PHOBIAS: Breaking The Associations To Live Without Fear

Caterpillar phobia-1

Do you have an extreme fear of something like insects, snakes or crowds? Many people suffer chronically from these irrational fears called phobias.

I have a client, named Mary, who had suffered for 50 years from an extreme caterpillar phobia. If she came out of her house in the morning on the way to work and saw a caterpillar on the sidewalk, she would run inside extremely distraught and not be able to go on with her day. She was paralized by her fear of caterpillars and would scream at their sight.

When she first came to see me I did not even know of her phobia. As a holistic wellness practitioner I work with clients as a whole person and then zone in on specific symptoms as time goes on. The reason for this is the symptoms are the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and underlying factors have to be addressed before symptoms can be permanently eliminated.

In our first appointment I went through the various steps of my BodyFeedback Interview & Therapy and neuromuscular biofeedback protocol. Then I gave her instructions for a series of detoxifying baths which she was to do at home. At the end of the session as she was heading out the door she apparently remembered the phobia and was unable to even communicate it to me or say the word caterpillar out loud.  I really was not aware of what the issue was but told her I thought we had addressed it already with what was done that day.  She came up to me at a well-being retreat I was hosting a short time later and said “what did you do to me”? I did not know what she was talking about.  She said “you don’t understand”. That was true. She went on to tell me that she was out shopping and was going through a stack of books on a table when she came to one with a caterpillar on the cover. She said “nothing happened”.  Again I was confused because up until then I was not even told or aware of the caterpillar phobia.  She went on to say that up until that moment whenever she saw a caterpillar or even a picture of one she would have been paralyzed with fear and then screamed and ran as far away as possible. She was in shock that ‘nothing happened’.  There was absolutely no fear or triggering of any kind.

In summary, although I did not specific address the ‘caterpillar  phobia’ symptom on our first session, the BodyFeedback Interview & Therapy broke the association and neutralized the trigger – completely eliminating her phobia.  She has since been able to touch a real caterpillar without any kind of triggering.

Consider a BodyFeeback Interview & Therapy session to help you achieve ‘symptom free status’ so that you can get on with really living your life.

You can read my client Mary’s explain her phobia free status below.

 “I know it has been about 4 years but I am still in disbelief that I no longer have a caterpillar phobia that had such a devastating impact on my life for over 50 years.  I see them everywhere and just yesterday when I opened the green garbage bin in the garage it was crawling with maggots!  That would send anyone into a shrieking frenzy never mind what it should have done to a phobic.  I looked in disgust, closed the lid and wheeled it to the curb.  I am truly in awe. I have learned that when I feel not right, something is wrong and if I take the time to think about it I realize it was something I ate or some product I came in contact with.  I listen to my body, which I think has become highly sensitive to toxins and reacts as if to warn me.  My liver especially sends messages and just dandelion tea helps.  I am most grateful in how you have taught me to treat the cause not the symptom, which has me feeling a lot better than I did 4 years ago before starting this practice.  The tapping exercises really help with anxiety and fears and add to my general well being”.

Mary C., Hamilton, Ontario

Embracing Change Poster

Mary’s comment on the upcoming EMBRACING CHANGE For A Healthier You Workshop/Retreat on  September 27 & 28, 2014.

 THIS IS A LIFE CHANGING EVENT…I’ve done it!” Mary Cordeiro

“That butterfly reminds me of the crippling caterpillar phobia I had for over 50 years. When you fear something you see them everywhere and it was so embarrassing and crippling. Thanks Elisabeth for curing me. I know you don’t want to take the credit but if I hadn’t met you I would not have been ‘cured’. I sound like a broken record but I can actually touch these creatures now and be amazed I can do that!!! If I could I would send anyone with a phobia to you.”  Mary Cordeiro

BodyFeeback Interview & Therapy can break associations and triggers responsible for chronic and unwanted symptoms (including behaviours) including allergies and intolerances. To book a consultation see the contact information. To book an appointment for allergy elimination treatments, chemical sensitivity elimination treatments or other symptom elimination treatments, including phobias see the contact information.

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,,

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CHRONIC FATIGUE: A Modern Day Challenge

Chronic Fatigue

If you have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome you may experience one or more of the following  official symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Loss of memory or concentration
  • Sore throat
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in your neck or armpits
  • Unexplained muscle pain
  • Pain that moves from one joint to another without swelling or redness
  • Headache of a new type, pattern or severity
  • Unrefreshing sleep
  • Extreme exhaustion lasting more than 24 hours after physical or mental exercise

I still remember clearly suffering from and being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. There were times that I could barely crawl, I was so weak. I felt awful all the time. Chronic fatigue symptoms can be a part of other health conditions and diagnoses.

I tried many conventional and non conventional approaches in my quest for symptom free status.  The most significant improvement in my condition in the past was ‘determining my weak list’.

What does a weak list mean?

Sometimes it means you are allergic to the items. The resulting biofeedback ‘weak response’ can be indicative of an association your body has made about a product, substance or situation in the past at a time of extreme trauma or duress. A ‘weak response’ can also mean that something is going on in the body at this time, which added to the use of the product or substance or recall of a past similar association; is a temporary bad combination (e.g. during detoxification, rapid growth, healing, recovery, hormone change, distress, treatment, medications, your body’s present chemical equation). Generally speaking it means that the item or factor is causing confusion, interference, imbalance, malfunction or damage. Sometimes it is to the immune system, sometimes to the nervous, endocrine or other systems, and sometimes to the liver or heart; all necessary to stay strong and healthy. If this happens on a daily/weakly basis the results can be catastrophic.

How do you get your weak list? 

The best way to get an unbiased weak list is to have a qualified practitioner provide you with the information. The ideal person is someone who has nothing to gain or lose by the results (e.g. sale of products). All you are looking for is a list of items or factors that cause weakness. You will use that information to avoid; so your body can rebound. The next step is to learn muscle response testing so that you have the tools to assess potential ‘weakening’ items or factors ongoing. Learning and using muscle response testing basically saved my life and allowed my body to rest. By avoiding everything on my weak lists my body focused its energies on healing and repair instead of vigilance and protection. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome does not have to be forever. You too can be 100% symptom free. You can learn the basics of muscle response testing and other rejuvenating strategies that brought me to 100% healthy and energetic in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,

p.s. If a weakening item turns out to be something you absolutely can not avoid (e.g. medications for HIV or Aids), there is a way.  I have developed a protection technique that I teach clients so that the offending item or factor does not cause weakness (an override). Understandably you would not be able to do this with every item on your list. The protection sequence details can be found in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION.


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NATURAL FIRST AID: Stocking Up On Natural Cures

  first_aid_cabinet Medicine

What’s Your First Source For A Cure For What Ails You?

Is your first aid choice medications or a natural cure?  What’s in your medicine cabinet? Analgesic (pain killer), anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-stress and anti-depressant medications or supplements? The first source for a cure for what ails you is often the medicine or supplement cabinet.  These strategies are necessary therapeutically at times. Some come with unwanted and harmful side effects, initially and after long term use. Many burden liver function, a serious issue in the fight against cancer and disease and the pursuit of longevity.

The Well-being Root-1

Maintaining life balance and body homeostasis is a first step in restoring and maintaining good health. Unless you are a robot, life’s stressors will at times rock your body and life’s balance. Your complex body was created with many amazing abilities and an internal pharmacy, both of which are often misunderstood and under used. Hippocrates, the father of medicine refers to them as ‘the doctor within’.

“Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work.

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, Greek Physician (460BC-377BC)

For healing and repair the body requires quality nutrients and nurture. A diverse diet provides you with the necessary nutrients including vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy body. Specific foods and herbs are known to repair tissue and DNA damage. Add powerful super foods with special known healing properties to your ‘natural cures’ list. I include these in my book.

First Aid Options – Your Inner Pharmacy and Amazing Abilities

Every moment of every day, without any action on your part hundreds of processes are taking place and abilities are available to you, even while you are asleep. The healthy human organism, with its complex high-tech operating system, is continually self detecting, self diagnosing, self renewing, self healing, self repairing, self cleaning and self protecting. The body has an internal pharmacy, which when functioning properly produces many natural cures: natural analgesic, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-stress, sleep-inducing, immune system strengthening and gastrointestinal normalizing chemicals.[1]  Many of the body’s processes and abilities are automatic and are often taken for granted. Your body can and should be expected to provide the natural cures for many of your symptoms and health challenges without resorting to your medicine cabinet as a first stop. The mind/body healing abilities are a part of each of you, ready and available to be used. Learning how to effectively tap into and use your body’s amazing abilities and combining them with self-help therapies and tools can result in a powerful healing response and restore and maintain balance.

First Aid Solutions: nATURAL CureS In A Book For What Ails You

Let me show you how in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION, written in easy to follow steps with references for those who want a more in depth understanding. It is in essence ‘a collection of natural cures  in a book’ instead of a cabinet, for much of what ails you. The self-help strategies combine mind/body healing, neuromuscular biofeedback, visualization, rejuvenation, herbs, nutrition, goal setting and changing limiting beliefs into surpassing beliefs; natural cure to help you achieve optimum health. These natural cures can normally be safety combined with medicines and medical treatments. Check with your regular healthcare provider before using and combining strategies.  There may be contraindications due to health status, medications, treatments or other factors.

I recommend ‘greening’ your medicine cabinet’ in my holistic wellness protocol (how to guide). My green medicine cabinet is in essence a virtual medicine cabinet or green healthcare concept. My green healthcare includes many natural strategies, including mind body healing, customized visualizations, energy therapies, herbs and essential oils. Yoga and tai chi have also been significant add-ons to my ‘green healthcare’. Transitioning or complementing your current symptom relief and healing choices with natural ‘green’ strategies can provide you with the desired supports, healthier for you and the environment. Click on the medicine cabinet and find out more about my recommendations to stock your green medicine cabinet and healthcare

 Ebook Cover New_1-1 greenmedicinecabinet

ENJOY better health today!

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,,

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[1] Clinic for Mind Body Medicine, Alberta Health Services,, page visited 2009. Citation from THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION

A NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK: Searching For The Cure

bale-of-hayA NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK is an idiom. According to;

‘If trying to find something is like looking for a needle in a haystack, it means that it is very difficult, if not impossible to find among everything around it’.

That is what it can be like to unravel your collection of symptoms to find and resolve the cause.

Symptom Iceberg Analogy

Over the years in my practice as a holistic wellness practitioner, I have always been asked ‘Have you ever treated ___________ (symptom/condition)?”

My answer is always the same; “I do not treat a condition or a symptom”. The holistic approach that I use addresses and supports the whole body and whole person. This sometimes frustrates clients at first. Understandably symptomatic relief is required to be able to function and cope.  Wrapping your brain around the holistic approach may require a paradigm shift. You may have to rewrite your definition of what is possible about recovery and how health is restored. Those who can accept this new way of thinking and follow my protocol are always pleasantly surprised at how they start to feel some improvement almost immediately, and renewed health as they continue with my regime. You can read some of my client comments by clicking here.

In 2007 I started to write the basics of my holistic protocol down, with the intention of writing a ‘guide – how to book’ for my clients. I had so much information from my research and client results ‘that worked’; that needed to be written down. It was impossible to constantly simply relay all this information to clients during visits. My son Andrew felt very strongly that I needed to make this information available to the general public, because he knew it could help a lot of people; so I published my book, titled THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION in November of 2012. I knew he was write; if I knew a way for people to become healthy – I had to share it. The research information and holistic approaches restored my health and the health of my clients. The book is written in easy to follow steps with references for those who want a more in depth understanding.

Listen to my son Andrew’s comments

a copy of my book at a special event or directly from me at and receive a

ENJOY better health today!

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