FRAGRANCE: Oh How Sweet The Smell and How Potentially Dangerous To Your Health

Fragrance Brochure

This Fragrance Hazard brochure is an excellent teaching tool. You can download a pdf copy or order copies.  I hand them out to my clients and at various locations (even hit a hotel once) where indiscriminate spraying of synthetic scents were strong enough to trigger an asthma or allergy attack.  It allows you to diplomatically and politely  educate people about the health dangers of synthetic scents. So go equipped – this brochure is great.  I left one with the motel and the next time I used that bathroom they had replaced their scent/disinfecting system with a less toxic alternative. Synthetic scent dangers – it is about more than  sensitivities or allergies. Synthetic chemicals and scents can interfere with the normal healthy required communication that your body needs for healthy body function and accurate immunosurveillance (your body scanning for what’s wrong), immunoresponse (your body’s responding to what needs attention) and normal tumor suppression (your body’s normal healthy suppression of tumors).

Ewe workup

Ewe, what’s that smell? Learn how to restore your sense of smell to normal and safe!

One of the most important steps in desensitizing an offended or malfunctioning olfactory bulb and recovering from multiple chemical sensitivities and tolerant induced loss of tolerance is to gradually allow your brain and nervous system to get used to natural, safe scents, differentiating them from synthetic, harmful scents  Start by inhaling 100% pure natural citrus scents like wild orangelemon and lime (oils pressed from the skin of fruit) from an inhaler or intermittent diffuser.  The brain quickly habituates scents and is important to retrain your sense of smell by using an intermittent diffuser. These natural citrus scents will not hurt you even though you think they will. I know this can be frightening to consider, I have been there.  You need to take a ‘leap of faith’ based on my recovery and that of my clients using these important steps. An accurate sense of smell is important for normal healthy brain and body functions, including immune system function. When you continually ‘run away’ either mentally or physically from all scents, you confuse your brain, nervous and immune system which will prevent your recovery from multiple chemical sensitivities and tolerant induced loss of tolerance. Order your 100% pure therapeutic grade citrus essential oils and intermittent diffuser here.

See how Vanderbilt Hospital Emergency Room uses pure orange essential oils to relieve stress.

ESSENTIAL OIL IMPURITIES: Make Sure You Know What You Are Getting 

Consider creating a GO GREEN HEALTHY BEAUTY KIT as a gift for some of the people on your shopping list. Each kit can be designed to provide enough supplies for the number of people sharing the kit.  Host an ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY FOR SYMPTOM RELIEF/healthy beauty ‘make and take’ workshop and receive a hostess gifts.  Workshops are available in southwestern and central Ontario – London, Calgary, Vancouver. Other areas – inquire – I will hook you up.


Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,

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