MUSCLE RESPONSE TESTING: A Holistic Health Strategy That Can Change Your Health


When my immune and nervous systems crashed many years ago, I suffered from multiple unexplained symptoms including multiple food allergies, gastrointestinal distress, chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivities and spiralling depression. There were times all I could do was crawl. Although I had my symptoms investigated by my doctor and other doctors; there was no cause determined.  I was prescribed medication which did nothing to relieve my symptoms.

I was concerned that if I ate out (including at family events) I would not be able to determine if the foods I was eating were safe; so I learned muscle response testing or bio-kinesiology to test the foods before I ate them.

Once I mastered the muscle response testing I used it to test the foods and products I was using and purchasing; the water I drank and bathed in and the air I breathed in my different environments. Making changes in my diet, products and home environment and life based on the muscle response testing results (so that I could avoid them) basically saved my life.  My body stopped the vigilance and reacting and concentrated its energies on healing and energy production.

What is muscle response testing?

Muscle response testing, or neuromuscularbiofeedback, is a biofeedback testing method. It uses feedback from the body and brain (your virtual black box) as information.  Other forms of biofeedback include taking a pulse, taking a blood pressure and listening to the heart with a stethoscope.” In the 1950s, Dr. Arthur Coca identified that his wife’s heart rate would increase if she ate a food that provoked an inappropriate or allergic response. This was, as Dr. Coca put it, ‘accidentally acquired knowledge’ which he then applied to patients as well as his wife. The results were very effective and consistent.”  Similarly muscle response testing provides information about foods and substances ingested, inhaled and applied to the body as well as environmental factors.

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You may ask, “what do the muscle testing results mean”?

Sometimes it means you are allergic to the items tested. The resulting biofeedback ‘weak response’ can be indicative of an association your body has made about a product, substance or situation in the past at a time of extreme trauma or duress. A ‘weak response’ can also mean that something is going on in the body at this time, which added to the use of the product or substance (ingredients) or recall of a past similar association; is a temporary bad combination (e.g. during detoxification, rapid growth, healing, recovery, hormone change, distress, treatment, medications, your body’s present chemical equation).

Generally speaking it means that the item or factor is causing confusion, interference, imbalance, disruption, malfunction or damage. Your body’s chemical equation may be altered – resulting in unwanted symptoms. Sometimes it is to the immune system, sometimes to the nervous, endocrine or other systems, and sometimes to the liver or heart; all necessary to stay strong and healthy. If this happens on a daily/weakly basis the accumulative results can be catastrophic, particularly if your are fighting degenerative or life threatening diseases like cancer.

Biofeedback information gives you valuable direction as to what you can ‘stop, start and change’ daily for a healthier you!


Previous to learning and using muscle response testing I had tried many strategies to protect and restore my health, conventional and non-conventional. I can honestly tell you that nothing that I tried has had the impact on my health recovery that muscle response testing for protection has. The reason is that using this biofeedback method provided me with daily ongoing warnings from my virtual  ‘black box’. I am now 100% food allergy free, 100% depression free, chemical sensitivity free and able to go into any environment safely. I have abundant energy and feel good.

Learning and using muscle response testing to test your food, water and supplements can provide for ‘a healthier you’.  Protecting you from potential harm and directing you to safe, healthier options.

For all of you who have been suffering with chronic and unexplained symptoms and serious health challenges like cancer, or if you want confidence in your food and supplement decisions – I encourage you to learn to use my method of muscle response testing – it can significantly change your health and allow you to get back to your life and the pursuit of meaningful goals.

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Consider having a BodyFeedback™ Interview &Therapy – Health Forensics assessment to determine your weak list so that you can experience ‘symptom free’ living.  

THE WEAK LIST: A Necessary Well-being Tool:

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Read the previous post,  PHOBIAS: Breaking The Associations To Live Without Fear, and Mary’s testimony, about her life changing recovery from a 50 year caterpillar phobia; using my holistic protocol. For those of you who are unable to make it to the retreat, you can find my holistic protocol in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION, my website and blog information.

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