The Path to Healthy Longevity and a Healthy Environment



Healthy longevity is on every person’s wish list.


Greening your healthcare and gifting is good for you, your family and friends and the environment. A healthy environment is crucial to healthy longevity.

The strategies reflected in the poster above are not only good for you and your family, they protect the environment.

Learn how to adapt strategies from the BLUE ZONES of the world, where people live the longest with good health.

Blue Zones Map

blue zone pyramid

Consider changing to more ‘longevity promoting’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ choices! Visit the blue zones website to learn how.

Consider a plant slant diet.


For natural strategies to help you get there:



Essential oils are a great ‘green gifting’ idea, safe for your loved ones and the environment. Get started using therapeutic grade essential oils.

ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY FOR SYMPTOM RELIEF: Skip Harmful Drug Side Effects For Healthy Longevity –

GREEN YOUR MEDICINE CABINET for a Healthier Liver, a Healthier You and a Healthier Environment: See my recommendations for stocking your ‘green medicine cabinet’ at

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SUCCESS OR FAILURE: How to Reprogram Your Beliefs To Achieve Your Goals

success and failureevery positive thoughtcant

When I was a child my mother used to say “Can’t is dead and will not is in the hospital”. Although I found it a strange statement then I knew what she meant by it.

Our ‘self talk’ becomes a part of the software that our brain and body uses to function.

What we believe on the conscious (what we are aware of) and subconscious (what we are not aware of) level is the software that our bodies use to function physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We have the power to rewrite our belief software on all levels – changing how our bodies respond and providing the driving force required to achieve our life goals (well-being, finances, relationship, life purpose).

Need some help to rewrite your belief software to help you achieve your goal?

Wishing you success!

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A NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK: Searching For The Cure

bale-of-hayA NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK is an idiom. According to;

‘If trying to find something is like looking for a needle in a haystack, it means that it is very difficult, if not impossible to find among everything around it’.

That is what it can be like to unravel your collection of symptoms to find and resolve the cause.

Symptom Iceberg Analogy

Over the years in my practice as a holistic wellness practitioner, I have always been asked ‘Have you ever treated ___________ (symptom/condition)?”

My answer is always the same; “I do not treat a condition or a symptom”. The holistic approach that I use addresses and supports the whole body and whole person. This sometimes frustrates clients at first. Understandably symptomatic relief is required to be able to function and cope.  Wrapping your brain around the holistic approach may require a paradigm shift. You may have to rewrite your definition of what is possible about recovery and how health is restored. Those who can accept this new way of thinking and follow my protocol are always pleasantly surprised at how they start to feel some improvement almost immediately, and renewed health as they continue with my regime. You can read some of my client comments by clicking here.

In 2007 I started to write the basics of my holistic protocol down, with the intention of writing a ‘guide – how to book’ for my clients. I had so much information from my research and client results ‘that worked’; that needed to be written down. It was impossible to constantly simply relay all this information to clients during visits. My son Andrew felt very strongly that I needed to make this information available to the general public, because he knew it could help a lot of people; so I published my book, titled THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION in November of 2012. I knew he was write; if I knew a way for people to become healthy – I had to share it. The research information and holistic approaches restored my health and the health of my clients. The book is written in easy to follow steps with references for those who want a more in depth understanding.

Listen to my son Andrew’s comments

a copy of my book at a special event or directly from me at and receive a

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LIFE BALANCE: The Well-being Root

The Well-being Root-1


Life balance is the root to whole person well-being; just as a healthy tree root determines the health and growth of a tree.

Homeostasis: “a relatively stable state of equilibrium or a tendency toward such a state between the different but interdependent elements or groups of elements of an organism, population, or group”

Merriam Webster Online Dictionary Definition

On a daily basis you are affected by many factors with the potential to disturb your life balance and health on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Maintaining life balance requires strategic planning and ongoing re-evaluation.


Life imbalance can result from chronic and accumulative life balance challenging factors. Some of these factors are listed below.

  • Stressors – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • Inability to cope
  • Life dissatisfaction
  • Grief
  • Relationship issues
  • Bad habits (e.g. hoarding)
  • Addictions (e.g. endorphins, adrenaline, gambling, smoking, alcohol)
  • Over commitment
  • Physical, mental, emotional disorders
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Nutritional deficiencies


Chronic or regular periods of life imbalance can lead to serious health issues.

  • Parasympathetic nervous system imbalance with an array of symptoms (e.g. anxiety, cold feet/hands, constipation, dry eyes, frequent urination, headaches, indigestion, insomnia/sleep disorders, stiff neck and shoulders)
  • Stress sensitization
  • Stress idling
  • Compromised HPA (Hypothalamus/Pituitary/Adrenal) stress response
  • Hormone imbalance – excessive stress hormones in the body can interfere with the normal balanced hormone profile
  • Burn out
  • Physical, mental and emotional disorders


“Without change there would be no butterflies” ~ Anonymous

Restoring life and body balance, and resulting whole person well-being; requires change. Exploring ways to continually restore life balance will enable you to better endure the demands of your life with grace and confidence. This will ultimately allow you to stay focused on the pursuit of meaningful goals. Change can be uncomfortable but worth the benefits.

Board with


Maintaining your life balance will require perseverance through periods of distress, opposition and discouragement.

Questions to ask daily:

  • Are my ideals, beliefs and decisions allowing for balance in my lifestyle, relationships and work today? If not, what adjustments do I need to make to my ideals, beliefs and decisions to restore balance in my lifestyle, relationships and work?
  • Am I in a physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually balanced state today? If not, what can I do to bring myself back into a more balanced state, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually?
  • Are my ideals, beliefs and decisions supporting my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance and well-being today? If not, what adjustments do I need to make to my ideals, beliefs or decision to restore my balance and well-being?

What will you let go of today for ‘a healthier you’?


Let me lead you through the steps to get your life and health in balance in:

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