YOUR BODY’S OPERATING SYSTEM: An Amazing Well-being Tool

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Identifying Your Operating System – Your body’s amazing well-being tool!

This afternoon my 10 month old daughter placed three blocks on top of each other. That may not seem like anything important, but in terms of developmental markers it is. As a grandparent living with her over the last week, and according to her mom;  it is a huge developmental jump.

The human body has an amazing operating system that develops, or evolves from birth to old age, unless disrupted. This amazing operating system when utilized is a powerful well-being tool – providing natural cures.

Utilizing Your Operating System – Your Body’s Amazing Well-being Tool

The following is an excerpt from my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION.

“Your body was created with a complex, high-tech computer-like operating system, one of your body’s amazing and often under-used abilities. The body’s properly functioning immunosurveillance, communication and programming go on mostly undetected and are required to maintain the body’s natural processes and good health. How do you use your body’s God-given operating system more effectively? Using your computer as a comparison may be a good place to start. Just like learning to use a computer, using your body’s operating system requires an understanding of how it works and how to use it. The software you were created with is installed and ready to use. Now it is time for you to determine what you consider possible.

What if your chronic headaches, investigated by your regular healthcare provider, reveal no known cause. You worry constantly every time you feel the twinge of a headache coming on. You may ask, “Why is this happening? I can’t stand this. I don’t understand this. Why can’t the doctors find out what is wrong with me? Why can’t they do something? Am I getting a brain tumour?”

Your brain (operating system) may be challenged to know what to do with all of those statements. If you are familiar with using a computer, you will realize that entering all of those questions into the keyword search box, one after the other; will return a flood of web links taking you days or weeks to search through, possibly without providing you with your ultimate goal – elimination of your headaches. Giving your brain the same type of input can cause confusion. Your brain, like your computer, will not know what to do with it.

Optimizing Your Operating System – Your body’s amazing well-being tool

When you give your brain a clear challenge or problem to solve, it has a task it can understand and is capable of addressing. There will unlikely be an instant resolution to the problem. When you hand your challenge over to your God and your brain, and stop fretting and ruminating; you may notice some interesting things happen. While your brain is surveying your body and finding a solution, ideas of a possible cause may come to mind.  ‘I wonder if it could have anything to do with . . .’ (your brain speaking to you through your intuition). You may be moved to make some changes in your life (your brain speaking to you through your intuition). You may come across a timely magazine article or television show about a new understanding of what causes headaches and what you can do about them. A friend telling you something they heard may turn on a light bulb for you. Coincidence? God-incidence? Prayers are answered and health is restored in many ways. Once your brain has given you your tasks to consider through your intuition and your work to implement (diet change?); it will communicate additional changes that need to happen to the cells and systems throughout your body.”

Whatever you call it; it is an amazing well-being tool! Ready and available for you to use –  to optimize you health. Learn how to tap into and optimize your body’s amazing operating system for improved well-being.

Learning to effectively utilize my body’s operating system enabled me to restore my health and become 100% allergy free, 100% depression free, chemical sensitivity free, post traumatic stress disorder free; energetic and symptom free. I invite you to experience the same symptom free well-being! Learn how in my book.

ENJOY better health today!

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