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According to Discover Magazine, “after exposure to certain chemicals, some people may be unable to tolerate ordinary cleaning fluids, perfumes or other substances shown here.”

Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance (TILT) can lead to multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS). Each person diagnosed with TILT and MCS is unique and their condition comes with its own distinct equation. Your condition’s onset, history and progression shares many of the same ‘common denominators’ as another person’s, including mine. A common denominator is a commonly shared theme or trait; also a common element in a mathematical equation. In math class you learn to rewrite your math equations to change the answer. I can help you to rewrite your health equation.

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Are you offended by smells, synthetic and natural?  Are you compelled to run the other direction when you pick up a scent, regardless of whether it is synthetic or natural? Have you lost your sense of smell? There is a good change that you are suffering from Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance (TILT).

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When it comes to synthetic scents, you should be concerned and avoid them.  Synthetic fragrances contain many harmful ingredients. It is about more than  sensitivities or allergies. Synthetic chemicals and scents can interfere with the normal healthy required communication that your body needs for healthy body function and accurate immunosurveillance (your body scanning for what’s wrong), immunoresponse (your body’s responding to what needs attention) and normal tumor suppression (your body’s normal healthy suppression of tumors).

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When your sense of smell becomes ‘skewed’ to the extent that you are running in the other direction whenever you pick up on a scent or, if it has stopped working completely; it can be the result of a previous injury probably caused by an exposure to a toxic chemicals.  After an exposure to toxic chemicals the body and brain can lose their ability to tolerate even small amounts of chemicals, synthetic and natural or interpret smells at all.  This is called toxicant induced loss of tolerance (TILT). Claudia Miller, a tenured Professor in Environmental and Occupational Medicine and Vice Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio has studied this condition and treats it medically.  You can read about her work in TILT at

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Your resulting heightened sense of smell and offended olfactory bulb response can also be your body’s way of protecting you from re-exposure and allowing your body time to recover from the initial assault. As time goes on your body’s sense of smell should be restored to normal.  If it is not restored it is time to look for solutions that will get you there.  Why? If your body is regularly mounting hyper vigilant and skewed responses in one part of your body, there is probably additional malfunction in other parts of the body as well as compromised surveillance of situations that need attention. This can be a serious ongoing health challenge.

Learn how to restore your sense of smell to safe and normal.  This is important for your overall health and accurate threat assessment, protection and response.

One of the most important steps in desensitizing your offended olfactory bulb is to gradually get used to natural scents.  Start by inhaling natural citrus scents (oils pressed from the skin of fruit) from an inhaler or diffuser. I can help you get started with the right dosage and best oils to restore your normal, healthy sense of smell – a necessary step for healthy longevity. An accurate sense of smell is important for a normal healthy body functions, including immune system function. to get started.

One of the best places to start to restore your sense of smell is whole body detoxification using botanical spa therapy.


Once upon a time I suffered from extreme symptoms related to toxicant induced loss of tolerance, after moving into a new house.  I reacted to everything.  Now I have my health back and am enjoying my beautiful life. I can shop, eat out and travel feeling safe with informed vigilance and protection strategies.


How did I restore my health?  Follow my road map to restore your health.


My books provide you with step by step instructions to help you recover your health.


In MCS: Gone, I show you how to rewrite your MCS (TILT) equation by subtracting out or cancelling the well-being challenging contributing factors; and adding in powerful strategies to promote healing, bringing you through to the other side free of unwanted symptoms to feeling safe in your environments. Check out my blog for more information and updates

Regardless of what your diagnosis or symptoms picture is, whole body detoxification, the right way, is an important first step.  Get started today!

Addressing Body Pollution

Addressing your body pollution and detoxifying is an important first step for any health condition. This was in extremely important step for me in my recovery.  Detoxification is a two step process:  one – stop adding to your body pollution my cleaning up (greening) your personal care products, diet and environments; and two – remove your existing body pollution (we all have some). It took me a lot of trial and error to come up with the best detoxification method which I now recommend to my clients with great results. The complete instructions and recipe for the herbal detoxification baths that I used to recover from my health issues including my TILT can be found in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION. Get started today on whole body detoxification the right way.

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