Co-Living for Seniors: An Opportunity for Health Promoting, Affordable, Supportive Housing

According to the Business Insider article titled  – Millennials are paying thousands of dollars a month for maid service and instant friends in modern ‘hacker houses’, by Melia Robinson; some critics see co-living as a fringe “dorms for grown-ups” trend.

“A great affordable, supportive ‘age in place’ concept, but not for everyone”

Affordable housing is as much a requirement for healthy aging as exercise and nutrition.


In Rockwood, Ontario a shared ‘dorm like’ home is taking shape with the construction of Oak Hill Co-Living. The Oak Hill shared home experience will be for independent seniors.  The home will provide six equal co-ownership shares, in essence providing shared ownership in a ‘privately owned’ retirement type home.  Follow updates for Oak Hill Co-Living at their website or Facebook page

The prestigious century home at 125 Richardson Street in Rockwood was completely renovated and had an extensive 1826 sq ft addition added to provide six private bed sitting rooms with private accessible bathrooms; a bright new common kitchen, living and dining room. A large finished basement recreation room with kitchenette provides a spacious gathering space for entertaining and crafting. A storage room provides additional designated storage for the homeowners. The home has been carefully designed to allow for comfortable accessibility and aging in place for the home’s co-owners. Watch the video of the demolition, renovation and construction of 125 Richardson at  .

Read the Wellington Advertiser article Oak Hill Co-Living ready to enter real estate market dated January 21, 2019 at

Now Available!

Co-Living:  How to Create a Shared Home in Your Community.

A DIY guide for your interest group. Read how we brought the shared home co-ownership concept to completion in Rockwood, Ontario! Follow our steps and resource guide to help your group create your shared home in your community.

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 What’s inside?

Contains 63 pages of information and resources to guide you to create your community shared home.

  1. Introduction
    • How it all began
    • Co-Living for Seniors: What is it all about?
    • Co-Living for Seniors: How is it affordable?
    • An Affordable Alternative ‘Age in Place’ Housing Option Comparison
    • Co-Living for Seniors: How is it health promoting and a health care cost saving?
  2. Planning a shared, co-living, co-owned home for seniors in Rockwood
  3. Designing a shared, supportive, ‘aging in place’ home for seniors
  4. Financing – The search for funding – banks, financial institutions, government funding, private investors
  5. Finding a Builder
  6. Construction
  7. Co-Living Planning –
    • The co-living component.
    • Co-living compatibility questionnaire – ‘It’s not for everyone’!.
    • Homeowner (original) co-living compatibility questionnaire.
    • Writing the house rules. Oak Hill shared home house rules (to be reviewed and edited by the homeowners ongoing)
    • Writing a co-ownership agreement.
  8. Marketing – Targeting the ‘seekers’, those that are ready to downsize and embrace a supportive shared home lifestyle.
  9. Resource List


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