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“I like the concept of a workbook because I know from my experience to make changes you have to show up for practice.  If you can learn to care for and about yourself the tools available here will enhance your life and body's potential for healing”

Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of A Book of Miracles and Faith, Hope & Healing

 “I know it has been about 4 years but I am still in disbelief that I no longer have a caterpillar phobia that had such a devastating impact on my life for over 50 years.  I see them everywhere and just yesterday when I opened the green garbage bin in the garage it was crawling with maggots!  That would send anyone into a shrieking frenzy never mind what it should have done to a phobic.  I looked in disgust, closed the lid and wheeled it to the curb.  I am truly in awe. I have learned that when I feel not right, something is wrong and if I take the time to think about it I realize it was something I ate or some product I came in contact with.  I listen to my body, which I think has become highly sensitive to toxins and reacts as if to warn me.  My liver especially sends messages and just dandelion tea helps.  I am most grateful in how you have taught me to treat the cause not the symptom, which has me feeling a lot better than I did 4 years ago before starting this practice.  The tapping exercises really help with anxiety and fears and add to my general well being”. 

Mary C., Hamilton, Ontario

"The workbook makes tangible what can be construed as spiritual healing into something that can be followed with your eyes and pencil.  This helps in understanding and actually seeing what your body is doing; without only using intangible (potentially spiritual) reflections."

Aamir A., Gatineau, Quebec

“Muscle response testing used in BodyFeedback™ Interview and Therapy has provided me with important information that has helped to improve my health. The body scan visualizations are valuable well-being tools.  I find that tapping is invaluable to me. It is the first thing I try when in discomfort. The therapies and tools came with bonuses - my patches of premature grey hair have returned to their normal hair colour and I have been able to stop biting my nails.”

Diana V., Woodstock, Ontario

"The information I have learned through my relationship with Elisabeth that helped me the most in my well-being journey is that I have changed my diet and foods completely. What I thought was somewhat healthy foods in the past, really wasn't.  Advertising on packages makes certain foods look great, but in reality it isn't good for us.  With Elisabeth's background in nutrition, she has helped us greatly with keeping us on a path of eating more wholesome foods and a less additives diet. Elisabeth can also help us know which foods or supplements would be best for us to achieve optimal health. I would recommend adding the self-help therapies and tools in the workbook for anyone who wishes to have a healthy life journey”.

Lydia D, Woodstock, Ontario

Muscle response testing has been beneficial to knowing what foods are safe for me to eat and what products are safe to use. Biofeedback™ Interview and Therapy has provided me with information on the best strategies to maintaining a healthy body.”

Fran T., Woodstock, Ontario

"Success in anything in life, including business, is dependent on balance. A focus on emotional, mental and physical health are essential for a person to reach their full potential. Financial success can only be achieved through improving oneself."

Andrew Hines, HBA, The Richard Ivey School of Business,  


"My skin is almost clear now. The herbs and visualization did the trick. Thank you and take care!"

 Diana V., Woodstock, ON


"Thank you Elisabeth for your extensive knowledge and insight with the physical body. I look foreword to meeting with you again and welcome your caring and compassion towards health and wellness. I have changed my beauty products and already notice a difference with my skin. As the days go  by my friends and family are noticing the healthier glow. You are a blessing to everyone you share your knowledge with. Warm hugs."

Shelley DeGier. Yoga Instructor


" THIS IS A LIFE CHANGING EVENT (EMBRACING CHANGE For A Healthier You) ...I've done it!"

Mary Cordeiro

"That butterfly reminds me of the crippling caterpillar phobia I had for over 50 years. When you fear something you see them everywhere and it was so embarrassing and crippling. Thanks Elisabeth for curing me. I know you don't want to take the credit but if I hadn't met you I would not have been 'cured'. I sound like a broken record but I can actually touch these creatures now and be amazed I can do that!!! If I could I would send anyone with a phobia to you."  

Mary Cordeiro

Read my sister's well-being recovery story at https://blissfulselfcare.wordpress.com/2016/07/18/my-why-my-story/


Elisabeth Hines is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner.  Her well-being journey has taken her through multiple health challenges to the other side where she enjoys improved health and energy.  Learn how to improve your health from knowledge she gained on her journey through spiralling depression, multiple food allergies, environmental illness, chemical sensitivities, stress sensitization, post traumatic stress and spasmodic dysphonia.  She is currently practicing in Rockwood, Ontario and regularly sees clients in south western and central Ontario.  Elisabeth conducts workshops and retreats, teaching participants how to combine self-help therapies and tools with the body’s amazing abilities, faith and prayer for improved well-being. 

What can you expect from the book?

  • Clear and concise information on how to investigate and promote the elimination of your symptoms

  • Detailed strategies for eliminating body pollution, body detoxification aids for specific types of environmental toxins, detoxifying foods and recipes, herbal detoxification bath recipe for full body detoxification using the body's largest organ - the skin

  • Self-help therapies and tools to improve your health

  • How to use your brain's operating system for improved health

  • How to redefine your definition of 'possible' for improved well-being

  • How to identify and eliminate limiting thinking and beliefs for improved well-being

  • How the mind/body connection and research prove the power of visualization

  • How to use visualization to improve your health

  • 40 general body scan visualizations that can improve your health

  • 18 customized body scan visualizations to fight diseases and cancer

  • How to customize visualizations to fight disease and cancer using a diagnosis, prognosis and information from questions you ask your doctor

  • How to customize visualization equations to eliminate unwanted habits and associations

  • How to customize affirmations for improved well-being

  • How to use specific foods to repair DNA damage

  • How to rejuvenate your body using foods

  • How to rejuvenate your body and stack your well-being odds regardless of your environments

  • How to tap into your body's natural 'fountain of youth'

  • Renewed hope that you can become symptom free and regain your health

  • Muscle response testing instructions - learn the basics to protect you from offending foods and harmful substances (a discreet method you can use while shopping). If you are inhaling, absorbing or consuming multiple substances daily that weaken you or cause irritation, inflammation or interference; your immune and other systems can be compromised, interfering with your body's ability to fight illness and disease.

  • How to focus your body's natural identification, awareness, understanding, knowledge, belief, responding, healing and protection mechanisms using self-help therapies. These abilities can be compromised in persons with conditions (e.g. MCS), diseases and cancers.

Let me show you how to 'stack your well-being odds' to improve your health and longevity in my book.