"Search for the cure within the cause, the body itself is the best healer"               

Plato C427 -C347 BC





"For much of its history, the cancer war has been fighting the wrong battles, with the wrong weapons, against the wrong enemies. The Secret History of the War on Cancer by Dr. Devra Davis shows, decade by decade, how the campaign has targeted the disease and left off the table the things that cause it—tobacco, alcohol, the workplace, and other environmental hazards. Conceived in explicitly military terms, the effort has focused on defeating an enemy by detecting, treating, and curing disease. Overlooked and suppressed was any consideration of how the world in which we live and work affects whether we get cancer. The result is appalling: over 10 million preventable cancer deaths over the past thirty years. This has been no accident.

Davis, Devra, Ph.D., MPH, The Secret History of the War on Cancer, ©2007, Basic Books, Perseus Books, New York, NYhttp://www.environmentalhealthtrust.org/secrethistorycancer2.htm

According to the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Center for Environmental Oncology ( Healthy Choices Lives Newsletter, Spring 2007, Volume 1, Number 4 http://www.environmentalhealthtrust.org/07-spring Myths vs. Facts about Cancer and Environmental Risks), there are many myths about cancer.  One debunked myth in particular highlights the environment as a major factor in the occurrence of cancer. 

Myth:  Most cancers are genetic in nature so there's little we can do to protect ourselves.

Fact:  "The National Cancer Institute reports that only about one in ten cases of breast cancer occur in a woman born with a genetic risk of the disease." 

  "In 1964, two senior scientists at the National Cancer Institute, Wilhelm Hueper and W.C. Conway, wrote, 'Cancers of all types and all causes display even under already existing conditions, all the characteristics of an epidemic in slow motion.' The unfolding epidemic was being fueled, they said in 1964, by "increasing contamination of the human environment with chemical and physical carcinogens and with chemicals supporting and potentiating their action." Sandra Steingraber, LIVING DOWNSTREAM; AN ECOLOGIST LOOKS AT CANCER AND THE ENVIRONMENT (New York: Addison-Wesley, 1997, pg. 43)

A scientific article from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute suggested that more than 75% of cancer is caused by diet and environmental factors.

Illnesses and diseases, including cancer, can be the result of the garbage our bodies collect from microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites), chemicals ( pesticides, additives, preservatives, contaminants, drugs, personal care products, hair dyes, cleaning products, lawn care products, materials gas off), radiation and electromagnetic fields.  Over the years our collection grows until we reach toxic overload or body burden. Many of the toxins that make up body pollution are known carcinogens or partial carcinogens. A woman who is pregnant may pass these toxic elements to her developing fetus through the placenta.

The Halifax Project research articles are a 'must read' to empower yourself on your cancer journey.  Information is power in fighting cancer.  Understanding the basics provides your brain and body the information and understanding it needs to initiate more effective responses.



RETHINKING CELL PHONE CANCER RISKS - Environmental Health Research

"Chemicals have replaced bacteria and viruses as the main threat to  health.  The diseases we are beginning to see as the major causes of death in the latter part of (the 1900's) and into the 21st century are diseases of chemical origin.” 

Dr. Dick Irwin, Toxicologist, Texas A&M University www.lesstoxicguide.ca/index.asp

The fight against cancer and disease starts with knowing where and why things went wrong. Cancer and other diseases are 'ultimately environmental illnesses'. What factors turned your healthy genes into unhealthy genes? What factors turned your healthy tumor suppressor response off?  All disease and cancer equations share common denominators. Can you identify yours. Did you know that there are abilities and strategies available to 'right the wrongs'?

Genetic Factors (inherited factors including predispositions and resilience. + Pollution at Birth

(and resulting affects /damage)

+ Environmental Pollution & Factors (home, work, school, play & commuting) and resulting affects / damage +  Microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites)

and resulting affects / damage

+  Stressors (physical, chemical & emotional)

and resulting affects /damage

+  Unknown factors


  Damage, mutations, dysfunction and  imbalances to/of (organs, endocrines, body parts and systems, cells, DNA, genes, telomeres, tumor suppressors), compromised health, immune disorders, disease.

Any one of these factors can interfere with the body's normal healthy accurate communication, detecting, identifying and addressing. Healthy immunosurveillance and immunoresponse are crucial to your fight against disease and cancer.

You have the power to change your body's responses and health outcome.

What can you do?

In the wait for a 'one size fits all cure for cancer and diseases', and as an addition to the treatments your doctor has offered, there are many things that you can do to stack the odds in your favour in your battle against cancer and disease. Because you have been created uniquely different from every other person on the planet, what works for you will be a unique combination of strategies and therapies. One common denominator that we all have is body pollution and this must be detoxified so that your body's natural ongoing communication, immunosurveillance and immunoresponse can work properly. You can read about the members of parliament who volunteered to have their blood and urine tested for pollutants in my book; the results are alarming. These pollutants interfere with normal body communication and function and have the potential to turn normal healthy genes into unhealthy genes. They also interfere with the normal healthy tumor suppressor response, which is crucial to ensure healthy ongoing apoptosis.

I work with many clients who have had cancer diagnoses, guiding them 'in stacking their odds' using my holsitic protocol. My book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION  will guide you in building and maintaining a healthy immune system and addressing your cancer equation's common denominators. The book contains instructions to promote natural detoxification as well as herbal bath tea recipes for whole body detoxification. There are 18 customized visualizations to help the body prevent and fight diseases and cancers.   The Health by Design protocol (how to guide) will help you navigate your journey to better health; promoting proper immunosurveillance and immunoresponse, necessary to fight cancer and disease. An additional, must have add-on is essential oil therapy with researched anti-cancer properties. Check out my blog pages, in particular the post on essential oils with Potential Anti-Cancer Properties . Make sure you check out MY GREEN MEDICINE CABINET for recommendations to help you 'green' your healthcare and guide you in building and maintaining a healthy immune system. Check with your regular healthcare practitioner before adding any of the natural strategies found in my book, on my website and blog to your cancer treatment plan. There may be contraindications.

While you are waiting for your treatments and recovery there is more that you can doFIGHTING AGE & STRESS RELATED IMMUNE DECLINE: Implementing strategies to keep you protected and  MIRACLES: How to implement a Placebo Cure, Radical or Spontaneious Remission.


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