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“Muscle Response Testing” is a system that uses neuromuscular biofeedback, which is a physiological response to a stimulus.  The resulting feedback is a strong or weak muscle response.   The stimuli can be physical like food, drugs, chemicals or microbes.  If you are allergic to something or it is toxic to you and you touch a sample, every muscle in your body will weaken.  If you are not allergic to the substance and it is not harmful to you, every muscle in your body will remain strong while you touch the sample. If you touch or breathe something that is harmful to you every muscle in your body will weaken (do you ever get weak or have an extreme urge to eliminate when you are in a mall shopping or the discount store).  Anything that weakens your muscles can also weaken your organs, systems and immune system.

“One of the most beneficial therapies/tools in my pursuit for improved well-being has been learning and using muscle response testing.  Although I have used many therapies and still combine therapies, I believe this tool has basically saved my life.  Muscle response testing uses the body’s natural responses to harmful stimuli (valid or perceived).  This testing determined all of the factors in my environments that ‘weakened’ me, thus allowing me to avoid them.  Once I avoided the harmful factors, my strength was restored and my body concentrated its energies towards healing instead of vigilance and reacting”. 

Workshop Cost: 

$500/person (in advance) includes materials, meals (nutritious and mostly vegetarian) and 2 nights dorm accommodation (sleeps 8 on bunk beds and single beds).  Upgrade to private room for an additional $100/weekend or /semi-private room for an additional $50/weekend. All bathrooms are shared. 

Any participants who volunteer will receive a complimentary mini BodyFeedback™ Interview & Therapy session as part of a demonstration.

Next Workshop Date:  February 8, 9 & 10

Last date to register for this workshop is January 31, 2013. Book your spot now!

Pick up and drop off can be arranged from Smith's Falls or Fallowfield Via Rail Station or the Ottawa International Airport.

Learn the basics of neuromuscular biofeedback and muscle response testing in The Whole Person Well-being Equation Book:

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