Dr. You: Delegating Responsibility For Your Healthcare

Dr you

Who is responsible for your health and well-being?

Health is in part dependent on the quality of the healthcare you choose to receive from the healthcare providers you choose to consult. Your health and well-being are ultimately your responsibility. Your well-being depends on you to make healthy choices and take the steps required to assess and preserve your health, promoting your overall well-being. It requires you to regularly monitor the status of your body and be in tune to its needs by listening to the subtle messages it gives you. Your well-being is your choice and your responsibility! The power to be well is yours.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine was quoted to say: “Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”. There was a time when the focus for health recovery was to rely on the ‘doctor within’, as the first response. In modern times, sometimes the first response is the medicine cabinet, doctor’s office or emergency room. There are definitely times when these are necessary choices. Modern medicine has saved many lives. Many people have delegated 100% responsibility for their healthcare to their doctors, pharmacists and other medical providers. 

How much of the authority and responsibility for your healthcare have you handed over? You mind and body were created fully equipped, and capable of providing you with many natural cures – provided by your body’s amazing abilities and internal pharmacy

Calling Dr. You

You have the authority to delegate the responsibility for your healthcare to your ‘doctor within’ and other healthcare practitioners and therapies, as required. You possess the power to choose to implement a well-being plan and follow it through. You have the power to choose to accept a diagnosis or prognosis as a done deal or not. You have the power to choose to believe your body can heal. Other than the factors beyond your control, you have the power to control the factors that will potentially affect your well-being.

As a part of the ongoing healing process, the brain is constantly assessing the status of your body and communicating the need for nutrients, detoxification, repair and replacement of cells to the relevant organs, systems and body parts. These ongoing processes and communication directing them must be protected. Many factors are capable of promoting detoxification and healing, and many factors have the potential to interfere with the body’s natural communications and pre-programmed abilities. The success of your life-long journey of well-being will depend on those processes continuing uncompromised. To maintain your well-being will require you to continually stack your well-being odds by staying informed and making required changes.  


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