I have so many wonderful essential oils and during the holidays is the perfect time to share them. The challenge to sharing my oils when company is over is that I am usually super busy with cooking and socializing. I decided to set up a small essential oils sample depot in my bathroom so that visitors could sample themselves.  I have a ‘take a sample’ sign on the tray so visitors know that they are welcome to take without asking.The labels were created using an Avery template 22804 glossy white labels found at Staples.  The templates can be found at  You can also use the sample display just to display your essential oils collection and change the sign to say ‘ask me for a sample’.

My spritz bottle labels included Sweet Dreams, Safeguard, Chill Out,  and Fresh Air. I plan to do a few inhalers with my labels Cheer Up and Get Motivated. The spray samples can sprayed on pillows, scarves, clothing or into the air.

I use only pure essential oils. The bottles are empties, a great way to recycle.  The spray tops come from My Essential Business  I customize how many drops and add distilled water so the oils do not sit on top of the water.  It is important to shake the bottles often before spraying. The Apothecary Sign came from a download. I opened it in paint and erased the ‘downtown’, added a text box and added Essential Oils. I changed it to transparent and saved it. Next went to Word and added parchment paper image for the page background in word, inserted the image enlarging to fit the page and printed. Voila!


This is my edited sign:


My sister Adriana was my personal shopper to find the two tired tray.  I have seen them in many places over the last year and when I finally made the decision to buy they were sold out in most places.  This one came from Pier 1. Now you know what I was using it for Adriana.  Thanks again!  I like to keep her curious and she loves to shop! You can click on the images at the bottom of the post to buy yours.

If you are interested in creating an ‘an apothecary sample station’ I can help you get started.  Consider a workshop at your home or mine.  For more information on how I use essential oils for symptom relief and healing visit ‘my green medicine cabinet’. Contact me to book a get together. Get started on your ‘apothecary station’ today. Let me set you up with your essential oils and get a free apothecary station print (shown in my station image above) to frame. Contact me at to get started.  The apothecary station makes a great gift. Click on the images below to shop for your tiered tray.