HEALTH FORENSICS: For A Symptom Free You


“Search for the cure within the cause, the body itself is the best healer”

Plato C427 -C347 BC

Plato believed knowing the cause of ill health was necessary to direct the body towards healing. Finding the cause of your symptoms and conditions can be a lot like looking for a needle in a hay stack. How do you investigate your well-being challenges? How do you determine what factors are responsible for your symptoms or condition? To be able to complete the puzzle of your health it is important to collect as much information as you can and piece those bits of information together. Developing a timeline of your life can help you to accomplish the task. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors should all be included in your timeline. Individual details or events may or may not be a significant health concern on their own. In combination with other factors or cumulatively, they may be relevant.

I have many clients who come to me after going through traditional medical assessment for unexplained symptoms. Often times medical tests do not reveal the cause of symptoms. When they come to me I use neuromuscular biofeedback in a system I have developed called BodyFeedback™ Interview &Therapy – Health Forensics. It can help you to get to the root cause of your symptoms so that you can get on with your life. Spending endless hours in emergency departments does not always provide the desired results. It is an important first step in your quest for symptom investigation,

Find out how BodyFeedback™ Interview &Therapy – Health Forensics can help you to achieve symptom free status at 

Host a clinic day in your home and get a free session. Learn more at

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,

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YOUR BIOLOGICAL GPS: Is It Steering You In The Right Direction?

Directions to symptom free living 2_1-1


I have moved numerous times in my life and know well how confusing it can be to navigate a new town or city. It takes time to remap your brain so that you feel comfortable in your new location. Now that I have a GPS I find much more comfortable travelling – relying 100% on the directions and the voice from the box. 

Your body has a biological GPS system that directs the many essential functions that take place without your awareness. Like your automobile GPS – it can take you astray at times due to a number of factors. Trauma, stress, medications, alcohol, viruses and toxins are just a few interfering elements capable of sending your biological GPS into malfunction, in many cases without your awareness until you start experiencing symptoms. 

Your automobile GPS requires ongoing updating to stay current, providing you with accurate directions.  Your biological GPS may require updating at times due to interference so that you can maintain symptom free living. 

THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION provides you with useful information, self-help tools and strategies to update your biological GPS – keeping your directed towards symptom free living. Consider BodyFeedback™ Interview &Therapy to reset your biological GPS – getting you back to symptom free living and your life. Health by Design Well-being Coaching can help you update your biolgocal GPS – keeping you on track to symptom free living. 


Wishing you symptom free living!

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,

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CHRONIC FATIGUE: A Modern Day Challenge

Chronic Fatigue

If you have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome you may experience one or more of the following  official symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Loss of memory or concentration
  • Sore throat
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in your neck or armpits
  • Unexplained muscle pain
  • Pain that moves from one joint to another without swelling or redness
  • Headache of a new type, pattern or severity
  • Unrefreshing sleep
  • Extreme exhaustion lasting more than 24 hours after physical or mental exercise

I still remember clearly suffering from and being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. There were times that I could barely crawl, I was so weak. I felt awful all the time. Chronic fatigue symptoms can be a part of other health conditions and diagnoses.

I tried many conventional and non conventional approaches in my quest for symptom free status.  The most significant improvement in my condition in the past was ‘determining my weak list’.

What does a weak list mean?

Sometimes it means you are allergic to the items. The resulting biofeedback ‘weak response’ can be indicative of an association your body has made about a product, substance or situation in the past at a time of extreme trauma or duress. A ‘weak response’ can also mean that something is going on in the body at this time, which added to the use of the product or substance or recall of a past similar association; is a temporary bad combination (e.g. during detoxification, rapid growth, healing, recovery, hormone change, distress, treatment, medications, your body’s present chemical equation). Generally speaking it means that the item or factor is causing confusion, interference, imbalance, malfunction or damage. Sometimes it is to the immune system, sometimes to the nervous, endocrine or other systems, and sometimes to the liver or heart; all necessary to stay strong and healthy. If this happens on a daily/weakly basis the results can be catastrophic.

How do you get your weak list? 

The best way to get an unbiased weak list is to have a qualified practitioner provide you with the information. The ideal person is someone who has nothing to gain or lose by the results (e.g. sale of products). All you are looking for is a list of items or factors that cause weakness. You will use that information to avoid; so your body can rebound. The next step is to learn muscle response testing so that you have the tools to assess potential ‘weakening’ items or factors ongoing. Learning and using muscle response testing basically saved my life and allowed my body to rest. By avoiding everything on my weak lists my body focused its energies on healing and repair instead of vigilance and protection. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome does not have to be forever. You too can be 100% symptom free. You can learn the basics of muscle response testing and other rejuvenating strategies that brought me to 100% healthy and energetic in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,

p.s. If a weakening item turns out to be something you absolutely can not avoid (e.g. medications for HIV or Aids), there is a way.  I have developed a protection technique that I teach clients so that the offending item or factor does not cause weakness (an override). Understandably you would not be able to do this with every item on your list. The protection sequence details can be found in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION.


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SYMPTOM FREE LIVING: Restore Your Body’s Default Settings

 Restore default settings brain

Do you suffer from chronic or unexplained symptoms? Was there a time when you did not suffer those symptoms?

Many chronic and unexplained symptoms like allergies, sensitivities and inflammation can be the result of alterations in your body’s normal default settings and way of responding. Each body response, for example the inflammatory response, is initiated based on your body’s default settings of  ‘when, how, how much and for how long’. For most people that inflammatory response is tempered by a corresponding anti-inflammatory response, which is also initiated based on your body’s default settings of ‘when, how, how much and for how long’.

The dictionary meaning of default is  ‘a selection automatically used by a computer program in the absence of a choice made by the user’. You may at times have seen a message pop up on your computer screen like the one below.

‘Restore the system software to its default settings. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform this operation.’

There are a number of factors that can interfere with and alter the default response settings and responses in your body. Stress hormones from chronic or extreme stress, trauma, toxic chemicals, body pollution and imbalance are just a few conditions capable of altering default settings and responses.  When the body’s original correct default settings are altered, the body will respond differently. After awhile your body will assume the altered settings are the normal defaults.

My ‘symptom story‘ is the perfect example of how the body’s defaults can be altered.  My past diagnoses of multiple food allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities and depression are no longer valid.   The good news is, I was able to reset my body’s default response settings using a variety of natural strategies. I am now 100% food allergy free, 100% chemical sensitivity free and 100% depression free. You can read about these in my books. You too can become 100% symptom free. Here is a short list of strategies to get you started.


  • There are conventional and non conventional strategies that can reset the body’s defaults.
  • Do not accept or own a diagnosis or condition or your symptoms as forever or ‘written in stone’ – expect your body to fix whatever needs fixing or resetting to get rid of your symptoms. Your brain will only take you as far as your expectations.
  • You may need to implement a series of paradigm shifts to achieve your well-being goals.
  • Ensure that all potential ‘default interfering and damaging’ conditions are resolved.
  • Believe in your body’s amazing ability to resolve your symptoms and conditions and their cause.
  • Believe that ‘more is possible’. Olympic athletes achieve more because they believe more is possible. 
  • Learn how to use customized body scan visualizations, tapping and reprogramming to reset your body’s default settings.  You can read more about how to use these in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION.
  • Have a BodyFeedback™ Interview &Therapy Session to help reset your body’s defaults – eliminating your symptoms.
  • Use essential oils to rebalance your body’s mind and body. Essential oils always work toward restoring and maintaining balance and homeostasis, first in the plants who create them, and then in the humans who apply them. A diffuser would be an excellent add on at home, school and the office to dissipate stress, improve productivity, cleanse your receptor sites and restore and maintain cellular homeostasis. To learn more about the restorative powers of essential oils contact me. “Dr. David Stewart, Ph.D., D.N.M. Integrated Aromatic Science Practitioner, indicates that there are approximately 500,000 plant species on planet earth, but only 18,000 (3.6%) have the means to produce essential oils. He describes the function of these fragrant essential oils in his book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: God’s Love Manifest in Molecules. Essential oils, regulate bodily functions, creating homeostasis in plants and in humans. They are called “the life blood of a plant”. In the human body essential oils carry oxygen into cells and remove waste. They are capable of cleansing cellular receptor sites of pharmaceutical drugs, petrochemicals and other environmental pollutants. This is why diffusing essentials oils regularly is such a positive health promoting therapy. 
  • YOU TOO CAN LIVE SYMPTOM FREE! To book a consultation see the contact information.

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,,

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SUCCESS OR FAILURE: How to Reprogram Your Beliefs To Achieve Your Goals

success and failureevery positive thoughtcant

When I was a child my mother used to say “Can’t is dead and will not is in the hospital”. Although I found it a strange statement then I knew what she meant by it.

Our ‘self talk’ becomes a part of the software that our brain and body uses to function.

What we believe on the conscious (what we are aware of) and subconscious (what we are not aware of) level is the software that our bodies use to function physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We have the power to rewrite our belief software on all levels – changing how our bodies respond and providing the driving force required to achieve our life goals (well-being, finances, relationship, life purpose).

Need some help to rewrite your belief software to help you achieve your goal?

Wishing you success!

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Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Health by Design,

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BELIEVE: Your Most Powerful Well-being Tool


According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies away anyway. Because bees don’t care what humans think is possible” 1


With the arrival of each new year comes thoughts about how to be a healthier version of you. For some it will be eating healthier, eating less, working out, being more positive.  What is your strategy for a ‘healthier you’?

Working with clients, one of the top strategies I use is helping them to understand how ‘what they believe’ is possible, is their most valuable well-being asset. By that I do not mean that their ‘lack of belief’ is responsible for their health condition.


What you believe and think are like software and impact how your operating system (body/mind) functions. You were created with an amazing operating system, more complex than any man made version.  Learn how to use your operating system (mind/body) more effectively by amplifying your belief – optimizing your operating system (mind/body) function to improve your health.

Your brain responds based on what you believe.  It you believe that ‘more is possible’ your brain and body will keep working to get you further in terms of your health.


The high jumper sets his or her previously unmet jumping goal and ‘hopes’ (expects with confidence), ‘believes’ (with firm conviction of his/her ability) and has ‘faith’ (belief without previous proof of achievement) that he will achieve his/her jump.

The same strategies can be used to achieve your health and life goals.


Amplifying what you believe – The ultimate natural cure! The ultimate disease cure! Read more about BELIEVE: The Body/Mind Connection at

Consider a BODYFEEDBACK INTERVIEW & THERAPY SESSION to help you in your quest for ‘a healthier you’ and to identify any limiting and ‘out of synch’ beliefs.

Let me show you how to amplify what you believe to achieve your well-being goals. Learn how in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION.

I offer a holistic protocol, essential oil therapy and email consultation package to help you achieve symptom free status and improved health.  Contact me to learn more.


Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,,

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THE ULTIMATE NATURAL CURES: Mind Body Healing Found Within

Vitruvian man

The first source for a cure for what ails you is often the medicine or supplement cabinet.  These strategies are necessary therapeutically at times. The body has many amazing abilities and an internal pharmacy, both of which are often misunderstood and under used. Hippocrates, the father of medicine was quoted as saying: 

“Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in it’s work.

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, Greek Physician (460BC-377BC) 

Every moment of every day, without any action on your part hundreds of processes are taking place and abilities are available to you, even while you are asleep. The healthy human organism, with its complex high-tech operating system, is continually self detecting, self diagnosing, self renewing, self healing, self repairing, self cleaning and self protecting. The body has an internal pharmacy, which when functioning properly produces many natural cures: natural analgesic, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-stress, sleep-inducing, immune system strengthening and gastrointestinal normalizing chemicals.[1]  Many of the body’s processes and abilities are automatic and are often taken for granted. 

Your body can and should be expected to provide many of the natural cures you seek for many of your symptoms and health challenges without resorting to the contents of your medicine or supplement cabinet as a first stop. 

My book The WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION book is in essence ‘a collection of natural cures in a book’ for much of what ails you. The self-help strategies provide natural cures through mind/body healing, neuromuscular biofeedback, visualization, rejuvenation, herbs, nutrition, goal setting and changing limiting beliefs into surpassing beliefs – a holistic health methodology. 

 Let me walk you through the steps to whole person well-being

using holistic health methodology in:   

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,,

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NATURAL CURES: Implementing Paradigm Shifts to Become Symptom Free


The dictionary meaning of paradigm:

“a theory or a group of ideas about how something should be done, made, or thought about”

I have been a holistic wellness practitioner for many years and spent many years searching for natural cures to cure my conditions. The cost of the ‘trial and error’ strategies was excessive.  Some worked, others failed to make a difference. People, including my clients, are always asking me what I would recommend for a specific symptom or condition; meaning what supplement. My holistic strategy uses many natural approaches to improve health. Short term therapeutic use of supplements is only one of them, as are healthy nutrition, detoxification and lifestyle changes.

The essential natural cure strategy that I use with clients, and that worked to help me recover from multiple health challenges, was a succession of paradigm shifts. That required changing what I believed was possible in terms of a cure, which then changed the way my body responded. By that I do not mean that my conditions were psychological or ‘all in my head’. It means that my body’s operating system was programmed to believe certain basic things and responded based on those beliefs. Some of that programming is learned and some is due to modifications in the programming due to illness, stress, body pollution, interference and medications. To truly recover, you need to reprogram your operating system so that your body responds differently. This involves restoring your body’s natural perceiving, interpreting and responding; getting your mind, body and cellular memory to let go of the ‘old way of thinking and responding’.


The first step to reprogramming your operating system is to understand how it works and then follow the basics that I used in my recovery and to help my clients achieve ‘symptom free status’. Let me show you how to ‘system restore’ your operating system to restore your health. Let me spare you a succession of wrong turns and wasted money in your trail and error search for a cure.

Scenario 2 CS


Let me help you to achieve your ‘symptom free’ status using the body’s amazing abilities, operating system and paradigm shifts as natural cures.

Purchase a copy of my book at a special event or directly from me at and receive a  BOTANICAL SPA THERAPY HERBAL BATH TEA ESSENTIAL CLEANSE tea bag

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,,

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YOUR BODY’S OPERATING SYSTEM: An Amazing Well-being Tool

baby-working-on-a-laptop baby-blocks-letters

Identifying Your Operating System – Your body’s amazing well-being tool!

This afternoon my 10 month old daughter placed three blocks on top of each other. That may not seem like anything important, but in terms of developmental markers it is. As a grandparent living with her over the last week, and according to her mom;  it is a huge developmental jump.

The human body has an amazing operating system that develops, or evolves from birth to old age, unless disrupted. This amazing operating system when utilized is a powerful well-being tool – providing natural cures.

Utilizing Your Operating System – Your Body’s Amazing Well-being Tool

The following is an excerpt from my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION.

“Your body was created with a complex, high-tech computer-like operating system, one of your body’s amazing and often under-used abilities. The body’s properly functioning immunosurveillance, communication and programming go on mostly undetected and are required to maintain the body’s natural processes and good health. How do you use your body’s God-given operating system more effectively? Using your computer as a comparison may be a good place to start. Just like learning to use a computer, using your body’s operating system requires an understanding of how it works and how to use it. The software you were created with is installed and ready to use. Now it is time for you to determine what you consider possible.

What if your chronic headaches, investigated by your regular healthcare provider, reveal no known cause. You worry constantly every time you feel the twinge of a headache coming on. You may ask, “Why is this happening? I can’t stand this. I don’t understand this. Why can’t the doctors find out what is wrong with me? Why can’t they do something? Am I getting a brain tumour?”

Your brain (operating system) may be challenged to know what to do with all of those statements. If you are familiar with using a computer, you will realize that entering all of those questions into the keyword search box, one after the other; will return a flood of web links taking you days or weeks to search through, possibly without providing you with your ultimate goal – elimination of your headaches. Giving your brain the same type of input can cause confusion. Your brain, like your computer, will not know what to do with it.

Optimizing Your Operating System – Your body’s amazing well-being tool

When you give your brain a clear challenge or problem to solve, it has a task it can understand and is capable of addressing. There will unlikely be an instant resolution to the problem. When you hand your challenge over to your God and your brain, and stop fretting and ruminating; you may notice some interesting things happen. While your brain is surveying your body and finding a solution, ideas of a possible cause may come to mind.  ‘I wonder if it could have anything to do with . . .’ (your brain speaking to you through your intuition). You may be moved to make some changes in your life (your brain speaking to you through your intuition). You may come across a timely magazine article or television show about a new understanding of what causes headaches and what you can do about them. A friend telling you something they heard may turn on a light bulb for you. Coincidence? God-incidence? Prayers are answered and health is restored in many ways. Once your brain has given you your tasks to consider through your intuition and your work to implement (diet change?); it will communicate additional changes that need to happen to the cells and systems throughout your body.”

Whatever you call it; it is an amazing well-being tool! Ready and available for you to use –  to optimize you health. Learn how to tap into and optimize your body’s amazing operating system for improved well-being.

Learning to effectively utilize my body’s operating system enabled me to restore my health and become 100% allergy free, 100% depression free, chemical sensitivity free, post traumatic stress disorder free; energetic and symptom free. I invite you to experience the same symptom free well-being! Learn how in my book.

ENJOY better health today!

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,,

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VISUALIZATION: A Powerful Natural Cure


The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary definition of visualization is                                                            “the formation of mental visual images”                                                                 (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary [MW] 2007)

Visualization is a powerful well-being tool that provides the opportunity for natural cures.

The information on visualization that follows contains excerpts from my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION.

“Creating an image of a desired result or goal can directly encourage changes in the body. This amazing ability can be used and directed to promote specific, desired health changes on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It is a well-known fact that heart rate can be slowed down using biofeedback. Visualization and imagery can be self guided or aided by the use of guided imagery, books and tapes for improved well-being.

Does visualization really work? Is there any real proof it works? How can you know you are not wasting your time? Experiments conducted by Dr. Bruce Lipton, medical school professor, research scientist and author of Biology of Belief and other scientists, show that genes and DNA are controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from positive and negative thoughts.[1]  According to Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist who suffered a stroke at age 37 and author of My Stroke of Insight, “The focused human mind is the most powerful instrument in the universe, and through the use of language, our left brain is capable of directing (or impeding) our physical healing and recovery.”[2]  Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Norman Doidge in his book, The Brain That Changes Itself, Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science states, “The idea that the brain can change its own structure and function through thought and activity is, I believe, the most important alteration in our view of the brain since we first sketched out its basic anatomy and the workings of its basic component, the neuron.”[3]

The ability to visualize a desired physical change within the body is a part of each of you, ready and available to be used. A strong conviction and visualization, like that used by the high jumper to achieve his goal, is an ability which the brain can use to initiate healing within the body. Combining desire, belief, hope, faith, and prayer with visualization can result in a powerful healing response.

Information from test results and a diagnosis can provide useful details to create customized visualization intentions. Creating an image, with exactly what you want your body to do or to look like, will draw your brain a picture and focus your brain’s attention and immune system response to make it happen.

In his book, Love, Medicine & Miracles, Dr. Siegel reports on a boy who used visualization to eliminate an inoperable brain tumour. “Garrett Porter, who was nine years old when he was found to have an inoperable and supposedly incurable brain tumour, used visualization skills he learned at the Menninger  Foundation’s’ Voluntary Controls Program to create a Star Wars scenario for himself. He visualized his brain as the solar system, his tumour as an evil invading planet and himself as the leader of a space squadron fighting a successful battle against the tumour. The imagery of warfare worked fine for him – within five months the tumour had disappeared, without benefit of any other therapy.”[4]”

The following information is research on intention changing DNA from the HeartMath Institute.  Visit their website for more detailed information on Changing DNA Through Intention –

Changing DNA Through Intention

The power of intentional thoughts and emotions goes beyond theory at the HeartMath Institute. In a study, researchers have tested this idea and proven its veracity.

HeartMath researchers have gone so far as to show that physical aspects of DNA strands could be influenced by human intention. The article, Modulation of DNA Conformation by Heart-Focused Intention – McCraty, Atkinson, Tomasino, 2003 – describes experiments that achieved such results.

For example, an individual holding three DNA samples was directed to generate heart coherence – a beneficial state of mental, emotional and physical balance and harmony – with the aid of a HeartMath technique that utilizes heart breathing and intentional positive emotions. The individual succeeded, as instructed, to intentionally and simultaniously unwind two of the DNA samples to different extents and leave the third unchanged.

“The results provide experimental evidence to support the hypothesis that aspects of the DNA molecule can be altered through intentionality,” the article states. “The data indicate that when individuals are in a heart-focused, loving state and in a more coherent mode of physiological functioning, they have a greater ability to alter the conformation of DNA.

“Individuals capable of generating high ratios of heart coherence were able to alter DNA conformation according to their intention. … Control group participants showed low ratios of heart coherence and were unable to intentionally alter the conformation of DNA.”

From the information above it is evident that intention and desire can change DNA and biology.  You have the power to change your body. and what goes on in it  Expect more and take control of your health.  Use specific information about your body and condition and customize visualizations to promote healing. Learn how to customize your visualizations using specific test result information.

I have developed customized body scan visualizations that can improve your health. Body scan visualizations allow your body to run a self diagnostic/repair scan, layer by layer, cell by cell, starting at the top of the head and continuing down through the whole body (like an MRI scans the body).  The factors responsible for unwanted symptoms and changes in the body can be deeply rooted in cellular memory and altered genetic material. Each body scan visualization has a specific intention. As you do the body scan visualization you concentrate on the intention/thought, committing it to cellular memory throughout the body. Deep abdominal breathing helps your body to implement the body scan intention. Below are a few body scan visualization intention examples. The body scan visualization instructions are explained in my book.

#4 – To restore and maintain your body’s natural, healthy and accurate HPA (hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal) stress response and shutdown. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary definition of stress: “a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation” ([MW], 2007).

#2 – To restore and maintain your body’s natural, healthy and accurate inner pharmacy production, response, distribution, shut down and elimination. The normal, healthy functioning body provides a supply of analgesic, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-stress, sleep-inducing, immune system strengthening, gastrointestinal normalizing chemicals and more.[5]

#32 – To restore and maintain normal, healthy and accurate osteoclasts (bone dissolving) and osteoblast (bone building) function. Human bones carry on a continuous bone remodelling cycle, removing old bone and creating new. Multiple factors can interfere with either process, leading to osteoporosis.

Body scan visualizations have the potential to provide you with a natural cure for your health challenges. In my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION you will find:

  • 40 general body scan visualizations for improved health

  • 18 customized body scan visualizations to fight diseases and cancer

  • How to customize your body scan visualizations using your test results, diagnosis and understanding.

For healing and repair the body requires quality nutrients and nurture. Some foods and herbs are known to repair tissue and DNA damage. Add these powerful super foods to your ‘natural cures’ list. Visualizations will be effective with these necessary supports. BodyFeedback™ Interview &Therapy uses customized visualizations with energy tapping to help the body to override faulty responding and restore normal healthy responding. Achieving desired results requires your belief, understanding and repetition especially in cases where the body has been mounting faulty responses for a long time. 

Health Intention: Designing What You See to Get What You Want

ENJOY better health today!

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner,,

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the written permission of the author or publisher and associates.

[1] Bruce H. Lipton, PhD., Biology of Belief,  Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles, ( New York, NY, Hay House Inc., ©2008)

[2] Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD, My Stroke of Insight,  (London, England , First Viking Edition, Penquin Books, Ltd.,© 2006)

[3] Norman Doidge, M.D., The Brain That Changes Itself, Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science,(New York, NY, Penguin Books, Penguin Group (USA) Inc., © 2007)

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