SYMPTOM RELIEF: How To Get To 100% Symptom Free Naturally

Yes, it is possible to get to 100% symptom free status. Spontaneous remissions are evidence of that. The same is possible for you, if you can learn from those who have achieved success and implemented the required changes.  My journey through multiple symptoms and diagnoses to the other side where I am symptom free, has provided me with many insights. These insights come from my research, and the trial and error approaches that I tried along my journey to ‘symptom free’ status. This does not mean that I will never experience symptoms again in my life; or that I am someone else’s version of ‘normal’ in terms of health.
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For most people, gone are the days when ‘feeling under the weather’ meant (allowed) a day in bed. Unwanted symptoms are a part of many people’s lives. Life and work must go on, regardless of your symptoms.  Symptoms are not always a sign of something ‘gone wrong’. A symptom can be subjective evidence of disease or your body’s way of warning you of a physical disturbance, something that needs your attention. The disturbance can be due to a number of things; trauma, inflammation, detoxification, healing, repair, abnormal growths or malfunction, etc. Inflammation is a natural body response required for detoxification, healing and repair. Chronic inflammation can indicates= that the normal healthy shut down response is not happening, or that something more serious is happening that requires further attention. Chronic inflammation may also be due to diet.
Unraveling your collection of symptoms can be like looking for a needle in the haystack
Some people are very symptom aware and may mistakenly be called a ‘hypochondriac’.  Differences in symptom awareness can be due to damage or malfunction within the body, a unique characteristic, enhanced awareness or enhanced intuitive ability.  At times it may be misguided, as it often is in people who are offended by all scents, even natural ones, after past exposure to toxic synthetic chemicals or scents. Other people may be very symptom unaware to the point they have experienced no symptoms when they receive a major diagnosis.
By the time you experience a symptoms there is a three-step process that should be taking place:
  1. Perception – your operating system (body/mind), if working properly, has become aware of something different through your senses 
  2. Evaluation/interpretation – your operating system (body/mind), if working properly, has made a judgment about the significance of the perceived (at times possibly invalid) awareness
  3. Response –  your operating system (body/mind), if working properly, has directed your body/mind’s defense systems to take care of the real or perceived situation/threat. 

The three-step process listed above is important for a strong defensive and immune response but is not always happening the way it should; due to interference, malfunction or damage within the body. This disruption can happen as a result of trauma, damage, inflammation, stress, environmental toxins, medications, synthetic chemicals in personal and laundry care products, electromagnetic fields and disruptive changes in your life. Many of these become a part of your body pollution. There are times when the body’s natural perceiving, interpreting and responding are not working properly resulting in malfunction within the body and systems – resulting in symptoms.

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Each individual or group of symptoms could be indicative of an array of situations or conditions.  It is important to investigate them but not to jump to conclusions and ‘take on’ a diagnosis or condition as the result of your research, a challenge at times with all of the information available on the internet.

Acute and chronic symptoms can have a traumatic impact on physical comfort and mental and emotional well-being. Symptomatic relief, required at times to enable you to function, should always be accompanied by an investigation into the cause of the symptoms. Once your regular healthcare provider has ruled out any potential serious underlying causes, you have several options.

 Symptom Relief Option A

Symptom Relief Option B

Although your regular healthcare provider is the person you should initially consult, you should continually investigate your options for symptom relief, both conventional and non-conventional. Staying informed is the best way to do this. An abundance of reliable resources are available with information on natural therapies that can be safely integrated with other therapies, including conventional medicine. Natural therapies are often more ‘liver friendly’ – important to liver health and safer for the environment. It is important to research the possible interactions of using herbal and alternative therapies with medications before proceeding. Some therapies, either internal or external, could be contraindicated due to health conditions, age, medications, treatments or other factors. Since each person is unique, the method(s) that provide symptom relief for every person will also be unique. Focusing your attention and money on symptom relief like anti-inflammatory drugs/supplements for chronic inflammation, or permanent allergy elimination treatments for allergies; ‘tip of the iceberg’ symptoms, may not provide long-term holding power without first addressing the underlying ‘base of the iceberg’ issues.

Symptoms Iceberg Analogy

INVESTIGATE YOUR SYMPTOMS: What to ask your doctor

The following are two important questions you should ask your healthcare provider when investigating your symptoms.

  • What is my body doing that it should not be doing?
  • What should my body be doing that it is not doing?

Whatever your symptoms are, the information your doctor gives you, including test results, is useful information to help you on your well-being journey. Get as much detailed information as possible. You can use this information with biofeedback, visualization, affirmations, touch and prayer to help focus your brain’s attention, immune system response and healing.  You can find more information on this in the section Rejuvenate, Self-Help Therapies and Tools, THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION, starting on page 135.


Your quest for symptom elimination will require you to follow the steps above, as well as make changes in your thinking, expecting and believing.

What you think,expect and believe become a part of the information or criteria (software) that your body/mind (operating system) uses to evaluate what it has perceived in your body and how it will respond. Just as in the placebo effect, the mind has the power to heal the body when people believe that a drug or procedure will provide them with a cure; your thoughts, expectations, beliefs and what you accept as fact (diagnosis/prognosis) determine whether or not you will achieve symptom free status. What you believe, accept and expect on the conscious level must be in sync with what you believe, accept and expect on the subconscious level. You may be unaware that there is a difference.

There are many examples of how changing what people would normally believe, think and expect allows their body to not be negatively affected:

  • For thousands of years people from various cultures and religions have walked on fire (glowing coals) without harm
  • The Bakhtiari tribe of nomads  (50,0000 people) from Persia,  travel  through a 15,000 foot mountain pass twice a year, barefoot over ice and snow with their herds of sheep, cows and goats
  • Members of a religious group, The Free Penticostal Holiness Church, from Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina, handle poisonous rattlesnakes and Copperheads and get bitten without any symptoms of toxic poisoning
  • Members from this same group drink toxic doses of strychnine without toxic poisoning
  • Spontaneous remissions


  • Changing ‘what you believe, think and expect’ can provide you with protection from harm and elimination of symptoms
  • The mind has great power over healing and repair
  • You can become symptom free by implementing paradigm shifts
  • You can become symptom free by reprogramming what you believe is possible about becoming symptom free. After all, your body was created by God with many amazing abilities. Every moment of every day, without any action on your part hundreds of processes are taking place and abilities are available to you, even while you are asleep. The healthy human organism, with its complex high-tech operating system, is continually self detecting, self diagnosing, self renewing, self healing, self repairing, self cleaning and self protecting. The body has an internal pharmacy, which when functioning properly produces natural analgesic, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-stress, sleep-inducing, immune system strengthening and gastrointestinal normalizing chemicals.[1]
  • You can become symptom free by adding fresh or dried herbs and essential oil therapy, healthier options for the environment.
  • A diagnosis is based on a collection of symptoms and/or test results commonly found together. When a person receives a diagnosis, which usually comes with a projected prognosis, they often believe their outcome is written in stone as stated in the prognosis. It is important that you believe your outcome is in part determined by what you believe it will be!  A hundred unique individuals presenting with the same or similar symptoms and test results could be given the same diagnosis and prognosis. Each person’s outcome can be different. Your diagnosis and prognosis can provide you with useful information to customize your recovery protocol and your visualizations.
  • Mind body healing strategies and tools can help you to reprogram ‘what you believe, think, accept and expect’ – helping your body to achieve ‘symptom free’ status
  • Stretching ‘what you believe is possible’ is an attainable reality – Olympic athlete’s have done so for decades, surpassing the previous record holder’s record.
  • Sometimes the body’s responses have become ‘skewed’ (abnormal, excessive, inadequate, not right) due to trauma or associations and needs to be reprogrammed to stop mounting these ‘not right’ responses. This is the case in allergies and chemical sensitivity responses. There are many conventional and non-conventional strategies available to help you break the associations and cycle of faulty responding.


Do you have an abnormal sense of smell?

Ewe workup

Ewe, what’s that smell? Learn how to restore your sense of smell to normal and safe!


Do you possess limiting beliefs and thinking that interfere with your well-being or achieving your life goals? A diagnosis, prognosis or your own thinking about them can become a limiting belief to achieving well-being or your life goals; if you believe the information they provide is 100% true or written in stone.

I have helped many of my clients reach ‘symptom free’ status by coaching them on their journey using mind body healing and reprogramming; and other natural self-help strategies and tools. You can find my philosophy and how to implement these strategies in my self-help guide book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION. An Olympic athlete requires a qualified coach to achieve his/her goals – you may require coaching to help you achieve your symptom free goals. Let me be your guide. Email and telephone coaching is available. 

Additional resources to get you to symptom free:

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Please note: Essential oils alone may not resolve symptoms; they are a significant part of my protocol. For successful recovery you may be required to implement other changes.

Contact me at and let me help you get started on your quest for symptom/condition free status.

Wishing you success in your quest for symptom free status!

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,,

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