INSOMNIA: Will The Night Ever End?


Insomnia is not foreign to me.  There was a time when my sleep was disrupted constantly throughout the night by my dreams or thoughts or my ‘to do list’ or normal household noises or other people’s breathing and snoring. A certain amount of this is considered normal but when it goes on every or all night and you lay awake for hours – you officially have a form of insomnia or sleep disorder. Sleep deprivation comes with harmful health effects.



Taking medications for insomnia may assist you with going to sleep but may not help you to stay asleep, which is a more common challenge as you age. Sleeping medication can come with harmful side effects and risks. Many people are offered sleeping medication during times of extreme distress and grief and continue to take them long term. Other medications may also contribute to the sleep challenges. The links that follow discuss the research.


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New Study Shows Sleeping Pills Linked to Increased Risk of Death and Cancer

As a holistic wellness practitioner I work with clients with various health challenges, including sleep disorders and sleep apnea. I have always used natural strategies to help clients achieve symptom free status, including better sleep. The reason for this is that medications contain synthetic chemicals and other substances that can harm your liver and other body systems.

When I was introduced to 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils I was provided with a whole new diverse supply of natural, safer strategies for symptom relief.

ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY FOR SYMPTOM RELIEF: Skip Harmful Drug Side Effects For Healthy Longevity

I started to experiment with the oils.  I tried the recommended oils for sleep starting with lavender then serenity. I put the lavender on my diaphragm and sternum and the other oils in the diffuser. I used combinations of serenity and breathe (slept all night like a baby) and Roman Chamomile (slept all night like a baby) and cedarwood, breathe and serenity (slept all night like a baby).  I could not believe when I woke up that it was morning and that I had slept so soundly.

With this information I have counselled clients who have suffered from various sleep challenges including insomnia for years.  Many are now sleeping soundly all night long – most using various combinations of oils.

If you plan to try this for your sleep challenges DO NOT USE CHEAP COSMETIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS as they can contain impurities and added oils (do not have to be indicated on the label) and residue from chemical extraction. Know what you are getting.  If you are taking other medications, have health challenges and a ‘highly stimulated lifestyle’ the mix of oils that work to provide you with sound sleep may differ. Learn more about using third party certified 100% pure therapeutic grade oils ‘for a healthier you’ by contacting me

ESSENTIAL OIL IMPURITIES: Make Sure You Know What You Are Getting –

Wishing you peaceful sleep! Happy dreams! Insomnia is not normal and not a condition that you should accept as normal as you age!

P.S. Insomnia is not something that you should accept. There are natural solutions that are safe!

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P. Holistic Wellness Practitioner,

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