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Strategies to navigate from multiple food allergies

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Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Multiple Food Allergy - Recovered, 100% Allergy Free


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Each person diagnosed with food allergies is unique and their condition comes with its own distinct food allergy equation. Your condition's onset, history and progression shares many of the same 'common denominators' as another person's, including mine. A common denominator is a commonly shared theme or trait; also a common element in a mathematical equation. In math class you learn to rewrite your math equations to change the answer.


In Food Allergies: Gone I show you how to rewrite your allergy equation by subtracting out or cancelling the well-being challenging contributing factors and adding in powerful strategies to promote healing; bringing you through to the other side - free of unwanted symptoms to feel safe in your environments and claiming 100% allergy free status. That is where I am today, on the other side. I am able to eat at any restaurant or location with informed vigilance and be symptom free and feel safe. I have energy. I eat out. I travel. I have my life back and I can show you how to recover. I have been able to help clients reproduce the same 'food allergy free' status using the strategies in the e-book.

The Food Allergies: Gone e-Book teaches you to accurately identify your food allergy equation's common denominators, a first step in changing your prognosis and becoming 100% allergy free.

You have probably already tried many strategies in your quest to regain your health. I did the same on my well-being journey to become 100% allergy free. Let me show you how to easily determine and eliminate  your well-being challenging factors; allowing your body to focus its energies on healing instead of vigilance. I have been there, I know multiple (80+), debilitating food allergies first hand. I know how to help you get to the other side.

Learn from my journey; the strategies that basically saved my life. In hind sight; I wasted a lot of unnecessary time, money and valuable years in my quest to regain my health. Let me help you to regain your safety, energy and stamina; so you can be truly present and able to fully appreciate family, friends and life.



  • How to accurately identify your food allergy contributing factors; your food allergy equation common denominators

  • How to team up with your body's amazing abilities to restore your health

  • How to improve your immunosurveillance and immune and body response systems to accurately respond to threats

  • How to use self-help and provided therapies and tools to get you to the other side of your debilitating symptoms to where you can feel safe and healthy, and 100% allergy free


Your quest to become 100% food allergy free and healthy starts here!



  • Ability to protect you from triggers that ignite an allergy response using self-help therapies and tools.

  • Improved healing response by avoiding triggering factors.

  • Improved immunosurveillance (body's ability to identify valid health challenges) by eliminating confusion, interference and malfunction.

  • Improved immune and other body system responses (improved ability to protect from and attack threats and perceived threats).

  • Increased energy and healing focus by avoiding factors that cause you weakness (e.g. confusion, interference, malfunction).

  • Renewed hope that you can regain your health and become 100% allergy free.

  • Strategies that brought me to 100% allergy free and vibrantly healthy.

  • Improved ability to appreciate life and feel safe in all your environments.


 Reclaim Your Health today! 

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 Wishing you renewed health on your well-being journey!




Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Multiple (80+) food allergy recovered, 100% allergy free.

If you follow the instructions and continue with the recommendations in Food Allergies: Gone; I guarantee you will boost and correct your immune and other body systems responses. Your strengthened immune and other body systems will allow your body to focus its energies on healing and repair instead of vigilance; restoring your health and cancelling out the skewed allergy responses. Time required to realize results and regain your health will vary. Consult with your regular healthcare provider before using any of the information, strategies and tools on this page and my books. Do not stop taking your prescribed medications without consulting your physician.

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