DETOXIFICATION: A Natural Body Process That May Need Some Help

“GOD made the earth yield healing herbs, which the prudent man should not neglect”.

Ecclesiastes 38:4


Detoxification is a naturally occurring process that takes place in the body automatically on an ongoing basis. So why is everyone considering detox strategies?  Should you? The finely tuned orchestra of detection, identification, communication and responding that are critical for optimum and effective detoxification can become compromised.  Interference, malfunction or damage resulting from multiple sources, including stressors, can seriously hamper natural detoxification.

There are many self-help strategies that you can implement to promote natural detoxification. I list these in my book, THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION. Adding herbs to your diet is one way to encourage detoxification of toxins and heavy metals from your body.

  • Horsetail binds with lead
  • Bladderwrack and turmeric bind with aluminum
  • Cilantro, chlorella and turmeric bind with mercury

Additional herbs bind with developmental toxins, hormone disruptors and carcinogenic chemicals. My research and study of herbs have provided me with insights into the right mix of herbs to synergistically remove body pollution common to your environments. With this information I have formulated BOTANICAL SPA THERAPY HERBAL BATH TEAS recipe; which use the body’s largest organ the skin, to promote detoxification through binding of harmful, foreign toxics. The bath tea approach can be more effective than taking internal supplements and cleanses. If the body’s detoxification systems, including the liver are compromised, the herbal bath tea method is the better choice.   Make your own herbal bath tea bags using the recipe in my book. Learn more about detoxification by visiting my webpage

Essential Cleanse 2

Make your own herbal bath teas using the recipe in:

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Consult your regular healthcare provider before using herbs therapeutically. It is important to be supervised by someone knowledgeable about body pollution as you transition through assisted detoxification. There may be contraindications due to health status, medications or other factors. Do not stop taken prescribed medication.

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