As a holistic wellness practitioner I am continually researching strategies that promote healthy longevity.  Much of the research has been centered around diet and lifestyle factors that promote health. The ultimate goal is to maximize your number of healthy years.

I recently revisited the National Geographic, April 12, 2005 article – Here Are the Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life  by Simon Worral .

“In 2012, Dan Buettner set off around the world to answer a question that has obsessed philosophers and doctors since Methuselah: Why do people in some parts of the world live so much longer than others? His travels took him to Greece, Nicaragua and Japan, among others. Then he brought the lessons back to Main Street, USA.” (

The ‘blue zones’ are areas of the world where people live the longest and healthiest. In his book How to Live to Be 100: Lessons Learned from The Blue Zones, Dan Buettner outlines the lessons that can be incorporated into our lives to improve our chances of living a long, healthy life.

The lessons in summary:

  1. Move naturally (and often)
  2. Hara Hachi Bu –  Confucian-inspired saying that means “stop eating when you are 80% full.”
  3. Eat a plant based diet
  4. Drink red wine daily
  5. Have a daily ‘life purpose’
  6. Downshift, disconnect, relax
  7. Belong to a spiritual community
  8. Family first
  9. Right tribe – surround yourself with people, people need people

Coliving is a way of living focused on a genuine sense of community, using shared spaces and facilities to create a more convenient and fulfilling lifestyle. Co-living provides an opportunity to incorporate many of the longevity promoting Blue Zones lessons into your daily life. There are benefits to be gained from living in a ‘walk-able’ community with a group of like minded, supportive people who become your new family. Adding the other lessons into the mix are sure to provide the healthy, happy longevity you desire as you ‘aging in place’.

Visit the Blue Zones website for more information on living the blue zones way –  Learn how to live longer and better.

Find a co-living/co-housing community to experience the benefits of ‘right tribe’.  Visit the Canadian Senior Cohousing website at and Oak Hill Co-Living at

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“Fountain of Youth
 – a fountain described in folk tales as able to make people young again”


People have been searching for the fountain of youth since the beginning of time. “Ponce de Leon discovered Florida while searching for the Fountain of Youth”. Others travel to the ‘blue zones’ of the world that possess age defying mysteries. Although visits to warmer, sunnier climates provide many health benefits; the real fountain of youth lies within.

Restoring and maintaining homeostasis on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level is a pre-requisite to defy aging. On a daily basis your body is exposed to many factors that cause imbalance and free radical damage; which overwhelms the body’s antioxidant defences and stores. Stressors, with their accompanying dose of stress hormones generate free radicals. If you live in polluted environments your antioxidant stores can be depleted in a number of hours.

The human body has many amazing protective and rejuvenating abilities that can be utilized to defy aging. The best way to fend off aging’s debilitating effects:

  • Focus on restoring and maintaining balance in your life and body.
  • Prevent free radical damage by protecting you, your DNA (preventing mutations)and your stem cells.
  • Build up and regularly replenish your antioxidant stores through a diet rich in super foods.
  • Use DNA repair foods to repair damage caused by free radicals.
  • Learn how to use natural DNA repair strategies to repair damage caused by free radicals.

Learn more about how to tap into and utilize your ‘body’s inner fountain of youth’ at

Consult your regular healthcare provider before using any of the information or suggestions. There may be contraindications due to health status, medications or other factors. Do not stop taken prescribed medication.

ENJOY better health today!

Let me show you how to stack your well-being odds and tap into your ‘fountain of youth’ in:

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