"According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are

too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies away anyway.

Because bees don't care what humans think is possible" 1

What do you believe is possible in regards to becoming symptom free?

Are your belief's preventing your full recovery?

Are your body's subconscious beliefs sabotaging your recovery?

These can be altered by illness, trauma and toxins without your awareness.  Your body then uses this altered information, like a computer uses software, to respond.

A diagnosis and prognosis are not 'written in stone'. You can change your health outcome by changing your MCS equation and what you believe is possible about recovery. I did!


Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)

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Let me help you eliminate your multiple chemical sensitivities.  Learn from my journey through MCS, TILT (toxicant induced loss of tolerance) and my recovery.

I changed my outcome by changing my MCS equation and my belief (including my body's subconscious beliefs) about what was possible in terms of recovery. Let me show you the 'short cut' route to become symptom free using my holistic protocol.

The best place, 'in hind sight' is to start with the cause - investigating, understanding and dealing with.  To learn how to do this read MCS Gone and The Whole Person Well-being Equation.  The books are  my recommended approach for the elimination of all symptoms, including MCS, EI, TILT. I have recovered from these conditions and am able to go into any environments with informed vigilance, not fear; and be symptom free. To book a consultation to discuss your recovery see the contact information.

Although there are some congenital cases, most people with MCS acquire it as an adult. The body loses the ability to process toxic substances adequately due to TILT, Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance and can develop a hyper vigilance in terms of chemical exposures and mount a "skewed" or excessive and unnecessary physiologic response as a result of exposures. Many people with MCS/EI/TILT end up so sensitive to some chemicals that they can react to, amounts so small that a healthy person might not even know it is there. This is especially true in people whose bodies are overloaded with past chemical exposures (toxins that never break down and exit the body) or have had chronic small exposures, and those whose bodies have made associations based on those exposures. These associations can be broken using a variety of 'cellular reprogramming' strategies. This is how I have been able to eliminate the many associations to chemicals that were responsible for my excessive and skewed responses.

"One out of five individuals are sensitive to formaldehyde, and it is often a factor in the onset of chemical hypersensitivity.  There is no safety level yet the Canadian government has set a level at 0.1ppm; this is the same level at which the smell is detectable; it is a carcinogen. Formaldehyde is found in building materials, latex paints, enamels, fabric treatments, foam, deodorizers, preservative and coagulant of rubber latex, toxoids and vaccines, newsprint, inks, nail polish, nail hardeners, wavesets, dyes, personal care products, make up, feminine hygiene items, facial tissue and dry cleaning.  They evaporate slowly and remain active for months/years.  In fabrics the process is even slower."    

Anyone can acquire MCS; most sufferers had normal healthy lives before becoming ill. The most common way of acquiring MCS is chemical injury. One very large chemical exposure or many smaller exposures over time can lead to the body losing its ability to detox and a 'skewed' physiologic response. Exposure to pesticides is a frequent cause of MCS. Once the body's systems are damaged by chemical exposure, the person may react to chemicals he or she never had trouble with before, including chemicals not involved in the original injury.

Chemical injury is not the only way to impair the detox processes. Some other causes of MCS include viruses, severe emotional or physical trauma (especially in childhood), liver damage, or disorders of metabolism. Some people with MCS also have porphyria, a genetic disorder of the enzyme pathways that may not manifest itself until triggered by a chemical exposure.

The most important treatment for MCS to date was complete avoidance of toxins that cause the person to react. Unlike with some allergies, there was no way to medicate the reaction and allow the person full safe exposure to the substance.

Although there is supposedly no reported cure, I am now free off all MCS/EI/TILT symptoms and have been able to help clients duplicate the sample symptom free status.  By correcting the MCS equation common denominators I have been able to recover from MCS. I can go into any environment and eat in restaurants.  I can walk by the perfume counters in Shoppers and the Bay without symptoms.

At one point I was unable to leave my house, was allergic or sensitive to almost everything that I ate, breathed and was exposed to.  Now I can function in the real world, with informed vigilence and protection (focusing the body's natural healing & protecting). Let me show you how to become symptoms free. Reclaim your health today, so that you can get on with the pursuit of meaningful goals.  Read MCS Gone

Neuromuscular biofeedback and energy balancing can be very helpful in eliminating the symptoms associated with MCS, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.  Book a BodyFeedback™ Interview & Therapy Session to start your recovery today.  Let us help you to reprogram your body's faulty responses!                 

Book a BodyFeedback™ Interview & Therapy Session  to determine your true 'weak list'. MCS sufferers often avoid "almost everything", thinking they are being affected and often miss items that are actually hurting them. Determing your weak list will provide you with helpful information; allowing you to avoid all the factors that are really hurting you.  This then allows your body to focus on repair and healing instead of vigilance and protection.


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The Canadian Human Rights Commission has recognized MCS as a disability.  In Canada, RAINET, a research advocacy and information network that has represented Canadian workers with MCS since 1997, reported on MCS to the Canadian Ministry of Human Resources in October 2003.