PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: Healthier Dishwasher Compound Choice For You and The Environment

In the past I have tried and used Finish, Cascade and Seventh Generation dishwasher detergents. When I moved into my town home I had a new dishwasher installed that came with a sample of one of these popular automatic dishwasher detergents. I used it and even bought a box. I then bought a box of each of the other detergents. Every time I washed the dishes any knives or forks with peanut butter (organic) or egg on them would not come clean. I contacted the store where I bought the dishwasher and they sent out a repair man. He insisted the problem was the temperature of the water which I investigated. My dishwasher had a hot start and high temperature wash, so I knew that was not the problem.  I then bought a box of ECOVER Ecological automatic dishwasher powder. Although I had tried natural dishwasher detergents in the past because I really care about the environment, I never found them to work very well. . It cost me $10.79 and the box says it does 38 loads. I am delighted to say that all knives and forks and dishes come out spotless every time. This is even after they sit in the dishwasher 4 to 5 days, waiting for a full load, without rinsing or washing. I think this is an amazing product and would definitely recommend it. For more products to promote a ‘healthier you’, visit my SHOP page.

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Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P.,  Holistic Wellness Practitioner

P.S. Always be vigilant about investigating the ingredients in the products you use. Ingredients sources and processing can change potentially compromising the products safety and consumer satisfaction.

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