I can lead you through the steps that I used to create my version and you can customize your creations by selecting your favourite ‘Advice from a Tree’ poem messages and other creative embellishments. This two day art therapy mindfulness workshop is suitable for beginners as well as providing advanced artists opportunity to further their creative expression.  

The workshop includes:

  • a beginning meditation to help you to unblock any barriers to your creativity
  • mindfulness ‘wisdoms from a tree’ worksheet
  • a 24” x 36” canvas (my reused canvas was 36” x 48” while the original thrift store poster plaque was 24” x 36”)
  • use of brushes and all paints colours used in the “Wisdom from a Tree’ canvas
  • use of fine point marker for the inspirational lettering
  • use of transfer paper
  • supplies for decoupage if you decide to embellish your artwork
  • group instructions
  • one on one guidance as needed
  • filtered water and herbal teas
  • a daily vegan lunch is included with many gluten free options
  • daily walk in nature break/breaks starting at my backdoor green space (bring suitable clothing and footwear for changes in weather). This will help you physically and mentally to be more creative and inspired.
  • a complimentary aromatherapy massage during the weekend

What to bring:

  • to save time on workshop day search the internet for your inspirational version of the ‘Advice from a Tree’, ‘Lessons from a Tree’ poems. You can customize your version like I did.
  • cut and paste motivational magazine clippings if you want to add these to your art work using decoupage
  • any art markers or supplies you have that you would prefer to use. Please make sure that you have labelled
  • indoor footwear

Available at an additional fee:

  • Bed and breakfast accommodations are available in my home at an extra fee.
    • For more information on this workshop  and costs,  bed and breakfast and other offerings that may be available contact me. Scroll down the page to Holistic Retreat Menu item #12 for this workshop information and cost.

$300 Two day art therapy mindfullness workshop

(workshop and supply cost per person)


This creative healing retreat will be hosted and presented by


Elisabeth Hines, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Holistic Nutritional Consultant,

Health by Design


Ebook Cover New_1-1


Inquiries: elisabethlhines@gmail.com

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