Regain Your Health


Learning to Use This Simple Health Protection Tool



  • Ability to identify health challenging an immune system weakening factors and create your weak list

  • Increased energy by avoiding factors that cause you weakness

  • Improved immunosurveillance (body's ability to identify health challenges)

  • Improved immune system response (body's ability to attack viruses, bacteria and cancer cells)

  • Renewed hope that 'you can regain your health'

  • Improved ability to appreciate life

 Reclaim Your Health Today! 

  Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P. Holistic Wellness Practitioner

 "Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

 Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, Greek Physician (460BC-377BC)

Learning and using muscle response testing accesses your 'doctor within', a natural health protection ability.

Muscle response testing is one of the self-help ‘abilities’ everyone possesses that can provide you with improved health. The testing uses principles of applied kinesiology to provide valuable health protectiong information. On a daily basis you are affected by many factors, some of which may be causing interference, malfunction or damage in your body. If this happens regularly, your body’s immunosurveillance, immune response and other body functions can become compromised; putting you at risk for unwanted symptoms, conditions and disease. Your body is constantly sending you warning information to keep you healthy through your intuition; and lets you know when something is off.

Sometimes you do not hear those messages due to preoccupation, stress, interference, lack of balance, sickness or other factors. Muscle response testing allows you to tap into the ‘something is off’ information, normally provided by your intuition through a physical feedback mechanism. It can compensate for when your body fails to ‘hear your intuition’s warnings’. 

“One of the most beneficial therapies/tools in my pursuit for improved well-being has been learning and using muscle response testing. Although I use many therapies and still combine therapies, I believe this tool has basically saved my life. Muscle response testing uses the body’s natural responses to harmful stimuli (valid or perceived). This testing determined all of the factors in my environments weakening me, thus allowing me to avoid them. Once I avoided the harmful factors (real and perceived), my strength was restored and my body concentrated its energies towards healing instead of vigilance and reacting.” 

 Reclaim Your Health Today! 

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You have probably already tried many strategies in your quest to regain your health. Let me show you how to easily determine the factors that are causing interference or malfunction in your body by testing for weakness. Learn from my journey through multiple health challenges; the tool that basically saved my life by provided me with information about the factors that were challenging my health. The various testing methods in the ebook, including the friction and sway methods, provide you with immediate feedback to protect you before eating potentially suspect foods and drinks. This method provides you with a 'weak list' of items you use regularly including food, water and personal care products. It also allows you to test whether the air quality in your different environments makes you weak. Anything that causes chronic weakness can also indicate ongoing interference and malfunction in your body.   In hind sight; I wasted a lot of unnecessary time, money and valuable years in my quest to regain my health. Let me help you to regain your energy and stamina, so you can be truly present and able to fully appreciate family, friends and life. Click on the Buy Now button above and get started today protecting 'you', feeling safer eating and in your environments, feeling better and enjoying your life.