NATURAL MORPHINE ALTERNATIVE: A Natural Liver Friendly Remedy That Really Works

natural morphine alternative

I was visiting family recently when I fell and suffered from a very bad and painful sprained ankle.  I had been sitting in a chair reading and got up and took one step forward, not realizing that my foot had fallen asleep.  My asleep foot, which I thought I led with, was limp and dragged backwards as I moved forward.  I lost my balance and the ankle landed on a very hard wooden corner of a game on the floor. As my total body weight went into free fall and landed I heard a crunch, much like the one you hear at a chiropractic adjustment. I was terrified that I had a really bad break. The agony that followed surpassed anything I experienced in child birth, five times. I had sprained my ankle in the past but this was different because I landed on a hard sharp corner. I was in excruciating pain and found myself panting like I did in labour many years ago.

As a holistic wellness practitioner I have various tools that I use to help clients with symptom relief. The natural strategies are not always brought in as first aid or for severe health crisis situations. Since I tend to avoid emergency rooms if at all possible, and it was a busy summer weekend and I was in no position to even get into a car; I decided to use all the tools in my ‘holistic medical bag’ as a first resort and to get to a point where I could catch a breath and reassess.

#1 – Mind body first aid – focuses the brain and immune system to target and send all resources to the injury site.You can learn more about this in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION – Focusing the Body’s Natural Identification, Perception, Awareness, Understanding, Knowledge, Belief, Responding, Healing & Protection.

#2 – Elevated my foot and applied ice.

#3 – Visualized all of my ankle and foot bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles mended and in the proper location. Since I do energy therapies on clients to realign ‘out of position’ body parts, I knew it was possible to get everything back into it’s original place. Besides that I was terrified that it was all broken into pieces and I needed to fix it. You can read more about this in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION – Self-Help Therapies & Tools: Visualization

#4 – My mind went to what essential oil do I use for this.  I vaguely remember my daughter Amanda talk about something to use for pain.  I wasn’t able to think straight because of the pain.  I had a resource book somewhere, but no time, no ability to focus to read or easy access. Once I was able to catch a breath I texted my daughter. While I waited for her to reply I though I could use muscle response testing to test the oils I had with me (which I asked someone to bring to me), but I was in too much pain; I would not be able to do the testing.  My daughter suggested five essential oils. I recognized the one oil, marjoram which I had with me, and that had worked so well for sharp back pain in the past; so used it liberally all over my ankle and foot. It is apparently part of what is considered by some people a natural ‘morphine shot’ and I can tell you it was amazing topically.  Much like a topical anesthetic. The natural ‘morphine bomb’ combination that is reported to provide relief includes 6 drops marjoram or oregano and 6 drops frankincense in a gel cap, Make sure you use only 100% pure third party certified essential oils which you can learn about by contacting me here.


#5 – Wrapped my ankle in a tension bandage.

My ‘mishap’ had occurred in the morning. I spent the rest of the day with my foot up, icing it, visualizing and applying marjoram. That night my son asked if I would like some Tylenol for overnight.  In the past I would have considered Tylenol Extra Strength (caplets) in times of pain but he only had the gel caps with dye in it, which I definitely avoid.  You can read about the ‘non liver friendly’ ingredients here. Healthy longevity requires a healthy liver so I try really hard to avoid synthetic and harmful ingredients in foods, and medications generally. You can read more about my views on this in my blog post MAINTAINING HEALTHY LONGEVITY: Keep Your Liver Happy in the Midst of Toxins, Distress and Happy Hour. I declined the medications offered and applied more marjoram and laid down to sleep.

I was amazed when I woke up in the night to the sounds from my grand daughter in the room, that I had been able to sleep. I reapplied the oil, rewrapped my ankle and went back to sleep until morning.

I am amazed at how well I was able to manage the pain with the marjoram essential oil and additional natural therapies.

Consider using essential oils for natural symptom relief – your liver will thank you! Contact me to learn more.

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,

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