Elisabeth Hines is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner.  Her well-being journey has taken her through multiple health challenges to the other side where she enjoys improved health and energy.  Learn how to improve your health from knowledge she gained on her journey through spiralling depression, multiple food allergies, environmental illness, chemical sensitivities, stress sensitization, post traumatic stress and spasmodic dysphonia.  She is currently practicing in Rockwood, Ontario and regularly sees clients in south western and central Ontario.  Elisabeth conducts workshops and retreats, teaching participants how to combine self-help therapies and tools with the body’s amazing abilities, faith and prayer for improved well-being. 

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P.



My Journey to Improved Health!

Many years ago my immune and nervous system crashed on the day my family moved into our new home. We had worked on our home for several months, installing insulation, drywall, painting, trimming and laying ceramic tile. On the last day before we moved in, the carpeting installer, who had been delayed, installed the carpeting. The next day my more than ten year nightmare of compromised health began. I fell into a terrifying deep hole of depression, which I had never experienced before. I suffered from severe stomach pains, doubling over in pain after eating anything, and in one month I lost over twenty pounds. I had a reaction to almost everything I ate or was exposed to. After moving into our new home I experienced severe speech difficulties. There were times I was barely able to force a word out.A laryngoscope examination indicated I had spasmodic dysphonia. Possible cause was not discussed.



After years of research and struggling to regain optimum health, using a variety of therapies, treatments and remedies, and many wrong turns; I feel good.  I have regained much of my health naturally!  I am allergy free!  I am depression free!  I am multiple chemical sensitivity free, I am chronic fatigue symptom free. My energy levels are good. My speech has improved dramatically and most days, sounds fairly normal (from what others tell me).  I am able to go into any building or polluted environment with informed vigilance instead of fear and be symptom free'   I have developed a precautionary principle to protect me from harmful exposures.  Recent trips past the perfume counters in Shopper's Drug Mart and The Bay have caused no negative symptoms. Most people do not realize they are also affected by the harmful neurotoxic chemicals in scents. I am like a canary in the coal mine, the first to let you know if you have an air quality problem and health concern.  Past damage from synthetic chemicals can leave you with a heightened sense of smell and chemical vigilance, an early warning system and not necessarily a bad thing.  As my body healed my heightened sense of smell and chemical vigilance diminished. I am no longer negatively affected.



I am now a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Certified Nutritional Consultant and BodyFeedback™ Interview & Therapy Practitioner. I have developed a holistic protocol using neuromuscular biofeedback, energy, reprogramming, detoxification, herbs, nutrition (food) and visualization therapies to be used in combination with the self-help therapies in my books, touch and prayer. I use these therapies on myself, my family members and my clients. Consider using a holistic approach in your quest for optimum health. As a result of neuromuscular biofeedback results, the need for detoxification has been indicated in most clients presenting with various conditions. I have developed herbal detoxifying bath teas based on my body pollution and client results. The recipe can be found in The Whole Person Well-being Equation. I created the BodyFeedback™ Interview & Therapy System, with a symptom tracking component, to identify health challenges and provide information to implement changes to resolve them. The system also provides you with your'weak list'. For more information on how the system works see the information that follows.


For those of you who have suffered for a long time with allergies, intolerances, chemical sensitivities, environmental illnesses, immune disorders and other health problems; do not lose hope; the body has an amazing ability to heal itself.  Sometimes, due to the body being overwhelmed by the stresses of everyday life and interference of toxins in the environment; it needs help.  A holistic approach using energy, detoxification, nutrition (food), visualization and reprogramming therapies can provide you with renewed health.  It is important to investigate and deal with the root causes and resulting damage or changes (associations).  Addressing the symptoms alone may fail to provide you with the recovery you seek. Significant repair, including DNA repair may be required before symptoms are alleviated. After major chemical exposures the body's normal 'default' criteria, settings and way of responding are altered.  The body starts responding based on the new default setting or altered criteria.  The body is also left with faulty associations that need to be broken. The goal in recovery is to restore and maintain the original defaults and ways of responding through reprogramming. It is possible to do so using a combination of approaches. I have been able to get my body to stop it's faulty responding using a variety of strategies which I share in my book The Whole Person Well-being Equation. Well-being is a journey you take one day at a time, one step at a time.  Every day is a new opportunity to get back onto the path to improved well-being. The first step is to believe in your body's amazing abilities.  I have been able to duplicate the same 'allergy free', 'chemical sensitivity free' and 'depression free' status with my clients using the strategies in my protocol, which can be found in my book.Every person is uniquely different and will require a distinctive approach made up of a combination of strategies. The amount of time that it takes to see results will vary.



Focusing your attention and money on symptom relief like permanent allergy elimination treatments for allergies, ‘tip of the iceberg’ symptoms, may not provide long term holding power without first addressing the underlying ‘base of the iceberg’ issues. The Whole Person Well-being Equation book will provide you with the strategies I used to regain my health and the recommended way to proceed, saving you wasted time and money. I wasted a lot of both. It took me years to find out about toxicant induced loss of tolerance, TILT, which I now know was the cause of my loss of health.


My message to you - don't give up - don't let a diagnosis or prognosis ('there is no cure') cause you to lose hope or waiver in your quest for symptom relief and recovery. More is always possible and possible is 'doable' by you! You may need to implement a series of paradigm shifts.

The BodyFeedback™ Interview and Therapy system that I have developed can provide you with valuable information to help you maintain your well-being. Think of it like you do your vehicle maintenance. An automobile computer check-up may reveal codes that allow you to know exactly what is malfunctioning in your vehicle, preventing a roadside breakdown. The same type of useful feedback can be provided through BodyFeedback™ Interview and Therapy. Consider an annual or semi-annual BodyFeedback™ Interview and Therapy session to maintain well-being.







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